The 21 best affiliate marketing programs to make your first $1,000 in 2024

Created on 4 April, 2024 • 30 views • 25 minutes read

Searching for the best programs to promote is one of the most difficult problems facing any marketer, as everyone is looking for the best offers in terms of conversions and commission value. So if you:

Beginner and looking for the best affiliate marketing programs to profit from

You have a website, a YouTube channel , or an account on Pinterest or Instagram, and you want to exploit it in the right way

Someone who is an expert in the field of affiliate marketing and is looking for new ideas and programs to promote

You are in the right place. In this guide, you will not only learn about the 21 best affiliate marketing programs to earn more than $1,000 per month. Rather, you will find affiliate marketing programs in many fields and niches, such as:

Niche Health and Fitness

Niche marketing and making money online

Niche Games and Electronics

Niche Homewares & Decoration

Niche outdoor activities, pet care and travel

This is in addition to presenting the best affiliate marketing platforms, how to exploit them correctly, and searching for the best programs and offers in them... especially the network that I will mention to you at the end of this guide. You will find that in every presentation I mention the following:

Information about the product or offer itself

Information about the site or company submitting the offer

Commission rate 

Cookie duration 

The affiliate network - if any - that you must register with to promote this offer 

You will also find answers to most of the questions that may come to your mind so that you can promote these offers as quickly as possible and without any problems. That is why you should read this entire guide, because I am sure that you will benefit greatly from it, and I will also present to you some suggestions that I would like you to help me choose between.

Grab your delicious hot drink ☕️...and let's get started!

1- CrazyBulk affiliate marketing program 

CrazyBulk specializes in manufacturing nutritional supplements. It is a famous company and has a good customer base in America, Britain, and other countries.


The health niche, especially nutritional supplements, is old and has its status and followers, and you can make huge profits from it, and this program is only one example of ways to profit from this niche. CrazyBulk

offers  many temptations to customers and marketers alike to achieve good profits, including:

The nutritional supplements are natural and have no side effects, according to the company

Free shipping anywhere in the world

Any marketer can promote offers, whether through a YouTube channel, website, or social media account

CrazyBulk features the following:

Diversity of products:   It is not many, but it is directed to those interested in this niche 

Commission rate:    approximately 40%

Cookie duration:  lifetime

Affiliate Network:   MicroNiche Network

This site is promoted by many marketers and influencers because of the amazing commission rate it offers. If you are interested in this field, you should not miss this opportunity.

2- Bodybuilding affiliate marketing program 

The BodyBuilding network is one of the world's largest networks in the field of health, sports and nutritional supplements, which is visited by millions of people every day. It also ships its products to almost every country in the world.


The Bodybuilding program  features the following:

Diversity of products:   a huge variety of nutritional supplements, sportswear and training programs

Commission percentage:    approximately 5 to 8% - it depends on the customer, whether he is new or has dealt with the network before.

Cookie duration:  about 7 days

Affiliate network:   Impact Radius

This site has a strong brand among those interested in this field, and the design of the site itself increases the rate of conversions and the number of products that any new customer purchases at one time.

3- YogaClub affiliate marketing program

I could talk to you about how profitable the yoga niche is for days, but there is no time for that, and it is because of the power of this niche that Yoga Club came into existence.

This site is based on the same idea as the Dollar Shave Club service - if you have not heard of this brand, then you are definitely a novice marketer? – It collects all yoga tools and clothing in one box and sends it to customers every month.

This promotion method has become very popular and is called the Subscription Model, which Yoga Club relies on to convert traffic into customers.

What distinguishes the YogaClub program is the following:

Diversity of products:   You will find a large selection of yoga clothes and yoga equipment from the most famous international brands

Commission rate:    15%, which is one of the highest in this niche

Cookie duration:  about 30 days

Affiliate network:   Impact Radius

The majority of these products are directed to women, and this reason alone is enough to make you interested in this program and this niche in general, because women spend at a very large rate, especially in this niche.

4- ClickFunnels affiliate marketing program

When ClickFunnels appeared in the world of marketing, it caused a huge stir, the impact of which is still present today. This is because it helps marketers and entrepreneurs do their job... which is just promotion.

This tool enables you to build:

Funnel landing pages 

Hosting these pages

Connecting different marketing tools (email marketing - Facebook pixel )

Building websites dedicated to courses 

Building membership sites

It is somewhat superior to the tools that preceded it, and it also provides programs and other solutions that make any marketer start promoting any new idea or offer in a few minutes.

