The 8 best ways to bring free traffic and visits to your site in 2024

Created on 4 April, 2024 • 33 views • 37 minutes read

How do I get free traffic?

How do I promote my affiliate offers?

How do I get visits to my site to profit from AdSense?

I don't have the money to use ads, so how can I get traffic for my Shopify store?

If you are one of those asking these questions...

You are in the right place. In this guide, you will learn about the most effective ways to get traffic to your site for free and targeted from the best sources.

There are many ways to make money from the Internet, and perhaps the best of these methods are affiliate marketing , drop shipping, and AdSense Arbitrage, as only one of them may earn you more than $1,000 per month.

Perhaps that $1,000 will change your life upside down and make you achieve everything you want, or perhaps it will just be a cornerstone upon which you can build your wealth and achieve the financial independence that you have always dreamed of.

I think that's why you chose one of those ways to start your project, but you are shocked by reality ?

Perhaps your dreams will be shattered on the traffic rock, because of which many people have given up on their dreams and stopped working on the Internet .

Obtaining traffic for your website or store, or even promoting affiliate offers without creating a website , is not as difficult as you think, but what is more difficult is for this traffic to be targeted so that you can get conversions from it .

Many beginners rely on Facebook groups or Instagram accounts for promotion, but most of them do not achieve any sales or profits from affiliate marketing or dropshipping... This is because they do not use these platforms correctly.

If you are one of these people, I want you to rest assured that in this guide to free traffic, you will not only learn about the best sources, but you will also learn the ideal way to get traffic from each source, step by step.

So bring your delicious hot drink ☕️ and read every word in this guide with extreme concentration. I will also ask you something important at the end, which will help you greatly if you implement it.

But before you start, if you are a beginner and do not know how to start profiting from the Internet and do not know what affiliate marketing, drop shipping, and AdSense Arbitrage are, we have complete courses on them, which you can find in the following links:

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A comprehensive guide to earning more than $1,000 a month from dropshipping

The complete guide to profit from AdSense Arbitrage

1- Bring traffic to your site for free from Facebook

Facebook is one of the websites that people currently use most on a daily basis, and the number of users is constantly growing, and users of all ages, groups, and nationalities in the world.

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Most beginners take advantage of Facebook in a completely wrong way, either by promoting poorly through different Facebook groups, or not relying on the most powerful feature of Facebook, which is Messenger.

In the following points, I will tell you about the best ways that you can exploit Facebook in the correct way to get free traffic, whether you have a website or not. You will also find that these methods are suitable for all the methods of profit from the Internet that we talked about previously.

Free traffic from Facebook Facebook Free Traffic

Use Facebook pages correctly

Facebook pages no longer have any real value at the present time unless you have a large page that exceeds 100,000 followers and you have a strong brand that people are constantly searching for on Facebook.

According to many sources , the Organic Reach of Facebook pages does not exceed 6% , meaning that 94% of your page followers do not reach your new posts.

Therefore, the uses of the Facebook page are limited to the following:

Building a brand. If you provide a service or sell your own product, a Facebook page is essential for your customers to communicate with you

Use a Facebook page to install a Facebook pixel and create an audience that you can target with ads later when you have the budget for it. This is very important as long as you own a website or online store .

Use the page to install a Messenger Bot to collect data of the people you are targeting (this method enables you to collect the accounts of people interested in what you are offering, and then send them offers and news via Messenger for free, as happens in email marketing)

You can learn everything you need to properly exploit this method through this guide: Marketing via Messenger . This strategy alone can give you an unlimited source of traffic.

Use Facebook groups correctly

Most of those who rely on marketing through Facebook groups do it in a completely incorrect way. All they do is put some links in the different groups and that is the end of it.

Getting traffic from Facebook groups is the method that requires the most effort, but it is an excellent method for any beginner because it only requires time and then following the following steps.

1- Improve your profile

Whether you will use your personal profile or a separate profile for marketing, you must improve it by putting a personal picture so that people will trust you faster.

Then use a cover image with links to your website or online store if you have one, and your latest posts should always be related to the field or niche that you are promoting.

