Your comprehensive guide to using keyword research tools and spying on competitors in 2024

Created on 4 April, 2024 • 26 views • 38 minutes read

If you already own a website, or have just started one, whether you want to provide a service or aim to make money through affiliate offers ( affiliate marketing ), then choosing your topics that depend on what the audience you are targeting is looking for and following competitors who target almost the same audience is your main concern.

Perhaps you have a good idea, or you worked hard and chose a profitable niche in order to build the website that you have always dreamed of, in order to provide useful content to those who follow it and achieve those profits that will bring you the financial independence that you want.

As we promised you, and based on your wishes, here is the complete guide to using keyword research tools, in order to present that content quickly and efficiently and gain the trust of your audience, which will lead you to the right path to obtaining profits.

In this complete guide to discovering keywords and analyzing competitors, we will help you open your eyes to opportunities and strategies that will facilitate the path for you to ultimately reach your goal and achieve the success in the online world that you have always dreamed of.

Keep this in mind before starting an app in this guide:

I will not present some or even all of the keyword search tools available on the Internet, whether free or paid - if we assume that I can enumerate them all - then I will tell you the advantages of some of them and how to use others, then I will leave you and go away. This will not happen.

This comprehensive guide is specific and targets specific groups in the vast world of SEO . This guide will help:

Any beginner who is just starting their website or blog and wants to know how to use some of the SEO tools available 

Any modern website owner wants to improve his content and surpass his competitors in search engines

Anyone who knows the basics of SEO but wants to learn some different and new strategies

In this guide, you will find the complete strategy followed by most successful website owners and content providers, which I personally use, starting with the research process, then writing the content and publishing it on your site, to returning to it again to modify and improve it according to the results.

That is why I decided to make this guide simple and practical, as it contains what you need to do step by step in your search for the content that you will present to the public. As we said before, content is king, without a doubt.

Therefore, I wanted this guide to serve as a reference, which you constantly check whenever you want to provide new content or want to analyze some of your competitors in order to advance in search results and get the largest possible number of visits to your site.

The thing I want to ask you, which is indispensable for you in order to benefit the most from this guide, is to prepare your favorite hot drink or coffee ☕ now and follow the guide step by step.

1- Identify the topics or problems facing your audience first... Believe me, this is a very important step

If you think that extracting some keywords and determining the search volume and competition for each of them is the first step - and some may think that it is the only step - then you are not right.

The method of searching for information using search engines themselves has evolved, and without going on and reviewing some old strategies or telling you some numbers and statistics that you may not be interested in, you should simply know the following:

The audience is the most important, not the search engines 

The language and the way the audience uses it to present its problems is what you have to master first

What is meant, in short, by this step - before you feel upset or lose patience with me? - You should search for your audience’s problems first and then search for some semantic words that the audience uses to inquire about those problems and their solutions... and not the other way around.

If you have prior experience in your niche or you are still gaining that experience - if you followed the article How to Choose a Profitable Niche, then you certainly understand what I mean well - then you can certainly identify some topics with which you will start your site, but this research that we will do now will help you a lot. You will really benefit from it in more than one step...

Let me explain to you in a practical way.

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You have to find places that gather your audience on the Internet in order to learn more about their problems and desires, and through them you will also discover some amazing keywords that many do not know about. These places may be Facebook groups , forums (they are a hidden treasure), Reddit , Amazon user comments , The famous Quora website , and even some comments or questions on popular YouTube videos in your niche.

You can use these great simple tools

The complete guide to most international forums according to each niche is here

The complete guide to most Arab forums in the various niches is here

Free Amazon Reviews Search Tool here

All you have to do is search using these simple tools for your audience’s problems, and then classify these problems according to topic.

Look at the image below of the search I did for the niche “ travel on a small budget to Thailand for students from America, ” which I think you remember and how I categorized it in a simple Google Sheet, and indeed I found wonderful keywords that I would not have found using normal methods and had not even thought about.

Your comprehensive guide to using keyword research tools and spying on competitors in 2024

** Important note : As you can see in the sheet, I have kept some of the sources from which I obtained these semantic words... because we will use them later.

This sheet represents the first building block to which you will later add a lot of data for each keyword, as well as some new topics that you may discover after using the various search tools that we will mention.

2- Conduct a search for keywords using specialized search tools

Now you have a list of the topics you want to target and also a set of keywords you collected from your target audience as they describe their problems and ideas.