Affiliate marketing secrets in one book?

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We rely on this tool greatly as a marketer, and if you want us to tell you how we use it to earn thousands of dollars a month, write to us in the comments, “I want a course on making profits from ClickFunnels.”

The affiliate marketing program from ClickFunnels is one of the best programs on this list, because you can register for free and the commission is 40% on a monthly basis for any client you bring. As long as the client continues to use the service, you get your commission every month.

There are also many landing pages and products that you can promote to increase conversion rates.

This tool deserves more than a guide and a course alone in order to do it tell us in the comments if you are interested, as I told you before?

5- BuilerAll affiliate marketing program 

BuilderAll is one of the competitors of clickfunnels in the market, and you will notice that they follow almost the same thinking in promoting their website building and hosting product.

This tool tries to stand out in the market as it offers many tools in one package such as:

Building landing pages in the form of a funnel

Building blogs

Build a Webinar 

Course website

Membership site

Building an online store

BuilderAll 's affiliate program  is very special, and the conversion rate is high, especially since the cost of the tool itself starts at only $29 per month.

This program is characterized by the fact that you earn 100% from any sale you bring, and after that 30% every month depending on the package chosen by the customer who brought you through your link.

And that's not all, the program also includes a points system, which makes you get an additional bonus the more clients you bring.

To be honest with you, this tool is not as powerful as ClickFunnels, but to get all these capabilities for only $26 compared to $100 for Clickfunnels is what makes this tool a place in the market.

The only drawback of this tool is that you have to pay $50 annually to join the affiliate marketing program and start promoting.

6- GoDaddy affiliate marketing program 

Godaddy is one of the largest companies in the world in the field of domain registration, hosting , and website management. I personally have approximately 15 domains registered on it.

GoDaddy features the following:

Diversity of products:   between registering domains - website building tool - purchasing emails - hosting 

Commission rate:    40% 

Cookie duration : approximately 30 days

Affiliate Network:    CJ 

This is just one example of hosting and domain registration companies. There are other similar programs such as NameCheap and other companies that offer very good affiliate offers.

7- BlueHost affiliate marketing program 

Who among us does not know Bluehost hosting , which is considered one of the best ever in this field, and it also has a very good affiliate marketing program.

You can earn $65 for every new person who registers through your affiliate link, and their tracking process is very impressive.

8- Shopify affiliate marketing program

If you are interested in the field of drop shipping or online stores, you have certainly heard of the Shopify platform , which is one of the best platforms in the world specialized in building these stores.

Register in the Shopify affiliate program and start promoting in many ways. You will earn $58 for every new customer who registers through you, and there is also an opportunity to get more commissions.

9- ModdedZone affiliate marketing program 

ModdedZone is one of the famous sites in the field of games, as it specializes in making controllers and changing their shapes according to different famous games.


Therefore, you will find that it supports the most powerful platforms such as (Sony Playstation - Xbox - Nintendo), and it also supports popular games such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, and others.

What distinguishes the ModdedZone program is the following:

Diversity of products:   Other than controllers, you will also find chairs and accessories

Commission rate:    5%

Cookie duration:  about 90 days

Affiliate Network:   Shareasale

If you work in the field of CPA and profit from games - which we recommend to many beginners - you can add some banners for this platform on your site in order to increase your profits, especially in the step that follows completing the CPA offer.

If you are a member of the free marketer course to profit from affiliate marketing (CPA), then you certainly know what I mean??.

10- Logitech affiliate marketing program

Anyone who loves and is passionate about gaming would like to have one of Logitech's wonderful keyboards or mice, as this is the specialty of this international brand. Logitech

software features  the following:

Product Diversity:   The products are not diverse, but they are of the highest quality 

Commission rate:    from 4 to 8%

Cookie duration:  about 30 days

Affiliate Network:   CJ 

If you are interested in this niche and have any website or channel on YouTube or are about to build one, I advise you to take advantage of this wonderful program.

11- GearBest affiliate marketing program 

The GearBest platform can be considered the Amazon of electronics, as there are millions of people who trust this giant network specialized in the field of electronics of all kinds.

