The comprehensive guide to making a profit from Click Bank in 2024

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6 years ago, Shopify or dropshipping were not as popular as we are today. At that time, affiliate services, and precisely the most famous platform in this field, “Click Bank.” Through this platform alone, many marketers were able to achieve their financial freedom and invest their profits in other fields...

Does this mean that Clickbank is dead?

No, my friend, all that matters is that our friends are following the wave and the wave of the era is “e-commerce and dropshipping”...

With this large number of stores and course owners, there is an urgent need for affiliate marketing more than ever, and the best thing about this is that the competition is no longer as fierce as it was 5 years ago?

 In this guide, I will share with you everything you will need to know in order to profit from Click Bank Cavelet by explaining the various methods that are used.

In general, if you like visual content more than reading, you can watch the Clickbank course in the form of videos:

 Register in Click Bank in 2024

Before starting to explain how to market Click Bank products, you should know that Click Bank has prevented most Arab countries from registering a new account with Click Bank...

Problem with creating accounts in Click Bank

 In fact, there are two solutions to the problem of creating new accounts in Click Bank:

 The first solution: You will use devious methods by using “Vpn” in order to change your country, as well as using “fakeaddressgenerator” in order to obtain an address for the country you chose through “Vpn”. 

The comprehensive guide to making a profit from Click Bank in 2024

As for the language, you can leave the English language. -Country : You must use the country you chose in “VPN”. You can use “ HOLA VPN ”.

-Name : No problem. Choose your real name because you will need it in order to get your money.

-Address : You can get a real address for the country you chose from here: fakeaddressgenerator -Apt/ Suite/ Other section : If your business has an apartment or something like that, you can enter its number. Otherwise, you can bypass this box, as it is not Interested in Click Bank?

-Postal Code : You can get it from “ fakeaddressgenerator ”, which is often called “Zip Code”.

-The city : The same thing will be obtained from “ fakeaddressgenerator .”

- Phone number : Try entering your real number. If it is not accepted, enter the number found in “ fakeaddressgenerator ” - Email : Enter your personal email because you will need it a lot!

The comprehensive guide to making a profit from Click Bank in 2024

 -Payee Name : Your real name

As for the bank, I use Payoneer . You will find all your bank information in your “ Payoneer ” account.

Affiliate marketing secrets in one book?

If you want to work in the field of affiliate marketing in general and affiliate marketing in particular, this book is considered a treasure and its value exceeds $997 without any exaggeration... Also, this book was written by the best marketers in this field and now, for a short period, you can download and read it for free!!

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Download the book!

The second solution for registering in Click Bank (the best and safe): Instead of these complications, I advise you with this solution, which is to contact Click Bank’s support team. There will be some routine questions, “Send your personal information...” Answer them, and an account will be opened for you on the Click Bank platform. . You can email the support team here: ClickBank Support

 Good, now that we have opened an account for us on Click Bank, it is time to choose the product and promote it...

For reference, this guide will be long after something? But it's incredibly useful? I promise you that you will find a treasure trove of information that you will not find either in Arabic content or in foreign content, so make sure that you have completed the entire article!!

 Pros and cons of ClickBank:

 As all followers of the marketer’s website know , we do not sell illusions, so we will present the negatives and positives of the ClickBank platform before starting. After that, decide whether you want to start in the affiliate field or not...

In this comprehensive guide, we will talk about Click Bank for affiliate marketing, as everyone knows that if you are the owner of a specific product (course, program, book ...) you can put it on the Click Bank platform, and the affiliate, like us, will be responsible for marketing it for you, and Click Bank will take ($1 + 7.5%). of the profits you will make). But this guide is for people who want to work as a cavelet.

 Disadvantages of Click Bank: It is true that the Click Bank platform is a global company and we have made respectable sums of money from it, but I must mention to you the disadvantages of this platform before starting (so that credibility remains between us?)

Even if you find a good product, their sales page remains disastrous. This will negatively affect your sales, even if the product is great, especially if you use “direct linking.” Don't worry, is there a solution to this problem? .

Often for products that sell well, you will find fierce competition.

Even if you find a high “gravity” in the product, you should try it yourself (often the product has been sold out and you cannot compete).

Selling Click Bank products is no longer as easy as it was before.

