The best 3 ways to profit from affiliate marketing in 2024

Created on 4 April, 2024 • 29 views • 21 minutes read

Frankly, I miss you and writing on the marketer’s website . I stopped doing that throughout the previous year due to working and finding new strategies and developing them.

Therefore, I decided today to create an article that is out of the ordinary. Today’s article will make you achieve your first profits from affiliate marketing in general and affiliate marketing (SBIY) in particular. I will share 3 strategies that you can copy and apply with you, and they will achieve results for you directly, God willing!

So make sure you read each line carefully and bring a pen and paper with you to write down the information I'm going to share with you today!

The three strategies that I will share with you today will enable you to market 3 different offers in the field of SBI, which are as follows:

Pin-Submit Offers.

VPN CPI offers.

Sweepstakes Offers.

You may already know these offers and how they operate, but there is a high probability that you are a beginner in the field of affiliate marketing and do not know anything about it, so do not worry, today I will share with you all the information you need to know in order to start and achieve your first results from affiliate marketing.

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But before I discuss anything with you, I must first explain to you what Saby offers are, how they work, and what is the difference between them and affiliate marketing in general.

To make it easier for me to explain, I will first explain to you what affiliate marketing is!

Imagine with me a person who owns a specific product that costs $20 and wants to sell it. Let’s say that the costs of producing that product are $10, so the net profit for the person is $10...

So this person will go to the marketers and tell them that if anyone can sell this product, he will get $5!

 Therefore, you, as a marketer, will take that product, search for buyers, sell it, and get $5 from each sale! 

In summary, this is the field of affiliate marketing, in that you are considered only an intermediary, and what I love about the field of affiliate marketing is that your role ends as soon as you connect the seller from the buyer and take your commission, and you are not obligated to provide any support to the customer, as that is the responsibility of the seller!

In logic, affiliate marketing = affiliate marketing.

But most marketers call the concept of affiliate marketing to every process in which a specific thing is sold, such as affiliate marketing on Amazon or Noon Affiliate ...

So, with affiliate marketing in the new concept of marketers: you will only get a commission when you sell a specific product, whether it is tangible. The most famous platforms that you can deal with in tangible products are like Amazon Affiliate or virtual products, as the Click Bank platform is considered the most famous one in this field!

On the other hand, in the field of spying, it is not necessary to sell anything. You can make profits only by bringing in different conversions, such as (downloading a specific program, completing a form, entering an email...) and all of these types of offers are easy to complete and easy to convince the customer, so every beginner prefers to specialize in The field of selling instead of affiliate marketing (selling a specific product).

This is why you find that there are those who specialize in the field of captivity, and you find them working only in the field of: 

Install Per Cost = CPI: In this case, the marketer receives a commission only if he is able to convince the customer to download a specific application, game or program. 

Sale Per Cost = CPS: In this case, the marketer receives a commission only if he is able to convince the customer to buy a specific product.

Lead Per Cost = CPL: In this case, the marketer only gets a commission if he is able to convince the customer to complete a certain form or answer certain questions... 

The more difficult the task, the more commission you get! Therefore, you find that CPS sales offers are the ones that pay the largest commission, and it may reach hundreds of dollars, if not thousands of dollars, sometimes as a commission on every sale you make! 

On the other hand, we find that CPL or CPI offers are the easiest, as you only bring a customer to enter his email or download a specific application, so we find that the commission you get ranges only between $1 and $5...

a summary: 


Hard show = $$$

Today's article we will focus on CPA offers , especially (CPI and CPL), because they are very easy offers and any beginner can make profits from them!

Now let's get down to what's important!

The first thing we will start with are Pin Submit offers, so I will explain to you how they work, what their purpose is, and how you can make a fortune through them using the strategy that I will explain to you!

Note : Today’s article is an educational note, as we will share with you what works and what marketers make wealth with. Therefore, any use of what will be shared with you in illegal matters, you will bear full responsibility, and we have nothing to do with that!

What are Pin Submit offers?

In summary, they are offers that require the customer to enter his phone number and activate the offer by entering the code that you receive in SMS, in order to benefit from a specific service or download a specific thing!

In most cases, credit is deducted from the customer’s phone in exchange for this service, which has a monthly subscription, and the customer can stop it at the time he wants!

