The comprehensive guide to mastering content marketing in 2024

Created on 4 April, 2024 • 49 views • 20 minutes read

 We are all always looking for new marketing strategies in order to grow our business and obtain new customers, and certainly in recent years many modern strategies have emerged, the most important of which is content marketing.

But let us, my friend, first agree on the basic, well-known principle, which is “content is king.” This means that the content of your website is always the main thing that will attract many customers to you if you work on it and develop it from time to time.

Of course, content marketing has positive and guaranteed results compared to any other type of marketing . Customers in general, potential customers, or members of the public in general want to see valuable content that is actually worth following.

The comprehensive guide to content marketing in 2021

At the same time, the content must reach the audience in an easy and simple way. So by paying attention to the content you provide and using effective content marketing strategies, you can increase conversions, improve your brand awareness, increase revenue, establish yourself as a key player in your industry, and much more.

So follow with us this comprehensive guide on your marketing website to learn how to develop your content and promote it with ease.

In this comprehensive guide, we will try to focus on several basic and important points:

What is content marketing?

Types of content marketing and the most important trends

Know the steps necessary to achieve a successful marketing strategy or plan

New strategies and tips to create and promote your content better

Therefore, if you want to develop your own content and market yourself through it, you will certainly benefit from this comprehensive guide, but you must follow us until the end of the article in order to achieve the full benefit, God willing.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the process of planning, creating, distributing, sharing and publishing good and appropriate content to fully reach your target audience, which ultimately leads to enhancing many factors such as increasing brand awareness, increasing audience interaction as well as increasing sales.

The comprehensive guide to content marketing in 2021

Statistics have proven that content marketing is considered one of the types of marketing that resonates with the audience very clearly, in addition to that it contributes to increasing conversions much more compared to any other marketing strategy.

Therefore, it is necessary to start developing the content for your site, and pay attention to new trends in content marketing, which we will certainly mention below.

Types of content marketing and the most important trends in 2024:

* Video content

Video marketing is the future of content marketing, and no one can deny it. According to HubSpot research , more than 50% of consumers say they want to watch videos from brands they interact with instead of textual content.

Indeed, there are some recent statistics conducted at the beginning of this year that proved that this percentage rose to 72%, which proves that video marketing is definitely the future.

In fact, the number of companies that use video as part of their marketing has also increased by 38% since 2017, and therefore it is necessary to start creating different videos for your brand for marketing.

The comprehensive guide to content marketing in 2021

If you are already doing this, you should double the videos you are currently creating to get a greater amount of conversions.

At this point, I will try to explain to you some important tips and points that will help you reach the largest possible amount of conversions through the videos you provide:

You should keep your video intro short [no more than 15 seconds] and closely related to the topic of the video

Statistics have shown that the first 15 seconds of a video is the only time during which you can retain viewers, which means that you should avoid starting your videos by displaying an animated logo, or your brand logo for a long period, or spending more than 30 minutes. Again, in explaining the importance of the topic of your video, all of these things work to reduce your views and reduce engagement very significantly.

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You should start your videos by talking directly to the topic of the video in a very brief and engaging manner for at least thirty seconds, and then show your logo, or something else, but don't make this take up too long of the video either. This is enough to encourage the viewer to leave without completing the video after you have managed to attract his attention, and thus avoid falling into this matter.

Focus on YouTube videos

If you want to get as many viewers as possible on your content, you will need to focus on YouTube videos rather than Facebook posts , Instagram Reels , etc.

The comprehensive guide to content marketing in 2021

The comprehensive guide to content marketing in 2021

Because, first of all, YouTube is more popular than Facebook and Instagram, it is considered the second most popular search engine after the Google search engine , and therefore the traffic on YouTube is much more than Facebook, Instagram , or any other site on the planet.

But more importantly, YouTube videos can get views years and months after they're uploaded, something that doesn't work in the same way on Facebook or Instagram.

Try improving your YouTube video suggestions

The other distinctive thing about YouTube is that it displays your content in front of new people, people who have not previously heard about your site or your YouTube channel when searching for topics similar to the ones you present, as your videos appear in the suggested videos section located to the left or To the right of the video you are watching, and this is if you use correct SEO and put appropriate hashtags. These things are interesting and we touched on them in the article “ Score No. 1 on YouTube in 2024.”

