The best website hosting in 2024

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Hosting is the basis on which any website is built. If there is good hosting, this means that your site will load quickly and will not be picked up by certain categories. It will also bear a large number of visitors daily, so website hosting is the main thing that should be focused on. Every marketer and programmer should do this before building their website. In today’s topic, we will try to shorten the path for you and share with you the best server or hosting for your website in the year 2024.

 You should know that the best platform for managing reality is WordPress . This platform is uploaded to a hosting, and the stronger the hosting and compatible with WordPress, the better and better the performance of your site.  

In the field of e-marketing, site speed is considered the #1 factor in obtaining higher sales if you have one. Also in the field of SEO, site speed is considered one of the most important factors in order to be at the top of search results.  

As everyone knows, the #1 factor in website speed is the hosting that one uses.

Best website hosting this year according to global voting:

Before you start reviewing all the hosting and learning about all its pros and cons, let us first get to know the best hosting now according to the global vote, based on many criteria, including the strength of the hosting and the appropriate price.

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The most popular hosting

Bluehos t

Bluehost hosting is considered the most popular hosting because of its strength and reasonable price. Not only that, Bluehost hosting has the best technical support you will ever find, so that it solves all your problems via chat without any interference from you.

By the way, if you do not have hosting yet, Bluehost will be the best for you regardless of your needs, whether it is creating a regular website or an online store .

Today, for a very limited time, you can benefit from Bluehost hosting for one year + a free domain of your choice for only $35 instead of $89.

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Cheapest hosting


Hostinger hosting is considered one of the oldest hosts in the world and has been ranked every year among the best hosts in the world. The nice thing about Hostinger hosting is that it supports beginners and provides them with all the tools. Not only that, but the nice thing about Hostinger hosting is that its price starts at less than a dollar and all of this is to encourage you to start your website or Your own project.

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 In this guide, we have chosen for you the best website hosting for the year 2024 , according to many factors, the most important of which are:

Speed ​​and strength of hosting.

Hosting price.

Hosting capacity, in order to handle a huge amount of traffic.

Our personal experience.

Hosting technical support.

Full compatibility with WordPress.

These were the results:

An important point: If you are using the phone, please turn it over so that the table shows you well...