2- Choose the appropriate niche

You must determine the field that you will focus on in order to achieve success, whatever method you will rely on for profit, and if you are confused about choosing the profitable niche that is appropriate for you, I advise you to read: The comprehensive guide to choosing the profitable niche 2024

3- Search for Facebook groups correctly

Do not limit yourself when searching for Facebook groups in your niche. For example, if you work in the field of fitness, do not rely only on Fitness and Bodybuilding groups only.

Think outside the box a little and look in the following ways:

Search for popular applications and games in your field. You will find specialized pages and groups that you can use for promotion

Search for Facebook groups for popular sites in your field

Search for groups of influencers and YouTube channel owners in your field

Search for any audience that your audience can be found in (for example, if you promote clothes and fashion for women and girls, why not search for bridal groups, cooking groups... all of them are groups where your target audience is present)

Now you have a good list of groups that you can rely on, do not exhaust yourself searching , allocate a specific time in your day to search and increase the list of groups that you rely on gradually.

You have to make sure that the groups you will rely on are active, meaning that there are constantly new posts, comments, and interaction with each post, so that you do not waste time.

4- Promote Facebook groups in the right way.

Never publish content for the purpose of directly promoting your affiliate offers or products. Do not say, “ Click here and you will find great offers - discover the secrets of weight loss from here - 50% discount on my new products - visit my website to find out everything new .”

All of these are completely wrong methods of promotion. People on Facebook do not care about you at all and what you offer. Rather, they only care about their own interests, and most good groups will block you if you rely only on promoting yourself.

You must provide benefit in your field, interact with users, provide them with advice and information completely free of charge, without mentioning anything about your site or store unless you are providing assistance.

For example, if you are promoting affiliate offers in the field of health and fitness, and one of the group members inquires about a specific matter in which you are an expert, provide him with advice and information, and if he continues with your question, you can give him a link to an article on your site to help him.

Also, when most members see that you are an interactive person, they will click on your profile, and then they will find links to your site or the products that you promote, and you will get traffic naturally.

5- Collaborate with group managers

After a period of interaction in a specific group and posting useful and effective content, you can promote your website or store naturally in the group. You can also ask the group managers to publish your content, especially since you are an interactive person and constantly help the members.

6- Message active members

In any group you will find active members, message them from time to time, talk to them in a friendly manner, especially if they are looking for something you are an expert in, then give them links to your site or store or the affiliate offers that you are promoting when you find a suitable opportunity.

You can also send them a friend request ( you should know that the maximum number of friends on Facebook is 5,000 ), and then promote your website or store through your personal publications.

7- Build your own group

You must build your own group. With time and the number of your friends and interaction increases, it will be difficult for you to interact and follow in all groups, so you must gather followers and those interested in one place.

Then you take advantage of the large groups to promote your group and increase its members.

Be careful not to use your group for promotion only. You must publish useful posts and general information in your field, and funny stories and comics at the same time.

In order to increase interaction in the group and increase the number of its members naturally, you can also allocate time to chat with members and answer their questions. You can also rely on live broadcasting and communicate with members personally.

All of these things will make people trust you, and thus they will buy from you and the offers you offer or the affiliate products you recommend to them without hesitation.

Use the Facebook Audience network

Many novice marketers do not know that Facebook has a profit program similar to AdSense, which is Facebook Audience . It is, of course, not as powerful and profitable...

We will not exploit it for profit anyway.

Everyone knows that Facebook does not like users to go out and visit different links and sites. It wants users to stay on Facebook as long as possible to view ads.

There is also another problem, which is the speed of the Internet itself. If you are using a phone and do not rely on Wi-Fi, the speed of browsing various websites will be slow.

That is why Facebook launched the Facebook Instant Articles service . This service enables website owners to publish their articles and content directly on the Facebook network.

Facebook places the content on its servers and reduces the size of images to make browsing articles as fast as possible.

Facebook also takes advantage of these articles and places ads within them (just as Google places ads in articles via Adwords), and this is very useful for content owners.

Therefore, if you have a blog and provide content, you can exploit this service to your advantage. You will get free traffic from Facebook, and because you have become a publisher and your content can be exploited for advertisements, Facebook will promote your articles well and exploit Facebook traffic.

You can also profit from this method directly, as I told you before, but you should know that the traffic that you will get from Facebook in this way will not be able to see AdSense ads, but only Facebook ads .