It's time to grow that list, and know the search volume and competition for each search's time to use some of the keyword research tools you've been waiting for.

Use the main topics and keywords that you have found so far in your previous search and put them in each of the following search tools to get more ideas and keywords.

All of the following tools enable you to extract all keyword data (words, search volume, competition, price per click, etc.), so choose the new keywords that you find appropriate for you and your audience and put them in your sheet or file, and I will tell you later how we will use this amount of information. Step by Step.

Important note:

As long as you are a beginner or your site is still new, use only keywords whose search volume is less than 1000, and which are often long tail keywords, especially in the English niche. Also, try to stay away from competition that exceeds 40. And know that I will share the results I reach using these steps so that the picture becomes clearer to you.

Add Keywords everywhere to your browser

You are always searching on Google, and perhaps searching for your own niche. This wonderful addition gives you very important and useful information about what you are searching for, in addition to some new keyword ideas that you will add to your list for free. As shown in the pictures below.

Your comprehensive guide to using keyword research tools and spying on competitors in 2019

You should keep this in mind when using this plugin:

- Select the search source country from which you want to obtain search volume and competition, as shown in the image below when you click on the tool icon in your browser and choose the settings after activating the tool, noting that the number of available countries is small.

Your comprehensive guide to using keyword research tools and spying on competitors in 2019

-  Use the color feature, which is very useful for identifying specific data during search, as shown

Note that this tool may give you some keyword ideas when searching in Arabic, but it will not give you any data.

This tool is compatible with several search engines, such as YouTube and the Amazon store , and this is a very useful thing, even though the data it displays is specific to the Google search engine only.

Answer the public tool

When you search on Google, you often find that it guesses what you want to search for and even gives you some choices as well. You also find at the bottom of each search results page some other search words that Google tells you are related to what you are searching for.

This is what this tool relies on. Although the feature of searching for keywords in the form of questions is found in more than one tool - some of which we will show shortly - this tool is very distinctive, as it often gives you results that are not found in any other tool.

What is also unique about this tool is that it gives you ideas for research words based on prepositions or sentence links (to, and for) and other ideas.

See for yourself what I found when I searched for travel to Thailand . It is difficult to limit the results to several images. You should choose to display it in the form of a list instead of the graphical form that this wonderful tool displays.

Although the free Answer the Public  tool does not give you any data regarding the keywords (such as search volume) that it displays to you, it is compatible with the previous addition, which gives you information about search volume and competition. Choose search words that match the topics you have selected. Previously, then add it to your sheet. You should try it yourself to know how powerful it is .

This tool is free and you do not need to use the paid version of it, but unfortunately you cannot use it when searching for keywords in the Arabic language.

Kwfinder is one of Mangools' amazing tools

This tool takes advantage of most of the available sources on which the various tools we use depend to obtain different ideas and data for new semantic words. Kwfinder does this brilliantly and more. It also gives you the ability to search in any language you want, and from any country or even governorate you want.

You can use this tool, which is completely suitable for beginners - frankly, the design of the tool is more than wonderful, and they have a distinctive and very useful blog as well - and add the keywords you want to your list after filtering (filtration) according to search volume, competition, etc., as shown in the video below.

You should keep this in mind when using this tool:

– Register a free account at mangools here because we will be using some of their amazing tools later.

This tool has limitations when used for free, especially when searching for keywords, which may not be enough for you, so use it carefully, and make it one of the last tools you use at this stage of your research.

This tool and all of Mangools’ wonderful tools enable you to choose the display results for the type of device used, whether it is a phone or a desktop. This is a very important and somewhat advanced thing, especially if your niche is linked to a local service in your country, and also if the niche is in Arabic. .

Ubersuggest tool

This wonderful free tool that is unlimited in terms of use, is now owned by Neil Patel, one of the most famous marketers and SEO experts in the world, and he is also constantly adding new features and improvements to this tool, so I was keen to mention it in this guide.

Your comprehensive guide to using keyword research tools and spying on competitors in 2024

This tool may not give you many ideas compared to other tools, but what distinguishes it is that you can use it for the Arabic language and also specify the country of search as well with some good filtering capabilities for search results, and when you consume your free search balance in any other tool you use, Ubersuggest will be your refuge. Security.