With Pin Submit offers, we have made a lot of money, and these types of offers do not have to be something that is useless and does not provide benefit to the customer. The best example of this is one of the Pin Submit offers that was in Saudi Arabia, whereby it pays us $2.9 for each transfer and all that is on the customer. All he has to do is enter his phone number and activate an SMS code in exchange for receiving job offers in Saudi Arabia before everyone else!

In this case, the customer is a beneficiary, the owner of the offer is a beneficiary, and we are also beneficiaries. Therefore, I tell you that the scam does not have to be immoral, but rather what makes the scam ethical or immoral is the offers you promote and how you promote these offers!

Now you will tell me this is good, but how can I promote these offers?

An excellent question, because in this article I will not only share with you what is theoretical, but I will show you the complete strategies, and all you have to do is copy and paste them so that you too can achieve your first profits in this field!

We must first agree that the best traffic source for attracting visitors remains Facebook Ads, followed by Google Ads. They control 90% of the world’s traffic, and the quality of their visitors is very high!

The problem with both Google Ads and Facebook Ads is that it is strict and does not like you to market these types directly on its platform, so it is preferable to use a landing page so that it is the intermediary and is the one that allows you to directly increase the conversion rate!

Let's say that normal marketing is as follows: Traffic from Facebook Ads > Spy offer =$$

But this is somewhat different in Facebook Ads, since it is not a platform that directly supports affiliate marketing, so marketers like us use landing pages, so that modern marketing becomes as follows:

Traffic source (Facebook Ads) > Landing page > SBI offers = $$$

The mission of the landing page is to convince the customer and mention the advantages of the offer so that the conversion rate is extremely high. If you previously worked in the field of sales, you already know that there are offers that do not bring any conversion unless you use the appropriate landing page for them!

Therefore, you find that all types of spay offers need a specific landing page to bring in profits. You cannot use the same landing page with all types of spay offers because this will make you achieve miserable failure!

After we know Pin Submit offers and how they work, we must now know the best landing pages suitable for these types of offers...

Frankly, the best page I like for this type of offer that achieves real results is the “Pin Submit” download page, which works as follows:

The best 3 ways to profit from affiliate marketing in 2024

As you can see, the page is very simple, but it achieves awesome results. It explains to the user exactly what he must do to get what you promised him in the beginning, so that you explain to him the steps he must follow in order to get what you promised him, and you also get your commission!

Pin Submit offers often require entering the customer’s phone number and activating the offer via an SMS code that he will receive. If we want to detail it for the breadwinner, the steps will be as follows:

Step 1: Click on the button to go to the SBI display page.

Step 2: Enter his phone number.

Step 3: Check his phone so you know he will receive a code.

Step 4: Enter the code you received on the offer page!

As you can see, this landing page shortens the path for the customer and increases your conversion rate to the maximum extent. You can also use it to promote various Pin-Submit offers. All you, as a marketer, have to do is inform them of what they will get in your ad, and the landing page will take care of the rest for you!

Have you seen with me that marketing Al-Sabai offers is not a complicated matter as most marketers explain it to you? You should know that everyone who believes that you have a specific field of explanation, know that he does not understand anything and is trying to hide that by complicating matters!

But for me, the reason is very simple, and I can summarize it in this phrase: the right traffic source + the right landing page + the right offer = $$$.

Next comes the process of improving the campaign through Split Test, but this process only helps increase profits!

The important thing is that I hope I have detailed for you how Pin-Submit offers work and the appropriate landing page for this type of offer!

In general, if you do not understand anything specific about this, just leave your comment below this article and I will detail things for you more and more because I want to create a comprehensive guide that explains everything to you so that every beginner can make his first profits from captivity. I am tired of the poor quality of information. Which is explained in the Arab world!

After we learned about the Pin Submit offers and how you can make profits through them, let us now go through the CPI offers, especially the VPN offers.

VPN CPI offers.

As we learned in the introduction to this article, CPI offers are offers that ask you to bring conversions, which consist of paying you in exchange for the customer downloading a specific application. These offers are somewhat easy, but the difficulty lies in convincing the customer to download that thing so that you can do terrible scaling in a period of time. Brief!

Therefore, among all these offers in the field of CPI, the one that I am most comfortable with and that gives me the ability to do awesome scaling so that I can target everyone is the Antivirus and VPN offers, but I prefer the most to work in VPN offers because I often rely on Native Ads, which bring good conversions. For VPN offers.

VPN offers are divided into two parts:

The first type: You are paid for the client's download of the VPN.