Therefore, this method is more suitable for people who rely on affiliate marketing and lead generation to make money.

Tips for taking advantage of Facebook

In order to get the most benefit from Facebook, you must keep the following in mind:

Do not put links directly in your posts on Facebook. It is enough to put a picture and then put the link in the comments, or you can ask those interested to write to you so that you give the link to them, in order to overcome the Facebook algorithm.

Use the video, and the advice is to rely on Facebook Watch, as there are those who make millions from this method alone and for free

The best times to post on Facebook are in the morning on holidays and in the evening from 8 on normal days

Facebook's audience is interested in new topics, trends, and controversial topics, so make sure that your posts revolve around these topics. It is also preferable for your posts to be in the form of questions so that you get the maximum interaction possible.

Use the Facebook pixel to create a Lookalike Audience and a Specific Audience so that you can target them with ads as soon as possible

I advise you to read the following guide, which will make you master the process of retargeting followers on Facebook. This is a great way to increase profit since the cost of retargeting ads is lower: The comprehensive guide for professional Retargeting on Facebook.

2- Bring traffic to your site for free via the Medium platform

The Medium platform  is considered the largest blog in the world. Any company, website owner, writer, or any ordinary person can create a free page and use it to publish content on it in the form of blogs.

What is unique about this platform is that its authority is very high, so you will find that the articles that are published rank at the top of the search results for many keywords.

The 8 best ways to bring free traffic and visits to your site in 2024

As you can see from the statistics in the previous image, the site ranks number 221 in the world among the most popular sites, and in the last month alone, the traffic volume for this site reached 251 million visits .

The most important areas that visitors to this site are interested in are technology, marketing, and health. The volume of interaction with publications is very high, which increases the spread of the content you provide.

There is a lot of information and uses for this platform, and in order for this guide not to be longer, you must do the following in order to take advantage of this platform well.

Publish good content on this platform periodically, and place links to your website or your affiliate offers within the content

Take advantage of this platform to increase the size of your mailing list

This platform provides you with a free plugin for your site, so when you publish any new blog, it is automatically published on the Medium platform, without any SEO problems .

But this method is not suitable if you want to rely on free traffic from Google, because the article that will be published on the Medium platform is the one that will top the search results due to the strength of the site.

I personally rely on this platform to test any new niche, and I use it to get free traffic for any new site, especially since the articles you publish can easily rank at the top of search results.

I know some professional marketers who rely on this platform only for affiliate marketing, but in order to be able to do that, you must create or provide good and useful content, because the users of this platform have a high degree of culture and knowledge.

3- Bring traffic to your site for free through the Quora platform

If you do not know what the giant Quora platform is , then you are not a marketer. This platform is the largest site in the world for questions and answers, where any user poses a question in any field and in any language, and then people answer it.

These answers are voted on, so that the good and useful answers are at the top of the first results on the site. You will also find that this site is at the top of the search results for millions of keywords because many people search on Google in the form of questions.

This site represents a more than wonderful source of free traffic, especially if you carefully look at the following statistics.

Quora free traffic - Free traffic via the Quora platform

300 million is the number of active users only, while the number of visits is more than 600 million visits per month to this mighty site. Many people are looking for an answer to their questions from specialized people, or from people like them.

Here comes your role, dear marketer. Whatever niche you work in in the field of affiliate marketing, and even if you work in the field of drop shipping, you can exploit this platform to your advantage.

All you have to do is search within the platform for questions related to your field, then provide useful answers in which you can place links to your website or store, even your affiliate links.

Traffic features from the Quora platform

The most important feature of this traffic is the following:

A large percentage of followers are adults, which means they have great purchasing power, and thus their rate of purchasing products is higher

Traffic is largely targeted, because anyone who leaves a question really wants a satisfactory answer to it, and is often looking for a solution to a problem he has.

The conversion rate for this traffic is very high

In order to achieve the greatest benefit, you must provide a real benefit to the users. Quora hates superficial answers whose sole purpose is to benefit the user.

Most of the world's companies and institutions rely on this platform to obtain targeted traffic and also use it to identify the problems faced by customers in order to provide them with appropriate content.

This site includes all the most topics in the world, and the number of users, men and women, is almost equal, which makes this platform indispensable for any professional marketer.