Advantages of Clickbank:

Don't worry, even if the negatives are many, they are good for keeping competitors away from us. Now let me share with you the bright side of Click Bank.

Your commission is often over 75%, so it is enough to sell 5 products per day to make more than $100 per day.

Since the Click Bank platform works on the “CPS” system, meaning payment upon sale, you can sell Click Bank products to all countries of the world, and this has a positive effect, especially if you use SEO or email marketing to promote Click Bank products.

You are not restricted to selling one product, as there are hundreds of products in the same niche that you chose.

How to choose a product on ClickBank:

 After we have known the pros and cons about the platform we will work on, it is now time to choose the product...

In fact (according to my experience) you should choose the product according to the industry you work in and not the other way around...

If you work in the travel industry, do not search for Forex products because you do not understand the field. Conclusion: Choose the product in the niche that you understand, not the other way around!!

 There are many factors that I use when choosing a product (in the startup I work in, of course).

My commission must be more than $15 (because my average daily sales are 13 sales, so I must ensure that I achieve $100 per day)

The Sales Funnel must be fairly good, because it will make it easier for me to convert the traffic I send.

Must have good product reviews (because I don't want to lose my customers' trust because of a product).

The Gravity of the product must be above 60. This is an indication that the product is selling well.

It is preferable for the “Upsell” brand to be present in the product because this means additional profit to me. The “Upsell” sign is often marked with a yellow arrow.

 In fact, this is what I focus on when choosing the offer, and it does not have to be the same thing that everyone else will focus on.

 As for the codes in Click Bank products , they are just some of the information you need to know before starting to market the product. You can find out its meanings through this image...


 We have finished the product selection stage, what do you think now about starting the product marketing stage?

But before that, let's get to know the marketing methods that most beginners do that cause them not to earn a single dollar from Click Bank.

Failed marketing methods for ClickBank products

 Did you know that the Click Bank store has more than 500,000 affiliates marketing its products monthly, but what you do not know is that only 10% of marketers are the ones who bring in sales, while the remaining 90% only move from one product to another, thinking that the problem exists in the product... according to my experience. In my simulation of a large number of beginner affiliates, whether in forums or online, I found that there are common problems among these marketers, and to be frank with you, “I was like them two years ago.”

 Here are the most important failed marketing strategies they use to market Click Bank products or any affiliate company :

1- Direct advertisement for the product page:

Unfortunately , promoting ClickBank products without a website is not as easy as you think. Most marketers place an advertisement on Facebook Ads, and every person who clicks on the ad goes to the product page. In most cases, the targeting is not accurate, and in some cases the Facebook Ads account is closed.

 It is true that the commission you earn from marketing Click Bank products is very large. As I mentioned, it can reach more than $80 per sale, but this does not mean that your promotion of these products is done only through an advertising campaign on the product page.

Don't worry, I will show you the correct way to promote these products...

2- They create a public blog:

 I do not deny that reviewing Click Bank products is one of the best ways to get sales...


 Most of the beginners I contacted were creating a comprehensive blog, and when I asked them why a comprehensive blog?

 They say: In order not to be limited to one product, I do “reviews” of more products and achieve more profits.

 Ultimately, the month ends with them not making a single sale.

 Once again, do not worry, I will show you the correct way to promote these products via Blog.

3- They do not collect a mailing list:

 We are in the year 2024 and the competition is intensifying day after day... but do not think that marketing via email has ended and is no longer useful!!

 One day I asked “Charles Ngo” why he makes more profits than the marketers even though we are marketing the same show.

 He said : I am not interested in marketing one offer. Rather, what I try to do is gather the largest possible number of people interested in a specific niche. After that, I try to create many lists in different niches. 

 I said : What next?

 He replied : As you know, I have a “Team” and each individual is responsible for his mailing list, as each individual creates a close relationship with subscribers to the list by providing free strategies and tricks. When the time comes to market a specific offer, I send it to the list that I collected in the post related to the offer. If I get many conversions, I know that the offer is successful and I try to expand that through paid ads and at the same time I expand my mailing list.

 In fact, this answer changed my profits 360 degrees. Before this answer, I had never used email marketing.

 If you are like my old self, I promise you that you will not make good profits on the Click Bank platform .