GearBest features the following:

Product Diversity:   Everything you can think of in the electronics field 

Commission rate:    may reach 10%

Cookie duration:  about 30 days

Affiliate network:   many networks such as (Shareasale - CJ - Rakuten)

The electronics niche is a rich niche with a lot of profits, especially since there is a new one every day, and you can promote these products in more than one way.

12- Wayfair affiliate marketing program 

If you want to know about one of the largest online stores specializing in decor and everything the home needs, then the global Wayfair website, which is visited by approximately 80 million people monthly, deserves your attention.

What distinguishes Wayfair is the following:

Product variety:   Awesome variety of products

Commission rate:    7%, which is lower than Amazon, but the conversion rate is very good

Cookie duration:  about 7 days

Affiliate Network:    CJ 

A simple account on Pinterest can earn you great profits for promoting such offers.

13- Designer Living affiliate marketing program 

There are many people interested in decorating homes and the decor and accessories that can be used, especially on electronic networking sites, such as Pinterest, as I mentioned previously.

Designer Living offers one of the best commissions in this niche, which is why I put it on this list.

What distinguishes the Designer Living program is the following:

Diversity of products:   You will find a wide variety of decorative tools

Commission rate:    12%, which is the highest in this niche

Cookie duration:  about 30 days

Affiliate network:   Impact Radius

As I mentioned previously, you will not find this percentage of profits on any other site or program, so do not miss the opportunity.

14- Mountain Hardwear Affiliate Program 

One of the best affiliate marketing programs in the niche is outdoor activities and sports such as mountain climbing and camping, which is a wonderful niche and interest in it increases every year. The Mountain Hardwear

program  features:

Product variety:   a wide variety of clothing and tools 

Commission rate:    approximately 10%

Cookie duration:  about 21 days

Affiliate Network:    CJ – Commision Junction

The outdoor activity niche is distinguished by its high profit value, because it is easy to create an Upsell for the customer so that he buys more products. There are many tools that anyone who carries out such activities needs.

This means more profits for you.

15- Petco affiliate marketing program 

The pet niche is one of the most profitable niches ever in the world of the Internet, and there is more than one way other than Amazon products to profit from this niche.

The Petco website is one of the stores dedicated to animals, where you will find many products (clothes for animals - foods - nutritional supplements - accessories - toys) and others.

The Petco program features  :

Diversity of products:    Everything that any pet owner is looking for, you will find there 

Commission rate:     approximately 8%

Cookie duration:  about 7 days

Affiliate Network:    CJ 

The animal niche is full of profits, and there are many other affiliate marketing programs and wonderful companies in this niche that we can provide a complete guide to.

16- ShawAcademy affiliate marketing program

The Shaw Academy platform is one of the course and distance education platforms that has increased in popularity recently, and it has also attracted the attention of many marketers.

First, you will find on this platform courses and diplomas in many specializations, such as:

Photography and design (which is the reason for the popularity of this platform and people’s interest in it)

Healthy nutrition 


Business Administration and Trade


The nice thing about this program is that it works on the CPL system . You not only get a currency when anyone buys one of these courses, but when he registers for the free trial, every new person on the platform has the possibility of obtaining a free course.

For every email registered by you, you get from 1 to 2 dollars, and for anyone who registers his payment information, you get a commission from 6 to 10 dollars.

This program is available on the Share A Sale and Rakuten platforms.

I will not hide from you that I have been promoting this offer for some time and have made very good amounts of money from it. ...And I do not rule out that you will do the same and do better.

17- TripAdvisor affiliate marketing program 

Surely you know the giant Trip Advisor website, which is visited by approximately 200 million people every month around the world. It is one of the most powerful websites in the field of travel and tourism.

You can earn a lot of money by promoting the various offers on this great website, which is trusted by many travelers around the world.

What distinguishes TripAdvisor is the following:

Diversity of offers:   You will find many options offered by the site

Commission rate:    50%

Cookie duration:  about 14 days

Affiliate Network:    CJ 

The travel niche may take some time to profit from, because the best way to promote these offers is through various search engines, but it is one of the most profitable fields of all in the field of affiliate marketing.

18- Binance affiliate marketing program 

If you are interested in the field of digital currencies such as Bitcoin and others, then you certainly know this platform for exchanging and trading digital currencies of various types.

Digital currencies will not go far, and sooner or later they will dominate the markets, and there are many people interested in this niche, so if you are one of them, this is your opportunity.