What distinguishes this platform is that the answers you publish will continue to bring you visits or conversions for long periods, and you can also modify them at any time you want to ensure that they are at the top of the results.

All of this is provided to you by the Quora platform for free. It provides you with tools to search for appropriate topics and follow different users. You also receive notifications on your email if any new question is published about any topic you are interested in.

There are many secrets and strategies for this mighty site, and to learn more about them, read this guide to the end and do what I will ask you at the end.

4- Bring traffic to your site for free from Reddit

If you are a member of any forum, you know the tremendous benefit that you can get if you are an active member, let alone if this forum is the largest forum in the world. The giant

site Reddit is considered by many people to be the window to the world on the Internet, and it is the largest interactive site with more than 1.5 billion visitors per month. The average time spent by any person on Reddit is 16 minutes, which is a very high number compared to many sites.

Because of the power of this free traffic source, we have created a complete guide on how to use it step by step in the following guide: The comprehensive guide to getting free traffic from Reddit.

5- Free traffic from the LinkedIn platform

In mid-2016, the world woke up to the news of Microsoft’s purchase of the LinkedIn platform for approximately $26 billion, something that many economic analysts did not understand at the time, some of whom said that this was the worst decision Microsoft had made in its history.

And here we are now in the last quarter of 2019, and there is no economic analyst who does not say that Microsoft stole LinkedIn for a very low price, and that this platform is the best communication platform in the world for professionals and specialists in various fields.

LinkedIn free traffic - Free traffic from the LinkedIn platform

The LinkedIn platform is the Facebook for professionals, on which you will find almost all companies in the world, as well as employees, graduates, and job seekers in almost all fields.

You may ask why I am telling you all this, and what is the benefit of this platform in getting free traffic? Maybe you are right, but let me tell you some information and facts about this giant platform.

Features of the LinkedIn platform:

The Organic Reach is very high (imagine how Facebook page posts in 2017 reached all followers and you will know what I mean)

More than 75% of visitors to this platform have an annual income exceeding $60,000, which means they have high purchasing power.

Visitors to the LinkedIn platform are interested in new information, tools, and programs that make their lives easier, which is why most influencers and famous people in these fields use this platform constantly.

The LinkedIn platform provides you with groups (such as Facebook groups), which you can exploit to get more traffic.

The conversion rate is very high for this traffic

The LinkedIn platform is not suitable for dropshipping, but it is ideal for obtaining free traffic to profit from lead generation affiliate marketing, especially in the niche that relies on marketing various programs and software.

If you work in any niche that has specific tools or strategies, or promote courses and educational programs, then the LinkedIn platform is a gold mine for you.

In order to use this platform correctly, all you have to do is make as many Connections as possible (such as a friend request on Facebook) and share good content with your followers.

You should know that video has a magical effect on this platform, so you should take advantage of it to promote your content.

6- Free traffic via the Pinterest platform

You may have heard about the giant Pinterest platform before, why not, as it is the largest social networking site in terms of growth rate in the world, and many marketers consider it the best source in terms of obtaining new customers.

There are many Arab marketers who do not know how powerful this platform is, and how it is the best platform for obtaining free targeted traffic at all in the eyes of many marketers, and my humble person is one of them.

The secret of the strength of this site does not lie only in the statistics you see in the following image.

Free traffic via the Pinterest platform - Free traffic pinterest board

But the secret is that more than 79% of the users of this site are women , and as you know, women are the ones who control the process of purchasing new products in various fields, which makes this platform suitable for any method of profit, whether affiliate marketing or drop shipping.

This is not all. According to many statistics, more than 55% of users of this site use it to search for new products to purchase, which makes the process of converting this traffic into customers very easy.

More than 80% of visitors to this site use it to find out information and products related to health, beauty and fitness, and more than 50% use it to search for tools and accessories.

I think you have now confirmed from the previous information that this platform should not be dispensed with by any successful marketer to obtain free traffic for his website, store, or affiliate offers.

What is Pinterest and how does it work?

Despite the popularity of this site, many do not know how it works. Imagine that you are browsing the Internet, and then you find an article, topic, or product that you like, and so that you do not forget it, you save it in a simple Note on your device in a specific place so that you can return to it at a later time.