4- Trivial mistakes

 Sorry, but if you are one of the people who posts “Banners” on her website or articles and is waiting to get results. There are also people who create “anchor-text” for a specific word such as “weight loss” and wait for the customer to click on it and buy the product without convincing them... So let me tell you, “We will wait a long time with no results.”

 Good, after we finished with the mistakes that the largest number of beginners make while promoting Click Bank products, let us now touch on the correct methods that we tried and which achieved more than wonderful results for us...

1- Create a specialized website

8 years ago, everyone was learning something called “ SEO ,” with one or two backlinks that rank high in search engine results, even for the most difficult words. I remember those days when everyone was making more than $4,000 a day just from the word “Bluehost Review,” not to mention the people who were doing “Reviews” of Clickbank products were making a fortune.

However, we are now in the year 2024...

Has the situation changed?


Have you missed the train for beginners to get started?


There are only some changes that occurred that changed the ways in which work was done in the year 2010, but as we say, every era has its own people and new methods.

A while ago, I created a paid course on the Click Bank platform, and the price of this course was $197.00...

 This picture was from one of the beneficiaries, and he indicated in the message that these profits are only from the free traffic that I explained in the course.

The comprehensive guide to making profits from Click Bank

 Did you know that this comprehensive guide is an exact copy of the course that I created, and that what I will explain now was paid and now you will get it for free...


 If you do not achieve your first profits in these months, please stop following the marketer’s website.

Well, I want to create a blog and profit from it through Click Bank. What should I do?

It's simple, instead of creating a comprehensive blog in which you talk about everything, choose one field and talk about it...

But this matter is not as easy as you think, as this method worked in 2014 and 2015...

Here's what's new in the year 2024. Instead of creating a blog in one niche, try creating blogs in “micro-niches.”

Well what is the difference between “Niche” and “Micro Niche”?

Let me give you an example in the field of wealth:

If wealth is a public domain, then the field of profit from the Internet is...

As for micro channels, there are many of them: “Affiliate, drop shipping, freelancing...”

But I promise you that by the year 2024 we will move to “Nano-niches,” which is something more precise than “Micro-niches.” We will learn about it when the time comes.

 After you have chosen the micro niche in which you will work, go to Click Bank and choose products related to your micro niche…

Since we will rely on free traffic in this method...

 It is time to learn “ SEO ”, which is the thing that will help you rank at the top of search engine results . For reference, I have written a comprehensive guide on SEO and everything you need in order to rank at the top of search engine results. You can read it here: SEO 2024 .

 If you are very interested in the field of SEO, I advise you to follow Ahmed Azza, the link to his website: True SEO .

Now it's time for “Keyword Research,” which is a process in which we search for keywords with little competition that are intended to be high in search engine results.

 There are many tools that will help you in your search for keywords. There are free tools and there are others that are paid . : Free, but important features are paid

ubersuggest : 100% free

Kwfinder : Paid, but can be used for free after daily searches

Semrush : Paid, but can be used for free after daily research

Keyword Planner : 100% free

 Always enter the name of the product you want to market + the word “Review”.

For example, the marketer’s website is a website specialized in the field of electronic marketing, so I will market a product in the same specialty as my specialty. Let’s say I chose “CB University.” So what I will search for is: CB University Review .

 Why the word “review” exactly?

 Simply because the customer got an idea about the product and only needs to read a review of the product before purchasing it... 

 If you are a Google Chrome user, I advise you to use this application “ Keywords Everywhere ”, as it facilitates the process of “Keyword Research”.

 As you can see, the word “clickbank university review” is an easy word to compete with and searches for it reach more than 450 monthly searches.

Kw research clickbank

 The word easy to compete means: less than 0.20 in “Comp”. Medium word competition: between 0.20 and 0.80 in “Comp.” Highly competitive word: Above 0.80 in “Comp.”

 So how will I convert my profits from three daily figures to four figures through free traffic from search engines?

 In fact, it is difficult because the “Scale” process is carried out only through the horizontal method, or what is called

 “Scale horizontally”. What I mean by “ Scale horizontally ” in the field of affiliate marketing through free traffic is as follows:

Create many articles for many products in your post.

Create more backlinks in order to be at the top of the search results.

Expansion in search engines, instead of targeting only Google, targeted Bing, Yandex...

Trying to create a “Pop-Up” in order to obtain visitors’ emails and convert them into buyers.