SEMrush tool

This tool is one of the most powerful SEO tools ever, and also the most expensive, but you can register a free account when you use the tool to search for any word or domain from the link above.

This tool has more than one way to obtain keywords for the topics you have previously chosen. The first method is to search for keywords in the usual way using the Keyword magic tool... We will find all of these tools on the left when you register an account with SemRush.

Your comprehensive guide to using keyword research tools and spying on competitors in 2024

The second and often distinctive method is that you are searching for a specific topic (for example, website design or weight loss), and the Topic Research tool finds subtopics (subtopics) from the main topic, and the most important things written about them, due to the huge database of websites that You browse this tool daily. This tool will present you with these branching topics in the form of slides, clarifying the most important information such as search volume. See below for some examples when you chose the topic of weight loss.

Your comprehensive guide to using keyword research tools and spying on competitors in 2024

And when you click on each slide of any subtopic, and there are many, many of them, you get the following data and ideas.

SEO - Semrush

Of course, the more you choose topics with a relatively low search volume, the more you will get long-tail keywords that are easy to compete with.

The most important feature of this wonderful tool is the very precise filtering of the keywords you find, as shown in the image below, which makes it easier for you to choose keywords that are easy to compete and that also suit the topics you have chosen.

Your comprehensive guide to using keyword research tools and spying on competitors in 2024

You should keep this in mind when using this tool:

- In the free version, you only have 10 searches per day, and you can only use the wonderful Topic Research tool for two topics, and you only get 10 ideas for keywords.

This tool makes it very easy for you to move and save data, and it has many other features, some of which we will mention in the next steps of the search. There are more amazing possibilities and multiple uses for this tool, which there is not enough space to mention all of them.

- You can browse the Semrush Academy , which has many free courses - upon completion of which you also obtain accredited certificates. This is a very wonderful and useful thing if you want to become a professional in the field of digital marketing and SEO.

- This tool shows its true power in the paid version of it, as it is a very useful investment for you, but do not worry... I will tell you later in detail about what you need to do in this matter and how to solve this problem... even if you do not have capital at all to invest ... Continue the article and do not In a hurry??!

Now that your sheet has become rich in keywords, especially long ones, with the most important data you need to evaluate those words for use in the next step, we are moving forward with confidence towards the best way to create good content using the keywords that your audience uses in searches.

3- Conduct a preliminary analysis of the search results until your picture is complete

You know why Google is the best search engine, because it is constantly developing itself in order to learn the purpose behind every search that occurs using it in order to find results that will meet that purpose for its users. For this reason, we will exploit this tremendous ability to our advantage.

Before I tell you what I specifically mean by this step and the tools we will use in it, here is a quick tip :

Google relies on the user himself who conducts the search, so it shows him results related to the sites that he prefers and visits frequently. Therefore, when browsing the search results for the specific purpose of searching for keywords or analyzing competitors, you must log out of your Google account.

Or you can stop the process of private results in the search settings in your account (Private Results) on Google, as shown below

SEO - Semrush

The goal of this step is to analyze the search results quickly and effectively so as not to waste time in the next steps.

Perhaps you chose some words that are not suitable for your site because of competition, or perhaps the purpose of searching for these words will not be achieved with your content.

Not only that, this analysis will give you an initial idea about competitors, and also about the type of content that your audience prefers.

Determine the purpose of the research .

We talked at the beginning of this section about the power of Google in knowing what searchers want. Now go to Google, and search for these words individually:

“How to make a good presentation” the first search “How to make a good short film” the second search

Compare for yourself between the search results in the two cases. In the first case, you will find a video, then questions also related to this search, and several articles. If you look closely, you will find that most of them include the word “tips,” meaning advice. Even the video itself is advice, even though the word “tips” It was not found in the basic research itself.

Here, Google learned after experimenting and testing that whoever searches for this keyword wants to know tips about presenting a presentation and not about how to prepare the presentation itself... That is why Google shows these results specifically.

Then look at the results of the second search, you will find a distinctive excerpt from the famous Wiki How website and also similar questions, then the rest of the search results, most of which talk about steps and an explanation with pictures of how to make a short film, and you will find that only one result includes the word advice.

Here, Google knows that whoever searches for this keyword wants to know the method completely, wants a clear guide with the steps.