The second type: It pays you a certain percentage when the customer purchases a VPN.

Most marketers prefer the first type because all they have to do is bring the customer to download the VPN and they get their commission, which ranges from $1 to $3, but I personally prefer the second type more because I get 75% of the value of the customer’s purchase and I also get Recurring Commissions, meaning the longer the person stays By subscribing to a VPN I keep getting my commission permanently.

But if you are a beginner, I advise you to rely on the first type because it is easier, and after you accumulate experience and capital, go for the second type. Also, in this article, I will explain to you a strategy to apply to the second type, so that all you have to do is copy the same strategy and use it!

Update : There are many people who have written to me about the best spay companies to find these types of offers, whether Pin-Submit, VPN, or Sweepstakes offers... The answer is simple: We rely on CPABuild .

Now that we have learned about VPN offers and how they work, we must now know the appropriate landing page for this type of offer. The rule says: “ Do not use the same landing page with all types of offers !”

As for the landing page that I rely on to market VPN offers, it is this page:

The best 3 ways to profit from affiliate marketing in 2024

The page is very simple, but it has simple manipulation to increase the conversion rate to the maximum...

As you know, there are many websites or videos that are banned in some countries, and you will need a VPN for a specific country to watch that website or that content, and this is the main reason for using a VPN.

So what we do personally is we try to search for something specific that is in high demand, such as: “Football matches, UFC matches, movies...”

Therefore, what we do is bring traffic from any platform so that the purpose is to watch “matches, movies...” Then we transfer this traffic to the landing page that appears in the form of a YouTube video , but it cannot be watched because it is from a banned country and he must download a VPN in order to watch it!

The reason that makes this page special is that it brings in terrific conversions, and the conversion rate is very high, especially if what the customer will watch is very important to him, and it is often football and UFC matches that bring high conversions, unlike the movies that he can find on any KaigiBest sites and others. !

The beautiful thing about this page is that it is Evergreen and you can use it in any niche and thus you can do amazing scaling that may earn you 5 figures a day!

As usual, if the strategy is not understood, just leave a comment explaining exactly what you did not understand so that I can dig deeper. As I mentioned, I want this guide to bring you direct profits and not just theoretical talk like everyone does!

After we learned about Pin Submit offers and VPN offers and how you can make profits through them, let us now go through the Sweepstakes offers in order to conclude the article and leave you to start working, applying, and sharing your profits with me!

Sweepstakes Offers.

Sweepstakes offers, or what we call lottery offers, are one of the easiest offers that every affiliate marketer prefers to promote, whether a beginner or a professional, and even the best marketers prefer to do so because as soon as the visitor registers to enter the draw for the gift, you get a transfer!

In most lottery offers, the visitor is not required to pay or register bank account information, as is the case in some of the offers spread during this period, so that all he has to do is enter his personal information to participate in the competition and you get a transfer, but at the same time there are lottery offers that request From the customer to enter his bank card information but it also pays you well!

You may not believe that it is this easy, but it is indeed so, especially if you have the appropriate landing page to market this type of offers, and as usual, you will find all of these offers at CPABuild .

Now that we know what Sweepstakes offers are and how they work, we must now know the appropriate landing page for this type of offer.

The landing page I rely on to market offers for Sweepstakes is this page:

The best 3 ways to profit from affiliate marketing in 2024

As you can see, the page is very distinctive in that you tell the customer that he has won a specific phone, but what is beautiful about this page is that it is multi-use. You can change the prize to whatever you want according to the offer that you are promoting. If you are promoting the “Win ​​an iPhone” offer, you will use an iPhone image. But if you By promoting a Samsung offer, you will use a picture of a Samsung phone!

Not only that, but this page is designed to promote Sweepstakes offers, which also ask the customer to enter his bank card, so that you inform him in advance that he will pay only $1 to win the phone. In this way, you prepare him psychologically and increase your conversion rate to the maximum extent!

Don't worry, with this landing page I will give you a video with all the techniques related to it to promote all types of Sweepstakes offers in a professional way!

You should know that there are sweepstakes offers that pay you about $22 for each person you bring to enter their bank card and $3 for just entering their data. If you were able to use the same landing page and bring people to enter their card, then by only bringing 10 people a day you can achieve $220 🙂

The field of scalping is not an easy field, but it is also not a difficult field, especially if you have the appropriate guidance with the appropriate landing page to promote the appropriate offer. That is why I created this comprehensive guide to show you that you too can make good amounts of money from scalping in a professional and smooth way, so that all you have to do is Copy what I explained to you today and use one of these three strategies!