Create multiple blogs in different platforms.

 With these five methods and mastering SEO day after day by learning from the largest experts in the field of SEO, you will be able to achieve more than 3 figures a day from the Click Bank platform only through free traffic, and this applies to all other platforms such as Amazon Affiliate , “CJ Affiliate” and others. Affiliate companies .

2- Create a mailing list:

 In this paragraph, we will talk about the paid methods that will earn you thousands of dollars daily from Click Bank, and I learned this method from “ Charles Ngo ” personally.

 From my humble experience in the field of e-marketing and my meeting with some beginners, I always see that beginners have a fear of losing $15 in an email marketing program such as “ Getresponse ” or a landing page creation program such as “ LeadPages ” or “ Click Funnels

 ” ... I see them trying to get a free domain, an activated program...

 no problem!


 As soon as you start making your first profits, start investing in yourself “buying courses, attending forums”, start investing in your tools...

 It does not make sense that you want to make $1000 a day with Blogger or without purchasing a tracking program and creating advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook Ads .

 Let us now get to the heart of the matter...

The problem of beginners in most cases is creating ads on Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Google Ads and transferring the traffic directly to the Click Bank display page. In the end, the person does a “refresh” for his account on Click Bank and waits to find 100 sales, but the reality is He finds $0 waiting for him. 

Marketing ClickBank products for beginners

 Now I will show you two methods. If you use them wisely, you will achieve wealth. But if you are like the rest of us who watch but do not apply, then do not blame me tomorrow for not providing the information for free, even though what you have read and what you will read has cost me a lot of time and money so that I can give it to you on a silver platter. As for the first method, which is a method used by all professionals in order to market ClickBank products:

 The method is somewhat similar to the method used by beginners, but instead of sending traffic from Google and Facebook Ads, we will send them to the “Squeeze Page” and then directly to the offer page.

 The purpose of this method is not to obtain direct conversions, but rather what we focus on is collecting the emails of targeted customers with great care.

 Do you remember, I wanted to market a product called “Click Bank University”, here is what I will do:

  1- I will create an account on: “ GetResponse ”:

I do not care which platform you use, whether it is “ Aweber ” or “ infusionsoft ”. ​​All I have to do is try it . “ GetResponse ” and I loved it. It is a comprehensive program and enables me to create landing pages and “Squeeze Pages” without the need for an additional program, and its “Api” is supported everywhere.

 2- After you create an account, go to: “ Landing Pages ”:

Getresponse Clickbank with mosawi9

 After you click on the “Create Landing Page” option, you will find many ready-made templates. Choose what suits you according to the niche you chose...

 Since I chose to promote the “Click Bank University” product, then I want to search for potential clients interested in the field of electronic marketing, so I will choose this. The template, although I prefer to create one from scratch, “the option to create a page from scratch is available.”

The comprehensive guide to making a profit from Click Bank in 2024

 As for the name, no problem. Put any name by which you remember your “Squeeze Page”.

Now, let's think a little: “Click Bank University” is a course for people who want to sell their products on Click Bank...

So in order for me to get the emails of targeted customers, the bait must be tailored to them.

Most often, the bait is “E-book” or “Mini course”.


Focus on making the taste specifically for them. For example, I want to market a product specifically for “Product Creation” owners. Should I not give them a book about Forex or weight loss?

 As for how to create a bait, it is not difficult. All you will need is to go to one of the articles related to the bait you have chosen. Copy the article and edit it in “ebook” format, then congratulations, you have created your own bait.

However, do not forget to modify the article a little and add your own logo to show that you are a brand.

 Well, after I created my “E-book”, it was time to get some targeted emails…

 I finished the “Squeeze page”, which looks like this:


 Now all I need to do is set up an “Auto-responder” and a “Thank you Page”.

  “Auto-Responder”: We will need it in order to send the book after the person enters his email. “Thank you Page”: We will need it in order to inform the customer that his book has been sent and promote the Clickbank product at the same time.

 Here is the “Thank you page” page that I created. It is true that it is not professional, but it brings conversions. The goal of this is not to obtain direct conversions, but rather all that matters to us is obtaining the email of our potential clients.

Create a landing page for ClickBank

 After you finish creating the “Squeeze Page” and “Thank you Page,” do “Save.”