After registering in the Binance affiliate program, you can earn from 20 to 40% from any exchange on this platform, and you also get your commission on time, without any delay.

What is special is that you get this commission in the same digital currency in which the exchange took place, such as (Bitcoin - BNB - Ethereum) and others.

There are also other ways to profit from this giant site, which there is not enough time to mention, but perhaps we will consider them in the future, as I personally invest in digital currencies... they are the future, as I told you ⭐️⭐️.

19- Amazon affiliate marketing program 

There is no need to emphasize the power of the Amazon program, and that you can earn very respectable sums just from promoting the millions of products on this giant site.

But as you know, the commission on sales is very small, and this is the case with most physical products (clothes - appliances) because whoever manufactures them does not make large profits for himself.

Therefore, if you want to rely on this program, I advise you to carefully look at the following image to know the commission rate according to the different types of products.

Amazon Affiliate Program

It is up to you in this program, and if you want to start profiting from Amazon, I advise you to read “ The Complete Guide to Profiting from Amazon Affiliate, ” in which you will find everything you need.

20- Click Bank affiliate marketing platform 

Click Bank may be a good place for beginners. You can register a free account on this giant network with ease, although there are not many programs with a high conversion rate.

Therefore, I advise you to rely on this tool , which if you click on it, the following image will appear.

The 21 best affiliate marketing programs to make your first $1,000 in 2020

You will find that Click Bank offers are arranged in terms of Gravity, the higher which indicates the profitability of the offer and the high rate of its conversions.

Especially the first offer, it is a very good offer and has a long period of time on the platform, and the offer page is distinctive and helps increase conversions, so I advise you to try it yourself.

If you are a beginner and do not know how to deal with the Click Bank platform, you will find in our “ Complete Guide to Profiting from Click Bank ” all the tricks and information you need.

21- SkimLinks tool for affiliate marketing 

One of the tools that has increased in popularity in recent times among affiliate marketers because of the tremendous capabilities it offers that help any marketer or website owner increase his profits.

SkimLinks  is an affiliate network and affiliate link management tool in one. Let me explain how it works in simple steps .

The 21 best affiliate marketing programs to make your first $1,000 in 2020

When you open an account and your site is accepted into the Skimlinks network, approximately 40,000 different stores and affiliate marketing programs are opened for you.

You are accepted into all of these programs automatically, so you do not need to apply individually for each program like other affiliate networks

Install the code for the tool on your site – just like you would with Google Analytics or other tools

After that, the tool will convert all the links on your site into affiliate links, as long as this is possible

You can adjust the settings as you wish, choose the types of links, or specify the pages you want the tool to deal with

The tool turns any link for a specific product into images and information from the purchasing site itself, such as the image above, which increases the conversion rate on your site.

The tool offers you a great Dashboard with all the information and analysis you need

The tool also provides a distinctive Chrome Extension that enables you to obtain short links to any product or page on the Internet so that you can use it in promotion via email or social media pages.

The tool gets 25% of your profits from affiliate marketing on any link you get through it

Suppose, for example, that you have a page on your site that talks about phones or laptops, and you mention, for example, Apple or Microsoft products , or even from Amazon .

The tool will automatically convert these links into affiliate links for your benefit, even though you have not applied to Apple or Microsoft's affiliate marketing programs yourself... and this is the power of this tool.

This tool is more than excellent. I personally have not used it, but as I mentioned previously, there are many marketers who recommend it, but you must keep in mind the following points.

Networks that this tool deals with: As you noticed, this tool deals with the most powerful and famous brands in the world (TripAdvisor - B&H - Adobe) and others.

It is not recommended to use this tool if you are a beginner, as there is no need to sacrifice 25% of your profits

This tool is best used if you have a relatively large content site with many articles and blogs and targets traffic from America, Canada, and Australia.

In order to be accepted to use the SkimLinks network, your website must be good and have a number of articles of no less than approximately 30 articles, and you must also have traffic. 

Profits are transferred monthly via PayPal, or any American bank account if you have one

For these reasons, I did not put this tool in the best tools that any marketer should use because it may be a little advanced and requires experience.

But I recommend it to anyone who has some experience in the field of affiliate marketing, as I am currently building a special niche site in which I will rely entirely on this tool... and perhaps I will share it with you in the near future.

Frequently asked questions and information you need to know

There are many questions that reach all members of the marketer’s team, whether via email or our social media accounts, especially Instagram, about affiliate marketing.

