The comprehensive guide to professional Retargeting on Facebook

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 As everyone knows, Facebook has become one of the best platforms for advertising, as it is considered a source of high-quality traffic for us as marketers.

But for any marketer who recently started creating his own store or brand, the probability of obtaining a sale or conversion from the first advertisement is estimated at 5%, and there are many reasons, including:

 The customer does not have a “Crédit Card” in his possession at the time he saw your ad.

 The customer is not ready to make a purchase right away.

But when a customer clicks on your ad, there are five things he will do, not a sixth.

These things, or what we call “Events,” are as follows:

 Visit the home page.

 Browse the categories in your store.

 View your products.

 “Add to card” action

 Complete the Purchase process

Usually, not all visitors on your site will reach the final stage, which is completing the purchase process, and this is normal.

 There are those who will leave your store in the first stage, and there are those who will do the process of adding the product “Add to card” without completing the purchase process.

 According to statistics, the completion rate of the purchase process that takes place on your site is 2% of the total visitors to your site.

The comprehensive guide to professional Retargeting on Facebook

Well, let's assume that we cannot reach 2% as a conversion rate for our store visitors.

 Let's say that our store has a conversion rate of 0.8%, for example , and our net profit for each conversion is $23.00 . Our store's daily visitors are 3,000 visitors.

Well, let's do a simple calculation (3000 * 0.8)/100 = 24, so 24 people will buy from our store, and therefore our daily profit is: 24 * 23 = $552.

This is a decent profit, but what if we raised the conversion rate to 1.8%?

Well, let us do another calculation for the same number of visitors: (3000 * 1.8)/100 = 54. So, 54 visitors will complete the purchase out of the total daily visitors to our website, and our daily profit will become: 54 * 23 = $1242 .

Big difference isn't it? 

Retargeting, or what is called “ Retargeting ”, can help us with this easily, provided that it is professional, otherwise it will not result in a loss of $$$.

You, dear, should know that marketers in our field are of 3 types: beginner, intermediate, and professional . Just as there are 3 types of marketers, there are 3 types in the retargeting process, depending on the type of marketer .

The three strategies in the retargeting process.

 You should know that the person who left your store without seeing your products is not the same person who added the product, so do not treat them the same way.

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 Because the person who added the product has come a long way in the purchasing process, so the two people should not see the same ad.

However, I will show you the three strategies in the retargeting process:

 General retargeting (performed by most beginners)

 Special retargeting (medium)

 Sequence in retargeting (professional)

 If you have a small number of daily visitors and few to no people who have added the product, we advise you to do general retargeting to everyone who visited your site.

     [Very Important: You cannot set up the Facebook pixel for your store ]

But when you start growing, you will need to advance to the next levels.

General targeting:

 Who among us has not retargeted everyone who visited his store in the last period (15 days or more)?

The comprehensive guide to professional Retargeting on Facebook

 Using this method, we retarget all visitors who entered our website or store in order to increase the conversion rate in our store.

It is true that this method is unprofessional, but it remains the only method we have if we do not get people who add the product or make a purchase.

The comprehensive guide to professional Retargeting on Facebook

 When you do retargeting, your ad must be accompanied by a coupon. Otherwise, what is the thing that will make someone buy a product they have seen before?

Special targeting:

 Now we will talk about special retargeting on Facebook, and we apply this method to people who added the product (the stage before the purchase process) but did not complete the process successfully, and there are several reasons for this:

The first reason : The customer is not in a suitable position to purchase. Perhaps he is on a train, work, school... and other possibilities that did not help him complete the purchase process. Therefore, we advise you when launching an advertisement initially to target people who operate via a Wi-Fi point, as it is the closest method to In order to ensure that the customer is in a suitable position to purchase.

For more information about this method, please watch this video:

The second reason : Perhaps the customer is in a more than suitable position to complete the purchase process, but he was shocked by the high price that he must pay for shipping. Therefore, we can make another advertisement for people who have added the product to the shopping cart , while adding a coupon that enables them to get free shipping [Free Shipping].

The comprehensive guide to professional Retargeting on Facebook

But beware of targeting the same person with the same ad for a long time just so that he is not interested in your offer that you presented to him, so try to offer him discounts on that product or a free product if he buys that product.

The important thing is that you try to convince the customer with different advertisements.

Well, maybe you are not convinced. Imagine with me that you see the same ad with no difference over and over again (what feeling will you have?) Anger, of course, so you will hide the ad so that it does not appear to you again (this is normal). In this case, Facebook will know that you are not interested in this. The advertisement will therefore raise the price of the advertisement for the product owner.

The comprehensive guide to professional Retargeting on Facebook

Sequence in retargeting:

The comprehensive guide to professional Retargeting on Facebook

Sequencing in retargeting is when visitors go through a series of ad experiences after they leave your store. Instead of seeing a repetitive ad, they'll see a variety of ads as they move through the series we've inserted them into.

 This process is very successful and professional in raising the conversion rate in your store or website. The features of this method are as follows:

 It can be used in any store, even if it has not yet had people add the product to the sales cart.

 Make the customer return to your store again and again because he has come to trust you.

It makes your topics fresh, which leads to more interaction with your audience.

We divided this series into three days. During this period, the customer will see an advertisement every day. Each advertisement differs from the one before it in terms of form and content.

But how will we do this?

This process has been made very simple by the artificial intelligence that Facebook has developed.

Let's say we want to enter everyone who has added the product to their cart into this string.

First day :

As you can see in the picture, we have created an audience, or “Audience,” for people who added the product but did not complete the purchase process.

The comprehensive guide to professional Retargeting on Facebook

the second day :

 Now we want to target the same people that we targeted on the first day, but how will we do that?

The process will take place as follows:

The comprehensive guide to professional Retargeting on Facebook

We will target people who added the product two days ago, and we will target people who added the product yesterday.

 By the way, if you want to do ads like this, you definitely need a respectable capital, so we suggest you watch the CPA course , which will help you achieve a respectable capital in a short period! You can view the SPIE course here:

the third day:

The same way we did on the second day, we will target the people who added the product three days ago, and we will target the people who added the product two days ago.

The comprehensive guide to professional Retargeting on Facebook

Finally, after completing the operations successfully, we will get this form:

The comprehensive guide to professional Retargeting on Facebook

 According to statistics, I discover that the owners of major companies and stores that use Shopify Plus use this method to retarget them. This method makes the customer trust you more and thus buy from your store again and again.

 Well, we learned how to create an audience based on the three days, but what type of content will each ad include during these days?

Day One: Useful article

 On this first day, which is the first ad your potential customer sees after leaving your store, we must convince the customer that we are the best store in this field and the most appropriate way is through an article that was written in our store.

The comprehensive guide to professional Retargeting on Facebook

 Points that this article must have:

 To solve a specific problem in your field

 How to use your product

 A comprehensive guide (like the one you are reading now?)

 In this way, you will convince the customer that you care about him and he will begin to remember your store, and with time you will become a brand in his eyes in this field.

Day 2: “Best selling products on your store”:

The comprehensive guide to professional Retargeting on Facebook

On the second day we will share the best selling products in our field and in this way he will know which products people like him have purchased and there is an 80% chance that he will purchase on this day.

Day Three (Buy or Buy):

The comprehensive guide to professional Retargeting on Facebook

 On this day, after convincing the customer to buy from our store, we will make a final advertisement carrying a very attractive discount (this is your job) that will make the customer not hesitate to complete the purchase process.

Remember the following key points:

Previous visitors will leave at different stages of the conversion funnel, so you need to communicate with them accordingly.

People hate seeing the same ad repeatedly so we suggested sequential targeting.

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