 Note: Do not forget to prepare your pages for mobile phones so that they are “Responsive” compatible.

Clickbank and getresponse

 After you save the page, you must prepare the page data “Title”, “Description”...

Create a landing page for ClickBank

 “frombook” is the name of the “List” to which I will add subscribers from the landing page, so remember it well because we will use it a lot.

Now all you have to do is “Publish” and congratulations on your landing page.

After you have set up the landing page, what you must do is set up your “Auto-Responder”…

Getresponse auto responder

 After you create your “Create Auto-Responder” you must fill it with the information you need for everything to work well...


 As for the message that he will receive, it is as follows. You can copy and modify it, or you can create one of your own. The important thing is to say to him: Thank you for visiting [your brand]. You can download the book via the link […]

 Hi Yassine

Congrats and thank you for reserving a complimentary copy of my new book Digital product blueprint

Click here to download your copy of my new book Digital product blueprint

 In it, you'll find all my tips, strategies and secrets to Turn Your Knowledge, Passion Or Expertise Into Information Products You Can Sell Online, this book contains information you won't find anywhere else

 We hope that the message has been received and that you have understood the role of “Auto-Responder”, as it is only for sending an email to every person who registers on the landing page that we have created.

If there are complications, I apologize. I am here trying to make a guide on making a profit from Click Bank and not explaining marketing via email. Therefore, you can search on YouTube about “ Getresponse ” and how to use it, because if I continue explaining, this guide will become a book and we will not finish explaining marketing via email. Email.

 I promise that I will conduct a course on electronic marketing on our YouTube channel in which we will explain all of this in detail. Until then, try to search for the method from other sources, as there are thousands of videos on YouTube.

 Now let us explain something called “Sequence”. I know that most of you know what it is, but let us explain it to beginners so that it is fair in this competition? Before I start explaining, allow me to give you an example so you can understand the matter: Let’s say you are a new follower of the marketer’s website and I tell you to buy a course.

 Will you buy?

 Of course not, but maybe you'd be stupid and buy?

 Let's say that we provided you with good content that would benefit you in your work, then we told you to buy this course or use this program.

Will you buy?

Your probability of buying is 10%.

 Let's say we taught you for free a method by which you can earn more than $1,000 a month and it worked for you, and then we told you to buy a specific course.

 Will you buy?

 Of course yes, because we offered you something that worked for you and your purchase rate from us is 100%. God knows if you are stingy and do not want to develop your business.

 The same thing you should use in your marketing of Click Bank products. I hope you got the idea. So I tell you, choose a field in which you understand and can help people.


Are we going to do this manually?

You can, but it will take a lifetime to get 10 clients the traditional way of emailing each person individually.

In return, we will use “Sequence,” which are emails that we programmed to reach all subscribers to our mailing list, “the customers we obtained from our landing page.” These emails will reach subscribers to the list automatically, and every newly subscribed person will receive the same cycle of emails.

 The beautiful thing about “Sequence” is that the customer thinks that you are sending it specifically to him and then you become his role model over time.

 So how are we going to create our own “Sequence”?

It's easy. We'll go to Getresponse again?

Go to “ Automation ”, do “ Create Workflow ”, then “Build from scratch”.


 Now it's time to prepare our “Sequence”…

Getresponse + clickbank

There are many forms that you can use to build a professional “….” For example, there are options that tell the program if it buys, send an email 1 or send an email 2 if it does not buy… “If/Else”

 I think the programmers understand what I mean?

 But now we do not have a Shopify store so we can check the details of whether he bought or not. All we can know is whether he clicked or not.

 In conclusion, all of this does not matter if we want to market our own brand and Click Bank products.


 Now you have finished all the steps!

 Maybe you didn't understand what I did, so let me explain it to you.

 First, I told the “Getresponse” robot that we will work on a “List” called “frombook,” meaning that every person who joins the list, automatic email messages will begin to reach him without my intervention.

 Second: I told him to wait a day for each new subscriber to join, then send him an email that I wrote.

 Third: The same matter waits for another day and another email is sent to him.

 As time passes, I add new emails to the robot so that it can send them automatically without my intervention.

The bottom line is that after I finished this matter, you can find me on another continent, just making an advertisement on Facebook Ads and Google Ads, and the profits enter me automatically.