The comprehensive guide to mastering content marketing in 2024

The comprehensive guide to content marketing in 2021

Therefore, the best way to get higher views and more conversions through your videos is by improving the suggested videos. This is done by improving the description of your video, and the tags or hashtags that you add. When you do this, the video can appear Your video is next to other videos that have received a lot of views.

Work off script

Stepping in front of the camera for the first time can be intimidating, and for many people it can be annoying, resulting in unfocused sections of the video, so try to work outside the pressures of the script.

Write the text in the same way as your delivery before filming the video, and read from the text or script directly when filming the video. This will help you improve the quality of the videos very much.

* Email content

Marketing your content through e-mail is considered one of the old trends of content marketing, but it is not yet effective until this moment. However, there are some things that you must take into account so that e-mail messages contribute to increasing your site’s conversions.

You should not make your e-mail messages too long and include the same content as what is on the site without any additions, because statistics have shown that the click-through rates for these lengthy messages are very weak.

The comprehensive guide to mastering content marketing in 2024

The comprehensive guide to content marketing in 2021

Therefore, try to keep your emails short and contain exclusive content that is not available on the site, content provided specifically to members of the mailing list , such as sending the latest content to members of the mailing list before publishing it on the site.

This will contribute very significantly to increasing conversions and delivering your content in a more professional manner. Of course, we have already touched on all of these matters in the article “The Comprehensive Guide to Professional Email Marketing in 2024.”

* Content marketing on social media platforms

With more than 3.6 billion users on social media platforms, it is easy to understand why many companies are investing in marketing through social networks such as Facebook, Instagram , Pinterest, and especially LinkedIn, where the importance of posts on it is increasing day by day.

The comprehensive guide to content marketing in 2021

The comprehensive guide to content marketing in 2021

Which makes it one of the best social media platforms for marketing your textual content. These platforms provide many ways through which you can create and share your content such as images, videos, stories or articles.

* Content marketing through infographics

An infographic is a simple way to present content, information and data in an attractive, easy-to-understand graphic format, with a combination of simple wording, short statements and clear images.

The comprehensive guide to content marketing in 2021

The comprehensive guide to content marketing in 2021

Infographics are a great way to communicate your content effectively. Infographics also work very well if you are trying to summarize a complex educational topic, so that everyone can fully understand it. Therefore, it is essential that you market your content in this way so that You gain more followers and potential customers.

6 steps necessary to create a successful marketing strategy:

1 . Audit your current content

Auditing your current content can help you understand many aspects of your audience. With so much content published daily online, there is no need to waste effort and time creating content that is not suitable for your audience and brand.

The first way that will enable you to know what content is suitable for your audience is to conduct an audit of the current content. Collect all the current content and then analyze all the data to understand the actual state of your content. What type of content was able to attract the audience? What content attracts the best results and conversions? What exactly needs improvement?

The comprehensive guide to content marketing in 2021

The comprehensive guide to content marketing in 2021

All of these questions can be answered by analyzing current content data, and therefore if you do this, you will save yourself a lot of time and effort that will be wasted in creating a lot of new statistics for your audience in order to find out the ideal content.

2. Try to define your ideal audience

Finding your ideal audience is the main key to creating perfect and attractive content. Rather, it is the key to success for the entire content marketing process. Therefore, if the personality of your ideal customer is not drawn in your mind as you read now, it is necessary that you try to understand the personality of your ideal customer. To understand the requirements, needs and desires of your customers, so that you can ultimately create content that suits them.

Although creating your buyer persona is important and necessary for content marketing, at the same time you must keep in mind that the audience does not consist only of buyers, as buyers are only a small category of your audience.

The comprehensive guide to content marketing in 2021

The comprehensive guide to content marketing in 2021

Therefore, you must know that your audience includes people who began interacting with your brand long before they intended to make a purchase, and therefore it is necessary to provide content that attracts potential customers, reduce their entry into the buyer’s journey and attract them to your brand, after that focus Content that explains the benefits of your products or services to encourage customers to make a purchase.

3. Develop an editorial plan for the content

Planning for your content is essential, as it allows you to allocate your resources appropriately, know which tasks will take longer than expected, and then adjust your expectations according to these matters. Therefore, developing an editing plan for your content is considered necessary, and there are some The basic elements that we must mention and that you must take into account when planning your business.

Determine your business priorities

One of the basic elements of effective planning is setting priorities. If you are planning your business, you must identify the most important tasks that you must do first.