In this way, when you check the search results for the keywords you found, you will know what content you must provide , and with which you must surpass your competitors. If your competitor provides 7 tips, for example, you provide 10 with pictures and data... All of these notes you must write down as we explained in the special sheet. With you.

Exclude keywords that are not suitable

If you look carefully at the sheet that I shared with you for the niche that you previously chose, you will find this keyword “Recommended vaccines for Thailand” that I found in one of the sources. When I examined this search results for it, I found that most of the results are for government services and companies,  which is very difficult. Her competition .

When I looked up the difficulty of the keyword after that, I found it to be too high, so I removed it from my sheet.

You should do like me with the keywords you found, take a quick look at the search results, to determine the competition.

Consider where you are targeting

You should know that the search results, as well as the keywords themselves, are affected by the country and even the governorate or province through which the search is conducted, which is why I advise you with these two wonderful tools.

The SERPChecker tool is one of Mangools' tools , through which you can specify any place where you want your search results to appear.

It will also enable you to know the distinctive search results - such as the featured snippet - as well as the strength of each domain (Domain authority) and the strength of each page, as shown in the video below.

Also, this is a free tool that enables you to choose any location you want in the world, and you can even use the postal code if you want in order to browse the search results as you want.

These tools will make it easier for you to easily discover the nature of the search results so that you can refine and modify the list of keywords that you have extracted so far. They will also give you a strong idea of ​​the type of content that you will need to provide.

4- Conduct a careful analysis of competitors

There are only 10 places available on the search results page for most users (not everyone who uses Google changes settings to show more results like me??), so everyone is fighting and competing legitimately for one of these places, let alone competing for first place.

Now you will know all the secrets of your competitors, and what makes one of them top the search results. In this step, we will use all the tools through which you can know the strengths and weaknesses of competitors... I hope you haven't finished your hot drink yet.

Preliminary competitor analysis

In a previous article that we published about how to get free traffic from Reddit , we explained that the Reddit website receives more than 1.5 billion visits per month, and what saddened me greatly when I browsed some of the comments on the marketer’s page on Facebook to follow up on some of the reactions to this comment.


The secret of my sadness was not because of criticism. On the contrary, criticism is a good and useful thing, and we all learn new things every day.

But the reason behind this is that I learned that there are many people interested in the field of digital marketing who, unfortunately, do not know some of the basics of analyzing competitors or websites in general using even simple and available free tools, the most important of which we will present and how to use them in this step.

Similarweb browser extension

After downloading this wonderful free add-on to your browser, you can click on it when you visit any site to learn a lot of important information about it, such as the average traffic it receives monthly, the average time spent by the visitor, the types of traffic sources with great accuracy, and a lot of information.

Look at the information I obtained when I visited the famous Educate Yourself website.

SEO - Similar Web

Now, when you visit any site in the world, you can learn a lot of information about it (note that you may not get information about very recent sites), and with this you can quickly analyze some of your competitors and learn some basic information.

Mangools browser extension

This feature addition to your browser does not give you the volume of traffic and its sources like the previous one, but it will complete the picture for you, as it will give you an idea of ​​the strength of the general domain you are visiting and some quick notes about the SEO associated with the page you are visiting (On Page SEO ), such as the number of words used on the page and the description for search engines (Meta). Description) as shown below.

Not only that, but you can also spy on the backlinks obtained by the page you are visiting, as well as the entire site, especially if you go directly to analyze the domain of the site you are visiting in the wonderful Linkminer tool , which we will use later.

Look at the information I obtained while browsing one of the articles on the Educate Yourself website

SEO - Mangools

That's why I told you previously that we will use Mangools tools a lot, as they are very special. You need to register an account in order to enjoy all these wonderful features.

Now you have the tools to do a quick analysis of your competitors, but that is not all. Your competitors can also be a source of keywords that you should use... Before I tell you about that, let us first differentiate between two important types of competitors .

Generic sites that only compete with you on a few keywords

Did you not find in the search results more than once when you were searching for SEO tools or for digital marketing in the Arabic language, results from sites such as arageek or the site Mawdoo3, just as it also happens when you search for English words and find Inc magazine or the famous Forbes site. These are large sites with many The pages cover many different topics.

Perhaps in your search in your niche you will find similar sites, sites that are not specialized in the niche you are targeting, or that talk about the topic in general (just as I found sites that talk about travel in general in the travel niche to Thailand), so you are not directly competing with these sites. You're only competing several pages with it.