Is it that easy?

Yes but!!!

After I explained all this to you, do you think that you will gain anything after applying what I explained?

Mostly, no.

Not because you are bad or a beginner, just that there is a difference in the emails that Marketer No. 1 and Marketer No. 2 will send.

Sorry, I cannot explain to you what you should write because it is related to the field you have chosen.

On the other hand, if you subscribe to the mailing list of the marketer’s website, you will have received emails from me...

Here's what you should do: For email number 1 , you should introduce yourself who you are and how you can help the customer.

As for other emails, they should be about advice that makes the customer trust you, whether sending him to your blog so he can read things that benefit him in the field, or just short tips in the emails.

After 5 emails: You will continue to provide him with useful, important videos in his field, but at the same time you will recommend Click Bank products at the bottom of each email.

Now the customer has begun to trust you, but beware of sending one product after another and he will make a “Subscribe” from your list because in the end he does not care about you, but rather he is only interested in the advice you provide him.

In return, keep giving him advice, send him to your Facebook page at the same time, send him Click Bank products.

Important point ⚠️⚠️: Never send the customer bad Clickbank products, otherwise you will destroy everything. Always review the product, try it, and if it is good, send it to the customer. You should know that two sales a day are enough to make $100 a day, so do not destroy his trust in you because of a product... He may buy that product, but as soon as he discovers that it is bad, you are sure that he will not buy from you again.

In conclusion, if you do not achieve sales, no problem, do “A/B testing”, which is a stage in which you try many “Email sequences” until you find the emails that achieve results for you, and here the importance of doing “Copywriting” appears, which is the art of writing that makes the marketer 1 achieve $100 per day and marketer 2 who makes $1000 per day.

How do I learn “Copywriting?” The method is easy to read books and apply. After that, you do “A/B testing” for the messages that worked for you and the messages that failed, then you do an analysis of why email 1 succeeded and number 2 did not...

After a year of experience and analysis, I swear to you that you will become a professional marketer and why not become a “Paid consultant” that companies will compete for in the future.

The best books that we recommend for professional “Copywriting”: – Expert Secrets – The Ultimate Sales Letter – Cashvertising – Tested advertising methods – How to Write a Good Advertisement .

Sorry, I wanted to go into depth with you about emails and how to create a professional “sequence”, but I cannot in this guide, as it is for Click Bank and not for email marketing. On the other hand, I promise that in the near future we will conduct a comprehensive course on our YouTube channel in which we explain email marketing step by step...


Are you going to wait that long?

If you wait, know that you are a failure and will not achieve any profits, neither from Click Bank nor from any other field. Go and search for books, videos on YouTube, and Udemy courses. There you will find everything and you will not need either the marketer’s website or any other site.

 So far we have created everything but all we have done is create “toboggan” in “Aquatic Park” but we need someone to go through it from beginning to end.

Aquatic Park

 In conclusion, we need traffic! As for how to get traffic, there are many ways... Method No. 1: Get traffic via free search engines and get “Subscribers” via “Pop-Up”. You can use “ Mailmunch ” and link it to “ Getresponse ”. You will find many explanations in YouTube.

Method No. 2: Advertising on Facebook or Google Ads and directing them to the landing page that we created, and this is actually what I prefer.

Do you remember, I want to market the “ Clickbank University ” product, meaning that the people I target must be interested in creating their own courses or their own book. In summary, the target audience is the owners of “Product Creation”.

 There are many “Options” that I can choose for this audience in “Targeting”.

You will also find many targets, so try to try each one in a special “Adset” and make each “Adset” its own landing page so that you can know which campaign is successful.

 Depending on the type of campaign, do “traffic” or what some call it “CPC”.

Facebook Ads for Clickbank

Here is what I chose to target and I will explain to you why...

First, every person who knows Click Bank has two options: either he is selling his courses on Click Bank and wants to learn how to sell more, or he is an affiliate and dreams of selling his products instead of doing the job as a affiliate all his life...

As for those who do not know “Russell Brunson,” he is the founder of the “ ClickFunnels ” platform, which is a platform like Shopify, but it is primarily for people who want to sell their courses or e-books.

There are also several targets that I can try: Clickbank + Teachable Teachable + Russel Brunson Thinkific + Clickbank Thinkific + Russell Brunson Thinkific + Teachable Kajabi + Clickbank Clickbank + Kajabi + Teachable ….