This is the Pinterest platform in a nutshell. Anyone who finds any web page that catches his attention can save it to his Pinterest account, but the special thing is that this person can allow other Pinterest users to search these notes as well.

Pinterest Board

As you can see in the picture above, if you now go to Pinterest and search for anything (for example, Cooking Recipe), you will find many pictures that contain a lot of information, and if you click on any of them, you will find yourself transported to the page of the site that published this information.

This is why website and online store owners design attractive images and display some information, then pin it to their Pinterest account, and anyone who clicks on the image will see the following.

The 8 best ways to bring free traffic and visits to your site in 2024

If anyone clicks on the image after that, he will go to a page on the site referred to in the image. Users can also save the same image to their personal accounts as well.

Thus, the original owner of the image gets unlimited traffic, especially if he adjusts the images and puts the appropriate keywords in the description so that he ranks at the top of the search results on Pinterest.

This is how Pinterest works simply. As you can see, the platform encourages website and store owners to publish different images for their content, and it also encourages them to design more than one image for the same topic or product on their sites, to attract the largest possible number of followers.

Pinterest also makes you divide your posts in a very smart way, into what is known as ( Boards ), each board you can assign to a specific topic in your account.

For example, you can create a board for vegetarian recipes, another for recipes for meat eaters, one for fish, and so on. Pinterest also enables you to follow each board individually without having to follow the account itself so that followers get the content they want very accurately.

This is the only platform that fully welcomes external links to your published content, making it the best platform ever to get targeted free traffic.

Use the Pinterest platform correctly

In order for you to quickly increase the number of followers of your new account and get good traffic, you must do the following:

1- Have a business account

Pinterest provides you with a free business account, so you can use it to publish your content directly from your site. It also provides you with a lot of data and analytics so that you can achieve the best possible results.

It also gives you the ability to use the Pinterest pixel, which is similar to Facebook, so that you can use it to build an audience and business. Advertisements any time you want.

My personal advice is to install the pixel as soon as possible, as Pinterest ads are gaining the admiration of marketers day after day and will have an important place in the near future.

2- Use a high-quality image

The best images that achieve results on Pinterest include infographic images and images in which a large number of products and ideas are collected. You can set any size for the images, but the best size is 735 width and 1102 length .

3- Edit your posts to rank at the top of search results

Pinterest is a search engine, so you must optimize your images correctly in the following way:

The image file name itself should contain the keyword you're targeting

Use Pinterest search to find out suggested keywords so you can put all of that in the description of your posts

Test more than one keyword for the same content in your content until you find the best results

4- Improve your profile

There is no need to stress about using a good profile picture and dividing your profile appropriately. You must also divide your Boards well in order to convince anyone who visits your account that they will benefit.

5- Publish good content

You can add any post to your Pinterest account. If you notice in the previous image, you will find a (Save) tag on the right at the top. If you click on it, you will save this post to your account according to the board you want.

This is the true power of Pinterest, because anyone who clicks on this post in your account will go to the site of the original post owner, not your site.

This is why Pinterest encourages cooperation with different accounts so that the owners of different accounts can promote each other’s posts to obtain the greatest possible amount of traffic, and from here the Group Boards appeared .

6- Participate in the group board

Group boards are similar to Facebook groups. When you participate in this board and publish any post in it, it appears to all participants in this group, and if the content is good, the members of this group re-publish it on their accounts, and thus you get new followers and greater traffic.

The Pinterest platform is very wonderful and you can rely solely on it to get targeted traffic and a high conversion rate. Therefore, there are many strategies and tools that can help you.

In order for this guide not to be too long, I will not mention these tools and strategies now, perhaps in an upcoming guide dedicated to this wonderful platform, and in order to obtain this guide, you must fulfill the request that I will ask of you at the end .

Now, all you need to do is start immediately and open an account on the Pinterest platform in the niche on which you can rely for profit, and implement the steps that I mentioned to you previously.

7- Free traffic via Instagram

Who among us does not have an Instagram account? Most young people and even the elderly have accounts on Instagram these days, given that it is the largest photo site in the world with which almost all users interact.

Instagram is one of the best sources of free traffic at the present time, why not, and the number of its active users exceeded one billion at the beginning of this year.

Instagram Free traffic - Free traffic via Instagram

It is also the social media site that users interact with most, and in one of the statistics in America, they found that 30% of users purchased a specific product because they found it through Instagram.