Therefore, do not evaluate the size of the competition based on the strength of the domain as a whole, but rather only on the strength of the page that competes with you (which we learned how to evaluate with the search results browsing tool from mangools). Therefore, you must provide better content, target all the keywords that that page uses, and study the strength of your backlinks. With it to overcome it.

And don't worry, I will tell you how to legitimately spy and find out the keywords of your competitors later, let's continue with the types of competitors ??!

Specialized sites that compete with you in specific topics

There are many specialized sites that target the same niche that you are targeting, and for this reason the third step in this guide was very important. When you analyze the search results for various words and topics related to the niche that you are targeting, you will notice that some sites are repeated and therefore they are specialized sites and you need to keep them in mind. As a competitor, you have to monitor and analyze him.

Keep in mind that in many cases avoiding competition and choosing easy words only is not a good option. Rather, sometimes you have to compete with a specific specialized site and target it with your content and legitimately steal from it its ranking in search results by providing better content and stronger backlinks.

Now it's time to use some tools to analyze competitors accurately after you know their types for you ✌️.

Spying on competitors' backlinks and determining their type and strength

If you do not know what backlinks are and their importance, you can browse the comprehensive guide to SEO in order to rank at the top of the search results .

In short, in order to complete the idea of ​​this article, you should know that backlinks are one of the most important indicators that Google uses in ranking sites and pages in search results. The more powerful backlinks a site acquires, the greater its chances of being at the top of the first search results, and thus it gets more traffic .

In order for the picture to become clearer to you , imagine yourself asking all of your friends about the best phone to buy. You want to know their opinions and nominations, and the phone that gets more nominations and stronger praise from your friends - especially your friends who specialize in the field of technology and phones - is the phone that you will buy... Let us assume that the winning phone is an iPhone.

Now, in this example, imagine that Google is you, and that your friends are the various sites (Google has billions of friends?), and that the praises and nominations are the backlinks (just as there are instructions from specialized friends, there are strong backlinks from specialized sites), and that the iPhone is the result that Top search results.

I think you understand what backlinks mean and how powerful they are in determining the order of search results in this example? .

– The amazing LinkMiner tool

We mentioned it before, it can determine the quality of each backlink, whether it is a Dofollow (which means it is an influential backlink with strong praise) or a Nofollow backlink (which is a very weak backlink ), the extent of its strength and influence, and wherever this backlink was on the page, and of course. The strength of his website.

In this way, you know the sources of your competitor’s backlinks. You can use the same sources to communicate with the owners of those sites, or you can search for stronger sources. You learn from your competitor in order to outperform him.

When you use this tool, it is preferable to use it on the domain of your competitor’s website and not on a specific page, so that it gives better results .

Of course, there is no need to remind you that you need to create a separate sheet for some of your main competitors and write down notes and sources of backlinks that you will then exploit for the benefit of your site.

– Semrush ’s backlinks tool

This powerful tool not only analyzes backlinks, the date they were obtained, and precisely determines their locations from their sources, but it also enables you - a feature not found in most other tools - to use it to analyze a specific page from any site and not the entire domain or domain.

This is an image of one of the articles I found while researching a travel niche that I wanted to know about the power of backlinks.

Your comprehensive guide to using keyword research tools and spying on competitors in 2024

Therefore, you can analyze competitors’ backlinks, regardless of their type, using these wonderful tools, especially the Semrush tool, which has many other features that there is not room to mention.

Spying on competitors' keywords .

Now it's time to find out some keywords that your competitors are using that you may not have taken into consideration. This method alone will give you many keyword searches that your competitors will benefit from.

Of course, every page of any website on the Internet tops the search results for many different keywords (sometimes the number of keywords reaches tens of thousands), which brings them many visits, so why don’t you also benefit from those visits to your advantage??

Complete domain analysis

When you analyze a specialized site for one of your competitors, especially if this site is small (I mean that the number of its pages archived in Google is less than approximately 75 pages), you can find out the size of any site by using the Site search engine as shown in the image below.

SEO - Mangools

In this case you can use a tool like Ubersuggest

As shown below, it completely analyzes the domain and the amount of free traffic it receives ( according to the country of search and the language you chose), determines which pages receive the most traffic, and also identifies a large portion of the keywords with which these pages rank high in search results.