The comprehensive guide to content marketing in 2021

The comprehensive guide to content marketing in 2021

Then, identify things that you can test and accomplish easily and that do not require a lot of effort. By doing this you will be able to protect your strategies and plans from major failure and create opportunities to conduct experiments that can enhance your results.

Search for related topics

You will also need to uncover the topics that attract the audience, and we mentioned this previously in the point about auditing the content. In addition, you can use a tool such as Topic Research to help you cover ideas for many different topics, in addition to related questions and headlines. And other necessary things to create attractive content.

The comprehensive guide to content marketing in 2021

The comprehensive guide to content marketing in 2021

Once you've identified the right topics to include and the appropriate format for your content pieces, you can place them in a content calendar to make it easier to keep track of upcoming and missing deadlines. This brings us directly to the third point of the essential elements of planning.

Use the editorial calendar to organize your work

The SEMrush Marketing Calendar tool acts as an editorial calendar that allows you to monitor progress and simplify communication for team members creating, publishing and editing content.

The comprehensive guide to content marketing in 2021

The comprehensive guide to content marketing in 2021

The tool also enables you to add tasks, assign them to people, and set deadlines for these tasks, all of which makes it easier for you to collaborate with the content team, even if the number of team members is very large.

4. Content production planning

This is the step that precedes the content creation process and is a very important step to help create the best content for your audience. It is necessary to make sure that your content covers all parts of the customer journey, and therefore we will try to mention all the stages that any person from your audience may go through in order to become one of the customers. Your customers stick to your brand.

The comprehensive guide to content marketing in 2021

The comprehensive guide to content marketing in 2021

Awareness stage

This stage often revolves around the various questions that your customers may ask in order to fully understand your product or services, and therefore it is necessary that there be a special section of your site’s content that answers these questions, and raises awareness and educates the public about your brand.

The stage of thinking about purchasing 

If you provide the content required to answer all the questions that are on the audience’s mind in a professional and correct manner, you will move customers from the awareness stage to the stage of considering purchasing, and thus potential customers will want to know more about your brand.

So try to help them explain why they need your product or service. Try to show them people who have purchased your product and made positive recommendations. Discuss all the steps necessary for the purchasing process, and try to make it simple. All of these things help customers make a decision. Buy faster.

Decision stage

In this part, try to prove that you are the best choice for them compared to your competitors. You can do this by providing some customer reviews, or offering them some competitive advantages that your competitors do not offer. Try to offer anything that gives you an advantage in the market.

Invitation stage

At this stage, you must highlight the things that will convert customers into buyers. This may include many different things, such as highlighting the service that the company provides after the sale, or highlighting the product’s warranty period, or the ease of communicating with customer service and providing More than one way to communicate with the service, so that the service is suitable for all the needs of the audience.

5. Plan content distribution for better promotion

We have already mentioned that planning for content production is essential, and we also mentioned the basic elements on which you build your content. Just as there are basic elements that are necessary when creating content, there are also things that you must do when publishing or distributing content, which we will mention below:

The comprehensive guide to content marketing in 2021

The comprehensive guide to content marketing in 2021

Provide more than one way to communicate with your audience

Providing multi-channel communication to your audience is the best way to help keep your brand at the forefront of their minds. By aligning brand messaging and goals across multiple channels, your audience will get a clear picture of who you are and what you can offer.

Identify the channels that are most relevant to your audience

Resources or content should go to the channels where your audience already spends the most time, to give your content the best chance of being seen. You can also use social media analytics and specific demographics to figure out which channels or platforms are best for publishing your content, and which channels are a waste of time and budget. for your project.

For example, Pinterest can be an ideal place to distribute or publish pieces of visual content such as graphs, charts, or original illustrations, which will ultimately attract more visitors and increase traffic to your site.

Instagram can also be a great place to tell visual stories to develop your brand identity, especially in the areas of travel, beauty products, etc.; Other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, can also be an ideal place to post, and therefore you should also pay attention to creating a seamless user experience on social media channels to save resources and attract a larger number of followers.

6. Analyze the performance of your content

One of the things that greatly helps the success of your marketing strategy is following the statistics on the content first and foremost, because this helps you know the best way in which you can reach your audience, and know the content that the audience prefers and interacts with the most, in addition to that it gives you signals. Be clear about what attracts the audience's attention and interest the most, thus making it easier for you to create new content that will arouse interest.