Because of this power, influencers (Fashion Blogger, Instagram Influencer) have appeared, which have become a profession for many young men and women throughout the Arab world and the world.

The fame of these influencers has sometimes exceeded that of movie and football stars, and many of them earn thousands of dollars a month for publishing just one post or making a story to promote a specific product.

How do you get free traffic from Instagram?

Instagram allows you to place only one link in your profile, and it is never preferable to place any link in your posts (unless you place it in the photos themselves) because, as you know, Instagram does not like users to go out and visit other sites, so they continue browsing the site and viewing Advertisements.

For this, all you have to do is publish useful posts and valuable information in your niche, and when you want followers to go to your site, store, or even view the affiliate that you are promoting, put the link in your profile and tell them to click on it.

The second method is Instagram Stories . When the followers of any account on Instagram become more than 10,000 followers, Instagram allows you to put any link in the stories that you publish, which is known as the Swipe Up Feature .

The process of getting traffic is simple, as you can see, but the problem that most marketers face on Instagram is getting new followers, and this is what I will answer you now... Continue reading 

How to increase your followers on Instagram?

Most marketers and business owners exploit Instagram in a completely wrong way, and some of them resort to buying followers and likes , even though this harms them more than benefits them, and in order to avoid all this nonsense... you just have to follow the following steps.

1- Improve your profile

Any method or strategy that I will tell you to get new followers. The goal is for the largest possible number of people to visit your profile. If you have a good account, they will click on the Follow sign , and vice versa.

This is why you must improve your profile professionally. Use a personal photo or the logo of your site or store. Make sure to include in the description the purpose of your account, such as the description of the marketer’s account on Instagram.

Publish at least 9 good and useful posts and make sure that the photos are of high quality (you can easily search for the best posts in your field and easily emulate them using any photo editing program ).

This way, anyone who clicks on your profile will find it a professional account and will follow you.

2- Comment on posts

The best way to increase followers on Instagram, especially in the beginning, is to comment on the posts of large accounts whose number of followers exceeds 50,000, and try to comment on the content immediately after publishing it so that you get the greatest benefit possible.

Do not comment in the wrong way that many beginners do, such as ( Follow me - my account provides wonderful and useful information - enter my page and you will learn how to lose 10 kilos of your weight in a week ) and other examples.

All you have to do is leave a useful comment, ask a question, or even answer anyone who asks any question and give them advice. Then you will find many followers clicking on your account and following you because you have provided a benefit to them and you have a professional account.

3- Follow up active accounts

The Follow For Follow strategy is indispensable, especially to reach your first 5,000 followers . All you have to do is follow active accounts in the hope that they will also follow you later.

In order to make the most of this method, search for the best accounts in your niche, and follow people who leave comments or like the content. Then unfollow accounts that do not follow you periodically.

Repeat this process constantly until you reach the first 5,000 followers, but be careful not to follow a large number of accounts at the same time so that Instagram does not ban you.

There are several programs that do this automatically for you, but I do not recommend them because they will expose your account to ban, no matter how powerful and well-known the programs are. Has this happened to me more than once?

4- Cooperation with various account holders

Search for account holders in your field or similar fields who have approximately the same number of followers as you. Cooperate with them so that each of you reposts the other account’s content while tagging and mentioning the account name in the post description. This method is very useful for both parties.

5- Take advantage of your friends and other accounts on social networking sites

If you have a website, YouTube channel, or Facebook account, ask your followers and visitors to your website or store to follow your Instagram account.

You can also offer some gifts or discounts (especially if you work in the field of drop shipping) to everyone who follows you.

6- Use your followers to promote

If you look at all the famous accounts on Instagram, you will find that the account owner asks the followers to publish the content with their friends, and to tag or mention them in the comments.

In fact, they often create content specifically for that, so always be sure to publish interactive and controversial content that makes followers share the content with their friends on Instagram.

All of this increases your chances of getting continuously engaged followers.

7- Use Instagram analytics

You must make your account on Instagram a business account, so that you can obtain all the data related to your account. Instagram provides you with many information that you must exploit to your advantage, the most important of which are:

Best times to post

The volume of interaction on each post

The number of new followers you got per post

The size of impressions for each post

All this data helps you know which content brings you the best results, so you can focus on it and publish it constantly.