I also believe that after the information you have read in this article, you may have questions yourself, so I decided to answer these questions here and mention some information that you may need.

1- These affiliate marketing programs are just a drop of rain 

There are hundreds of affiliate marketing programs in every possible niche on earth that anyone can profit from. I only mentioned 21 programs.

For example, I did not mention:

Affiliate marketing programs for SEO and email marketing tools

Tools for trade, financial transactions and investment, which are characterized by large commissions

Twitch is a wonderful program for making money from games, affiliate marketing, and other programs in this niche

I did not talk in detail about the Dollar Shave Club program, which many influencers and marketers exploit to earn hundreds of dollars

Various nutrition and healthy eating programs that are in increasing demand every day

And other programs...  If you want me to mention to you the best affiliate marketing programs on any niche, just tell us in the comments... and we will, God willing, create a complete guide about them.

The important thing is just that you know that the most important thing of all these programs and information is to start creating content.

2- How do I choose the appropriate niche?

If you are a beginner in the world of affiliate marketing and do not know how to choose the field that suits you, I advise you to read “The Complete Guide to Choosing a Profitable Niche,” which will definitely help you.

3- How to promote different affiliate marketing programs

There is more than one method, perhaps the most famous of which is:

Relying on review and comparison articles, especially when promoting physical products

Using advertising banners in the games and accessories niche

Creating guides and explanations on the use of various tools, especially in the marketing niche and programs

Providing some free information to the public in the form of books or courses

Making explanations and case studies in the form of videos

Using these products directly and making videos, especially in the health and beauty niche, and sites like Instagram would be ideal for this.

As I mentioned, there are many, many ways, and to give you a practical example, look at the free CPA course that we offer on the Marketer website.

In this course, we explain everything to earn $1,000 from CPA affiliate marketing, completely free of charge - and there is no need to mention that there are many who benefited from this information and achieved profits that far exceeded $1,000.

You will find that Yassin offers everything in this course. He even provides landing pages that anyone can use and start making profits for free. All of this is while we are promoting the Bluehost program that I mentioned to you previously.

This way you provide a huge benefit to your audience for free and help them, and at the same time make a decent profit without fining them anything.

4- How do I get free traffic?

The traffic question is the question we get the most, and that is why we have created more than one separate guide on all the free traffic sources that you can take advantage of, which you can access through the following links.

SEO 2024 Everything you need to rank at the top of search results

The best 8 ways to get free traffic

YouTube SEO: How to rank first on YouTube in 2024

5- How do I apply to different affiliate marketing networks? 

Some people think that it is difficult to apply to the different affiliate marketing networks that I mentioned, but the matter is very simple, as all you need is the following:

A website, YouTube channel, or Instagram account 

You should have content on your website (approximately 15 to 30 articles), perhaps 10 videos, and 2,000 followers on Instagram (of course, it varies from one network to another)

If you have traffic even from different means of communication, this is a good thing

When applying, write that you are a beginner in the field of affiliate marketing, but that you are passionate and love this field and have experience in it (whether travel - fitness and health - marketing) and other fields.

Talk about how to promote some products (making reviews - comparisons - using advertising banners - email marketing)

In this way, you will be accepted, and if you are rejected, no problem. Wait a little while until you create more content and get more traffic, then apply again.

Remember that nothing is easy in this life, you must make an effort...and this is the obstacle that stands in front of beginners and those who give up the first time.

6- How do I receive my profits? 

If this is the first question that came to your mind while reading this guide to the best affiliate marketing programs for making money online, then I think you will not succeed in this field.

If you do not think first about how to promote these offers, attract traffic, and build a website... you are just chasing money, and this will accelerate your failure... We have seen this matter over and over again.

In general, all affiliate networks and previous programs accept Paypal or Payoneer , which will give you an American bank account.

If you do not know how to create an account on these platforms and how to activate it to receive profits, all you need is a simple search on YouTube.

Profiting from affiliate marketing does not require anything from you except to start... Start and you will learn everything step by step... Those who earn thousands of dollars a month are no better than you.

Don't forget to tell us in the comments about your suggestions or if you have any questions that we did not answer in this guide !

I wish you success…

And do not forget to share with us in the marketer part of the first $1000 you achieve from these programs... I think $300 will be enough? We are not greedy.

Good luck to you!