Ranking Web hosting The price technical support Duration the speed Evaluation

1 BlueHost $2.75/month 10/10 <99.99% 419ms ★★★★★

2 Hostinger $2.15/month 9.8/10 99.96% 462ms ★★★★★

3 SiteGround $3.95/month 9.7/10 99.99% 722ms ★★★★

4 A2 Hosting $3.92/month 9.8/10 99.90% 413ms ★★★★

5 iPage $1.99/month 9/10 99.98% 868ms ★★★★

6 GoDaddy $2.49/month 9/10 99.96% 395ms ★★★★

7 MDDHosting $3.50/month 9/10 99.94% 403ms ★★★★

8 InMotion $6.39/month 9/10 99.91% 751ms ★★★

9 HostGator $2.99/month 8/10 99.80% 438ms ★★★

10 FastComet $2.95/month 8/10 99.98% 1082ms ★★★

11 HostingBuzz $4.95/month 10/10 99.95% 577ms ★★★

12 ASmallOrange $4.16/month 9/10 99.98% 757ms ★★★

13 Site5 Hosting $6.95/month 9/10 99.97% 743ms ★★★

14 GreenGeeks $3.95/month 9/10 99.92% 569ms ★★★

15 HostingHub $4.99/month 7/10 99.96% 726ms ★★★

16 LunarPages $9.95/month 7/10 99.95% 759ms ★★★

17 HostGator mo/$2.75 8/10 99.97% 991ms ★★

18 HostRocket $5.99/month 8/10 99.97% 1059ms ★★

19 JustHost $3.49/month 7/10 99.98% 1226ms ★★

20 HostPapa $3.95/month 9/10 99.97% 1181ms ★★

21 DreamHost $7.95/month 8/10 99.90% 849ms ★★

22 $2.45/month 8/10 99.33% 676ms ★★

23 HostMonster $4.95/month 8/10 99.94% 1036ms ★

24 Hosting24 $2.15/month 9/10 99.95% 1074ms ★

25 MidPhase $3.48/month 9/10 99.97% 1167ms ★

26 HostNine $8.29/month 8/10 99.66% 785ms ★

27 WestHost $4.00/month 7/10 99.83% 922ms ★

28 FatCow $4.00/month 8/10 99.93% 1347ms ★

29 IxWebHosting $3.95/month 7/10 98.67% 913ms ★

30 NameCheap $2.88/month 7/10 99.87% 1124ms ★

31 HostMetro $2.95/month 8/10 99.51% 1931ms ★

32 Arvixe $7.00/month 7/10 99.60% 5702ms ★

33 HostingPad $1.99/month 8/10 93.96% 1568ms ★

 Yes, BlueHost hosting is considered the best hosting in terms of power and speed, and I cannot hide from you that their support is definitely one of the best I have seen in my life after Shopify support ?

Good, after we got to know the best hosting, we must now address the details. You cannot use “Shared Hosting” to create a WooCommerce store , and it is not preferable to use store hosting for a site that brings more than 1,000,000 visits per month. “ I am talking about people who work in the field. ” AdSense Arbitrage and Affiliate Marketing .”

Therefore, we will guide you about the best host for each field.

Before starting, if you are one of the owners of freebies or are looking for free hosting in order to make a million dollars, this site is not for you. Here we share with you what works and what you must do in order to achieve good results, so you must invest in yourself and the equipment you need. At work because it will earn you good profits and reduce your time.

Since you are a visitor to the marketer’s website , you can get a 75% discount on the value of Bluehost hosting in addition to a free domain from here . With a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service!

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The best hosting for creating blogs:

 If you want to create a blog in order to work in the field of affiliate marketing through SEO , you must know that your blog will not exceed more than 100,000 visitors per month, and there will not be a lot of pressure on your blog for visits, so the best hosting that I advise you is “Shared Hosting,” as it is very Cheap and Bluehost offers you a “free .com domain” and what is even better is unlimited  traffic (meaning your blog can reach more than 800,000 or more per month without problems).

 The price of hosting is $2.95 per month: Basic Hosting

The best hosting for creating an online store:

 To be frank with you, if you want to create an online store, I advise you to use the Shopify platform , as it is equipped with everything you need in order to create your online store and it is the best platform for the year 2024.

 But if you want to create a store according to your style and modify it as you want, it is preferable to use the platform WooCommerce is an add-on that is loaded into the WordPress platform. In this case, you will need a host, unlike Shopify , which provides you with hosting.

 You should know that it is not wise to use a host specifically for blogging in an online store because you will be exposed to some tensions at the hosting level. Therefore, we advise you to use a host that has been programmed to host online stores, and this is what the Bluehost platform offers you.

As I mentioned, BlueHost provides you with a dedicated host for WooCommerce stores. This means that your store will be very compatible with the hosting, which will lead to faster loading of the site, and this will reflect positively on your store’s sales. It also provides you with a “free domain” and some purchasing vouchers of up to $100 in order to run advertising campaigns on various platforms such as “Google Adwords, Bing Ads...”

The hosting price is $2.95 per month: Woocomerce Hosting

The best hosting for viral sites and landing pages:

 You should know that people who work in the field of affiliate marketing (CPA) can sometimes have more than 500,000 traffic per day, and this cannot be borne by “Shared Hosting” or anything like that, and the field of affiliate marketing requires a page. It drops faster than lightning, so you must use a “VPS” if you are going to work in the field of viral or affiliate marketing because the amount of traffic you bring in is huge! 

In fact, Bluehost offers you the best and cheapest “VPS” compared to other platforms, as its price does not exceed $19.00, but if you receive many visits per day and want more speed, I advise you to use the “VPS” that costs $59.00 because it is the best. You can start with “Shared Hosting” in the beginning, but once you get profits and great traffic, you must use “VPS” in order to double your profits! For more details: BlueHost Vps This was the best web hosting for the year 2024, as we shortened the path for you without you having to try many platforms, but if you have another opinion, you can ask it in the comments so that we can discuss the matter.

Since you are a visitor to the marketer’s website, you can get a 75% discount on the value of Bluehost hosting in addition to a free domain from here . With a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service!

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