Go to this link , to see the analysis of the Educate Yourself website. When you chose the source, the Arabic language, and the country: Egypt, look at the available information provided by this good tool.

You should note that this free tool will not give you all the keywords for every page you examine, but it does give you some good ideas.

Often you will find many keywords that you did not take into consideration. You have to add them to your list for each topic in order to target them in your content as well.

Use Semrush's Domain Analysis tool

This powerful tool will tell you most, if not all, of the keywords that top search results on any page of any site, not to mention of course the entire site if you want to analyze it.

Because of the power of this tool, you can filter these semantic words in an amazing and very precise way, which enables you to analyze specific pages from any website, which is a feature that is not found in many tools, especially free ones.

See the analysis for the same page that I wanted to know the backlinks to. What do you think if my site got the same place?!

SEO - Mangools

But my advice is when you get those keywords and after you know the position of the page you are examining in the search results according to each word, do you not drown??

In the sea of ​​keywords you will find, especially if you analyze the rest of the pages in various positions in the search results.

Of course, as we mentioned previously, the free version will only enable you to know the top 10 keywords that cause visits to this page or site that you are studying.

5- Determine the type of content you will provide according to the type of keywords

In this step, we will not use any tools, but I want you to understand two very important things as you create your own content. After you know the purpose of the search for each topic or keyword that you added to your sheet, you must create distinctive and specific content. .

Types of articles

Google relies on a very important feature when it arranges search results, which is the site’s relationship to the topic it is talking about (Topic Relevance). For example, how many pages are targeting this topic? Does this site cover several aspects of this topic?

Look at the following examples:

Your complete guide to making a diet using oats

Health benefits of using oats in your diet

How to add oats to your food in a simple and delicious way

As you can see from the examples that target the word diet using oats, if I had a site that talked about this topic or that keyword, I would create more than one content in this way (of course this depends on the search volume and competition), and thus Google will understand that my site is related to this topic. Therefore, the chances of ranking in search results will be greater.

Not only that, when you gain Google's trust after some time, and when you create new content that targets these same topics from more than one angle, you rank at the top of search results much faster compared to your old content, which may have taken longer, as well as compared to your competitors.

That is why you must follow this strategy with the content that you provide, especially if the topics you target have an appropriate search volume according to the language and country, not to mention that in this way you also solve the largest number of problems for your audience, which means more profits for you.

Types of keywords :

I prefer to categorize keywords this way:

Purely cognitive words (How do I take photos using a mobile phone with high quality).

Buying words (compare iPhone with Samsung, review the capabilities of the new iPhone).

Service words (How do I take photos with an iPhone in high quality.

The first type is only looking for information, and often the person searching in this way is not ready to buy any tool or service. The second type is a person searching for a specific service because he thinks about buying it most of the time. This type is very competitive, especially for famous services and tools.

The third type represents after-sales service. Most of the time, those who search in this way have already purchased the service or product but are looking for advice. For example, when you do a complete review of one of the products that you promote through the Click Bank platform .

You must exploit all types of keywords in your content. The first and third types may not bring you profits and commissions directly, but they help build trust between you and your audience, which makes them buy from you or from the services that you recommend to them in the future using the second type.

6- Promote your outstanding content as soon as it is created

You are tired and have made a great effort now to know the topics and keywords that you are targeting after you researched your audience’s problems and analyzed competitors, then you created this content and these wonderful articles that will help your audience.

Now you have to promote that content, as the traffic you will get from Google will take time, especially if your site is modern.

Why not promote this content to your audience that you found in various places in the first step, didn't I tell you that we will use it again!

Of course, this content will benefit them as long as it is good and organized, and you may get your first customers and profits from those sources, as the content speaks their language and solves their problems.

7- Analyze your content and modify it constantly

This step is the most important in this guide, and the tools we will use here are the ones you must master and use constantly as long as you want to have a successful website.

It is true that we used many tools and obtained many keywords, and we also analyzed the competitors and their strength and implemented some steps in order to surpass them, but there are several questions that you must ask yourself.

Have you already analyzed all competitors?

Did you target all possible keywords?

Another question: Do you think you are the only one who does this in every niche?

What do competitors constantly do?

Perhaps you made a mistake and targeted a highly competitive topic, or perhaps you targeted inappropriate topics... perfection belongs to God alone.