The comprehensive guide to content marketing in 2021

The comprehensive guide to content marketing in 2021

Content performance metrics are divided into four categories as follows:

User behavior: This category also includes the number of visitors, the time each visitor spends on your site, the bounce rate, and how users respond to home page designs.

Posts: This definitely includes likes, comments, mentions, etc.

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) results: This includes organic traffic, dwell time, and backlinks.

Company revenues: such as the number of leads, potential customers, increase or decrease in conversion rate, and other matters closely related to the company’s revenues.

SEMrush tools can also help you analyze content offers that relate to your audience, and know what you should focus on. If you want a deeper analysis, you can use the ImpactHero tool , as this tool performs a very advanced and intelligent analysis of your content, and helps you examine the content path. In full and the effectiveness of the strategies you are implementing to improve the content.

The comprehensive guide to content marketing in 2021

The comprehensive guide to content marketing in 2021

The tool also divides the content according to the buyer’s journey, as we mentioned previously, and provides practical advice to improve and employ your efforts better. The tool also helps you know the extent of the impact of each type of content that you provide on the site’s conversion rate. All that and more can be provided by this tool. So if you want to really improve your content, then use this tool.

New strategies and tips to create and promote your content better:

1. Quality < quantity

When it comes to content marketing, many people wonder whether paying attention to quality content is the better option or paying attention to quantity?

First and foremost, you should know that anything less than 300 words is not considered high-quality content according to search engine algorithms, and therefore it is always necessary to exceed the minimum word count, but many people misunderstand this point and think that continuing to write A blog or articles with thousands of words but of mediocre quality is the ideal solution.

The comprehensive guide to content marketing in 2021

The comprehensive guide to content marketing in 2021

But this is a completely incorrect interpretation. This will actually help you appear well in search engines, but in doing so you will not build an audience base because all visitors will not return to your site again due to low quality, so maintain a balance between quality and quantity, and if you can, write articles. It is large and of high quality, so there is no harm in it at all.

2. Write easy-to-read content

One of the things that you must follow when writing your content is to try to write a readable article, and do not be confused when you hear this, because certainly all articles can be read, even if they are not written in a simple or complex manner.

But what we want to draw attention to at this point is to make sure to write an article that is easy to read, and then make sure that it is readable using one of the readability tools such as Flesch-Kincaid . These tools calculate the readability of the content you provide, so use one of them and make sure that it is easy to read. Your content.

The comprehensive guide to content marketing in 2021

The comprehensive guide to content marketing in 2021

3. Create a link between you and the reader through the content you provide

The primary goal of any piece of your content is not only to provide useful information to your visitors and followers, but to create a link between you and your user base. This depends on your writing style. You should write your content in a way that does not look too professional.

At the same time, it is also not formal. Try to balance this with that, because most readers are not fluent in the language to the degree of experience, and they do not want to read things in the colloquial language either. Therefore, if you can balance both sides, the reader will feel that you are addressing him, and you will be able to create a relationship. Close with the reader compared to any other method.

4. Completely avoid keyword and keyword stuffing

This advice is considered one of the basic tips for content marketing, and many people always ignore it, so completely avoid filling your content with a large number of keywords and keywords in order to rank in search engines easily. This was in the past.

Appearance in search results now depends largely on other factors. Due to Google’s algorithms changing in dealing with sites, search results have become dependent on various factors such as internal and external linking.

The compatibility and smoothness of the site when displayed on mobile phones and various devices, the speed of loading site pages, etc., and thus there is no need to stuff a large amount of keywords in inappropriate places.

5. Be the source

This strategy or method is one of the things that truly distinguishes you. Why not start now writing articles based on your experience, and cite images or evidence from your site. Why not start now experimenting with different tools and strategies on your site and start creating distinct and exclusive content?

Of course, this requires a lot of experience, but if you can do this and you are the source, you will gain a competitive advantage among other sites. In fact, many competing sites will cite your experiences that you document on their sites, which will help you get a greater number of customers.

In the end, you must know that content marketing will always remain the main thing to gain new customers and maintain existing customers. While the methods used to deliver content can constantly change, the basic principles remain the same, so always maintain the basic principles and the quality of the content that you use. You provide it, and we will certainly provide you with everything new related to the world of marketing, especially content marketing. Good luck to you.