8- Free traffic via YouTube

I do not need to present some statistics and numbers about the giant YouTube platform in order to emphasize its importance. Everyone knows that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and is visited by billions of people on a daily basis.

You must take advantage of YouTube, regardless of the field you work in and the niche you are promoting, especially if you rely on affiliate marketing or profit from AdSense.

The process of making videos may require some effort from you, but it will achieve very great results. You can make videos to review different products and compare them to profit from affiliate marketing.

You can also provide some useful information in your field, promote your website or online store, and get free traffic on an ongoing basis.

So that this guide does not last longer than this, you can find out all the information you need to rank at the top of the search results on YouTube and get the largest number of traffic through the following guide: The result will be number #1 on YouTube in the year 2024.

General tips for exploiting traffic sources correctly

In order to achieve the best results from all previous sources and get interactive traffic to profit from, and in order to save yourself time, effort and money, you must follow the following tips.

Provide benefit

Do not be selfish, do not make your only concern about profit, provide people with information and benefit sincerely and you will achieve tremendous results. People feel confident in those who provide them with benefits. This confidence makes them buy the products you recommend to them with ease and without hesitation.

There is also no harm in publishing funny, humorous content from time to time. This way, you make your followers realize that you are an ordinary person like them, which makes them relate to you more.

Use video

All previous platforms prefer using video over regular posts, even Pinterest has become largely dependent on videos, and in a statistic published by the international company Statista early this year, it predicted that more than 80% of traffic worldwide in 2024 will be through videos .

This is why you must make videos part of your marketing plan, regardless of the niche you work in and the method you rely on for profit.

Use hashtags

The hashtag # is a feature of all social media sites. Even YouTube itself has become dependent on hashtags and constantly asks content creators to put them in video titles.

Therefore, be sure to search for the appropriate hashtags for you, especially on Instagram ( which allows you to use 30 hashtags in one post ) and put them in your content.

And remember not to use big hashtags (such as #fitness #Love), especially while you are still at the beginning, because you will not be able to compete with large accounts.

Follow the 80/20 rule

This rule is very important, especially for those who work in the field of drop shipping, or even for ordinary people who own shops and want to use the previous sources to promote their products.

Make only 20% of your posts and the content you provide specific to advertising and the products you are promoting, while the remaining 80% make it general and useful information for your audience and followers.

In this way, you will make your followers trust you more and interact with the content you provide because you fear for their well-being and provide them with useful and interesting information.

Use automated content publishing tools

There are many free tools that help marketers publish content automatically, especially since the process of publishing content takes a long time.

For this reason, you can use tools such as Buffer and Hootsuite to create a schedule for your content and publish it automatically according to the dates you specify on various social media sites.

There is still more

This guide is an appetizer, just an introduction. Although I mentioned many strategies and sources of free traffic in this guide, I did not mention them all, and there are many things that I did not tell you so that this guide does not become longer than that.

For example:

I did not tell you how to extract the accounts of members of Facebook groups and pages legally and safely so that you can use them in marketing!

I didn't tell you how to find the best topics on Medium and fine-tune your content to get the most out of it!

I didn't tell you how to find the best keywords on the Quora platform and how to extract questions that bring the most traffic to your site and your affiliate offers .

I didn't tell you how to get more than 1,000 visits a day automatically from Pinterest using one of the best marketing tools in the world .

I did not tell you about the strategy we rely on on Instagram, which makes us get more than 150 followers daily for our various accounts, and how to use the best paid tools that help us do that .

I did not tell you how to search for new trends and videos on YouTube to get the largest possible number of views through suggested videos, regardless of the number of subscribers to your channel .

And other information and strategies, and in order to tell you about them, I want to ask you a very important request, which I told you about at the beginning of this guide.

Don't worry, I will not ask you for money or offer you a paid service. All I want is for you to leave us a comment about the platform you want us to publish a complete guide on how to exploit it .

As the number of comments about a particular platform increases, we will, God willing, publish a complete guide on how to use it in the best possible ways, and present strategies that many marketers do not know about.

This is up to you, dear reader, and if you have any questions, you can write to us via Instagram or leave the question in the comments.

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