Now let's discuss the most important point in this equation, which is: the landing page and how you can create it!

A landing page is a page that is mostly programmed in HTML and JavaScript...

If you do not know anything about programming, you can pay a programmer to create it for you according to your request!

The problem with this method is that it is somewhat expensive, as you can pay about $500 to create one page!

If you are a programmer, you can create it yourself. The only problem is that one page can take you weeks to program, and this is bad because speed in our field is the most important thing!

Therefore, in order to save you money and time, we decided today to share with you the three landing pages that we relied on today in this article, and which we rely on every day in order to market SBI offers for free!

Yes, as you heard, for free, but on one condition, which is that you show us your seriousness!

You will say to me: How is that?

As you know, in order to use landing pages and apply what I explained to you today, you need to host (a website) and your own domain!

Don't tell me that you will work on Blogger because Blogger does not support landing pages, and Blogger is only for people who want to live with freebies for life. Know that freebies will not make you achieve what you seek, whether it is changing your life or a million dollars!

If you already have a website ( hosting , domain, and everything), I want you to create a new website that will be 100% designed to work in the field of spyware and apply what I explained to you today, because most of those who apply spyware to their sites do not achieve any results because they do not focus on spyware in Rather, you find that they want to create an online store and the website on the same site, and this will not make you achieve any $$!

On the other hand, when you have a website that you purchased specifically to work in the field of spying, you will give it your full focus on the application, because your conscience will scold you to recover the website’s money and make profits!

So if you want to benefit from all the landing pages that I shared with you today for free, all you have to do is show me that you are serious and that you are a person who really wants to change his life so that I can help you!

In order to show me your seriousness, first make sure you get hosting and a domain, and if you don’t know how to do that, just follow the steps that I will share with you now:

Step 1: Go to Bluehost via this link .

The reason I recommend Bluehost to you is that it is one of the best hosts that we personally use on most of our websites, but the main reason I recommend it is that it supports the spy domain and the use of some landing pages that are prohibited in most hosts!

The reason I emphasize your subscription to our link is for two reasons:

The first reason: is so that we can track that you actually purchased the hosting in order to provide you with landing pages, and this is what we will learn about in the last step!

The second reason: It is for you, so that when you subscribe to our link, you will get a discount, so that you will pay only $59 for a year, instead of $79, you will get a free domain for a year!

Step 2: Choose the Pack that suits you

After going to Bluehost through our link, all you have to do is go to Get started.

The best 3 ways to profit from affiliate marketing in 2024

After that, choose 12 months because the minimum offer on Bluehost is a year, then choose Basic or Plus according to your need!

The best 3 ways to profit from affiliate marketing in 2024

The difference between Basic and Plus is that Plus allows you to create many websites in one hosting while Basic allows you to create one website in your hosting!

In general, if you want to create your website with the aim of working in the field of spyware and applying what I explained to you in this strategy, then Basic is more than enough for you!

Note : In Bluehost, there is something special, which is that whenever you subscribe to an offer for a long period, you get a big discount. Therefore, you always find that when you choose 3 years, there is a very big discount compared to one year.

In our case for explanation, we will choose 12 months with an offer for Basic. After that, we will go to this page to choose the domain name for our website, which Bluehost offers you for free for a year!

As for the domain name, choose what you want. The important thing is that it be short or contain words such as free or generator, because you will need it if you are going to delve into the field of spyware and blocking content. Example of a domain name:

The best 3 ways to profit from affiliate marketing in 2024

After you choose the domain name, it will appear to you either in red or green. If it appears to you in red, this means that there is someone who has already chosen the same name and you must change the name. However, if it appears to you in green, this means that it is available and you can reserve it!

The best 3 ways to profit from affiliate marketing in 2024

Also, for the phone, in order to avoid problems, you may enter your direct number. If you are from Morocco, for example, and your number is +212 663429935 , make sure to enter only 663429935.

After you fill out your information normally, make sure to remove all of these options so that you can get the latter for a full year for only $59.

The best 3 ways to profit from affiliate marketing in 2024

Finally, click on Fewer payment options if you want to pay via PayPal.

The best 3 ways to profit from affiliate marketing in 2024

After you complete this step, let me tell you, congratulations!!