For these reasons and more, you must constantly review your content. Even the keywords themselves increase and change over time, and I have told you about this before. There are approximately 15% of searches that occur daily that Google sees for the first time.

All you have to do is use the following free tools constantly. I advise you to check them weekly or monthly, according to the size of your site and the nature of the competition.

Google analytics

This free tool from Google, which is indispensable for any website owner, tells you all the information about the visits you get and their sources, the strongest pages on your site that bring you good traffic, and vice versa as well, so you must obtain this data and more in order to constantly improve your site.

Google Search Console

This wonderful free tool is also from Google, which, unlike its predecessor, tells you about how the search engine sees your site, and about all the keywords that are at the top of the search results that you may not know that your site is exploiting or that your content is not directly targeting.

Thus, you constantly modify and update your content, and add new research words that you discover to your content.

I will not give a detailed explanation of these very important tools. Perhaps in an upcoming article I will provide you with some tips and quick methods if you want in the comments , but my advice to you is to take this free course from Google, which explains to you how to use Google analytics , and you can also follow some Guides for Search Console from here .

It's time to answer some questions that may be on your mind now, which I will answer in several points.

There are many keyword search tools that I did not mention in this guide because you do not need them.

Dear reader, it does not matter which tools you use, but how you use them and what impact it has on your site. There are dozens of tools that you can use, whether free or paid, but believe me, you only need to focus on your site and start creating content and measuring the results. You only need For what I mentioned to you.

I did not intentionally mention the Ahrefs tool in this guide, because it is often quite similar to the Semrush tool. They are the two most powerful tools and the most used, especially among marketers, but I prefer the latter, especially for beginners, especially if you are going to create content yourself.

The Semrush tool has this wonderful add-on called SEO Writing Assistant , which helps you while you are writing content, whether it is in the background of your site in WordPress or even in Google documents. It is also easier to extract data .

Your comprehensive guide to using keyword research tools and spying on competitors in 2024

-Can I rely on free tools?

Believe me, I was in your place, and I was looking for everything that was free, even web hosting . I was looking for free and cheap ones.

But after many failed experiments and wasted time and effort, I discovered that the most important investment I made was in using a paid tool. I recommend to you the distinctive and indispensable SemRush tool as long as you want to achieve profits as quickly as possible.

This, of course, does not mean that you cannot rely only on free tools, but it will take longer and more effort to achieve what you want.

I know that you probably don't have nearly $100 a month to use on such tools, but in the beginning you don't need to use them every month.

If money is the main obstacle in achieving your goals, and if you are looking for capital that will help you achieve your goals or start your project in the fastest way, then you can achieve respectable capital through CPA from here . In this free course, you will know how to achieve more than $1000 per month. Easily and step by step.

If you already have a small amount of capital, you should know the following:

You won't be searching for keywords or even analyzing competitors every day.

You can use SemRush for only one month ( in addition to the 7 free days that you get in advance when you register, and by the way, this is my affiliate link) at the beginning of your site so that you can prepare a strong database that you can use to plan your content and obtain backlinks, so that your project stands on its ground. Submit it, and after that, when you start making profits, God willing, you will be able to use the tool monthly at your convenience without pressure.

- There is another way to profit from these tools. If you are a marketer, you can provide some simple services to the owners of various websites or even the owners of YouTube channels, such as a report on spying on some websites and knowing their backlinks, or providing a list of the semantic words that the owners of those websites must use and use them to be published. Search results, or even the backlink service if you are interested in SEO.

There are many website and blog owners who are ignorant of a lot of this information, so there are many SEO experts. I personally used to submit these reports and sell them for 5 or 10 dollars to the owners of some websites... A true marketer is never helpless and always innovates to achieve his goal.

Start now, invest in yourself and develop your skills, because time waits for no one.

Now I will make two very important requests of you.

First, please leave a comment telling me any research tools-related question, comment or even a compliment you would like?

The second request is an academic assignment... yes, an assignment ... consider me your teacher?

- This, of course, is an honor I never deserve

- Analyze this article again and read it carefully...

Haven’t you asked yourself why I sometimes mention “semantic words” and other times “keywords” or use the word “semantic word extraction” or “semantic word search” and other things? This is because of my research on the topic and analysis of competitors .

Always get used to learning from everything and analyzing any content you browse. There are always lessons learned even from bad content. These are the most important characteristics of a successful marketer.

I will wait for you in the comments.