As you can see, there are many options that I can try, and here the difference between one marketer and another appears. There are those to whom I will give the same product, but they will not know who they are targeting...

 Why do I always choose two targets at the same time?

 Simply to ensure that whoever sees my ad is very interested!!

 When it comes to creating ads, there is a difference between one marketer and another. Unfortunately, there is no magic recipe that I can give you.

 All I can tell you is that we try many ads until we find the successful ones.

 Provided that you implement everything I mentioned and try many ads with many landing pages and many emails...

By the way, what if I told you that you could apply everything we explained through Facebook Messenger and reap double profits?

What if I told you that I did a course on Messenger from scratch so that you could master it?

What if I told you that this course is free and that if you apply what it contains, you will make a fortune?

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 What I have read so far is enough to achieve more than 5 sales per day, which means more than $100 every day.

All I will guarantee you is that everything you have read so far is more than enough to achieve more than $100 a day just from applying what I mentioned, not to mention your creative touch in the field. I am confident that each one of us has his own touch, so I ask you to join our group “Gathered.” “Marketer” in order to share our creative touches and paint an unparalleled artistic painting.

 Yes, believe it or not, the free traffic method that I explained has earned many of my friends amounts exceeding $500 per day. You can ask the best marketers in this field about the guide I provided to you today. As for the second method, it depends on the number of emails that I collected. I remember that someone wrote to me that he was making more than $6,000 per month just from the 1,100 people on his mailing list...

 Now I will share with you a somewhat advanced method through which you will be able to achieve more than $1000 per day.

 Unfortunately, the method that I will explain now will not work for everyone, as as I said, it is somewhat advanced, so if you are a beginner, know that everything you have read is enough to make a profit from Click Bank.

 The method is called “Tripwire,” but I call it the bait technique .

 Bait technology for profit from ClickBank, presented by the marketer website.

 The bait technique is a technique based on “Funnels”. I will explain all this in detail...

 First, why do we need to use bait technology?

 Isn't it enough that we get the customer's email?

 In fact, obtaining a customer’s email is not enough to achieve profits. In your list, you will find 1,500 people, and only 100 people are buying. As for the rest, they are interested but do not have money or do not know how to buy from the Internet via “Credit Card” or PayPal.

 Therefore, as marketers, it was necessary to find a solution to this problem, which reduces our profits and makes us waste time with customers who are not able to purchase for reasons we do not know.

 One day, two marketers came to solve this problem: Ryan Deiss and Russell Brunson.

 Ryan Deiss : He is the founder of the “ Digital Marketer ” website, whose revenues exceed 7 figures annually.

 Russell Brunson : He is the founder of the “ Click Funnels ” platform, and his profits have exceeded 8 figures annually.

 Here's what they discovered...

 As everyone knows, the “Digital Marketer” website is the #1 source of information for all marketers in the world, where you will find everything you need in your business from free information in their blog and paid courses. One day, “Ryan Deiss” was doing the same method that I explained to you: he would bring traffic from advertisements for the “Squeeze page” and then sell his courses via e-mail. The price of subscribing to his courses was $47 per month.

 According to what he says, his company’s profits were increasing month after month, but he was not satisfied with those profits, as only 6% of the subscribers to his list that he compiled were those who bought…

 He decided to use the bait method, which is as follows:

 Instead of bringing traffic from Facebook ads to the “Squeeze Page” in order to get their emails, he created ads for the “Landing Page.”

 On this page, he set his courses at $7 for the first month instead of $47. He was surprised to find that his conversion rate increased by 800%, and at the same time he received an email from every person who subscribed.

 After the first month, he noticed that 40% of those who signed up for the course at a price of $7 paid $47 in the following months. He also sent the rest emails in the form of “Sequence,” sold them many courses, and promoted the “T&C Summit,” which witnessed a large attendance.

 As for “Russell Brunson,” he was trying to promote his product, “Clickfunnels,” but he always got a customer for $107, knowing that the price of “ Clickfunnels ” is $97, meaning he was in losses. He mentioned that he was making up for the losses with the monthly subscription, but most subscribe. In the first month, he does not complete his subscription for the remaining months, meaning that “ Russell” loses $10 for every client he obtains.

 In the end, he decided to use the bait method, which is as follows:

He first thought to himself, why would they buy his program “ Clickfunnels ” when they do not know anything about “Funnels?” All they know is creating a traditional website...

 He decided to share his message with the world that “Clickfunnels” is the solution to all their problems, through two books, “ Dotcom Secrets ” and “ Expert Secrets .” In fact, I advise everyone to read these two books because they will help you double your profits.

 In order to convince people to buy his book, he sold it for free in exchange for them paying the “shipping” price, which does not exceed $8 for American residents and $12 for those outside America.

 Its taste was simply “Free + Shipping.” But what the book contains is that “ Clickfunnels ” is the solution to all your problems, ways to use it, and a way to make your first million. In the two books you will find a treasure trove of information worth thousands of dollars. The purpose of all this is to convince you that “Funnels” is the future and that the “ Clickfunnels ” platform is the platform that will help you...

 Russell Brunson sold the two books to more than a million people, and thus his message reached more than a million people. After that, 20% of those who bought the book subscribed to ClickFunnel and paid $97 per month.

 Well, how will all this benefit me in selling Clickbank products ⚠️ ⚠️ ...

  There are several goals of using the baiting technique:

1- You will attract an interested audience who has money at the same time, meaning you do not have to waste your time with an interested audience without money.

2- You will use the fan to promote Click Bank products after your taste, which should not cost more than $10, is consumed.

3- Will you get emails from interested customers and have money in the end?

 Before all this, can you watch this video until the end because it will help you a lot in understanding...

 As you saw in the video, “Russell” created “Funnel” in order to market the book “Money: Master The Game” by the famous “Tony Robbins”.

But the secret in these “funnels” is the “Upsell” that is done after you buy the book “The Bait” ​​in the beginning...

 After you purchase the book, the first page will take you to the second page, where it tells you that there is a copy of its program for free, but after that you will enter a monthly subscription worth $99.

On the third page, he displays his package at a price of $297 instead of $891.

The bottom line is that the customer came in to buy a free book and left the van by paying more than $1000 .

 This is called the “Tripwire” bait technique!!!

But, how will this benefit me in promoting Clickbank products?

 Here's the thing. I want you to create “E-Books”, a simple program, or a small course...

 Sell ​​it through “ Clickfunnels ” for $7. Regarding payment methods, it does not matter what you use, whether “Paypal” or “Stripe”...

 Please do not come in the comments or in messages asking me how to open a PayPal or “Stripe” account because I will not answer you. Everything is on YouTube and there are “Blackhat” methods in order to open a “Stripe” account in the Arab countries. Search for it or search for your relatives in European or American countries in order to open it, this is what I am doing...

 After you create your landing page in “ Clickfunnels ”, use “Funnels” in order to pass the customer from one page to another...

 As we mentioned, your book or bait will be available for a small price on the first page of the flannel.

 On the second page, place a Clickbank product whose price does not exceed $45 and create a video explaining how to use it and why it is important.

 On the third page, choose a product that costs more than $100 and convince him that it will change his life. “Rely on your creativity.”

 You can create as many pages in your Funnels, no problem.

 Explaining all of this in this guide will take me a month, so watch this video...

 It's like I said at the beginning, it all depends on experience:

 Try thousands of landing pages, try thousands of pages, try, try...

 When you find successful “Funnels”, be sure that $1000 a day will become a simple matter for you. All it is is a matter of traffic. You enter a tunnel and come out with money.

 Even if you can't get a customer to go through all of your funnel pages, no problem, you've got their email.

 Send him a message every day and try every day to convince him and return him to the pages where he stopped converting.

 It's not simple, but it's not complicated at the same time...

 These things that you did today can be applied in all fields, whether in the field of drop shipping, affiliate marketing, CPA companies, Click Bank...

 All I can guarantee you is that up to now you have read something that you will not find in either Arabic content or foreign content...

 The information has been provided and the rest is up to you...

 If you have any questions or inquiries, please put them in the comment and I will try to answer them...

All I ask of you is to share this article with someone who you think might change their life because of this article?

My greetings to you and I wish you success in your career.

Also, do not forget that Click Bank is a platform like other platforms, so you can use this guide to promote any affiliate company , whether it is “Jvzoo, CJ...”