Merch by Amazon: The comprehensive guide to making a profit from Merch by Amazon in 2024

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We all know the Merch Amazon platform , known as Merch by Amazon, as one of the best platforms through which you can buy ready-made clothes and products, but recently the Merch Amazon platform was opened to all members to design their own clothes and products with all flexibility and sell them to consumers from all over the world, and it has become a very effective way to make a profit. Money from the Internet.

All you have to do is create a good design and Amazon will charge you to print it on a t-shirt and send it to the customer. Not only that, but Amazon will also bring you traffic! 

 Therefore, do not worry if you are a beginner in this field, as we have compiled for you a comprehensive guide to everything related to Amazon Merch, from the beginning of introducing this site to those who know nothing about it until achieving your first 100 sales through the platform, God willing. Just make sure that you read this guide to the end because One piece of information could change your life!

What is Merch By Amazon:

Merch Amazon was launched in 2015, which means it is a modern platform that offers clothing and products printed on demand and displays this feature with “POD”.

All customers can design their own and upload these designs to the site and apply them to shirts, blouses, jackets and other products.

It should be noted that this topic is completely free for the seller. There will be no costs for uploading a design to any product on the site. All you have to do is upload the design and choose the product. You will also begin specifying the colors and determining the price.

As for determining the price, you will determine your profit margin according to the quality of the design completely from your point of view. No one controls the price except you, as Amazon Merch will charge you the cost of the raw product and will leave the price box available for you until you add the required profit margin to the price.

But you can design more than 100 designs and not sell a single product. This is due to poor selection and misuse of the site, as we will teach you how to choose the correct product and design that achieves sales. After choosing the correct design and product, leave the rest to Merch Amazon regarding customer service or collecting money. From customers or calculate profits and send them to you.

But that will definitely happen after registering on the site, and do not worry. Registration on the site, how to upload products, and the things you need before starting to sell will be explained. We will also not leave you until we guide you to sell your first 100 items on the site.

Explaining how to register in Merch by Amazon:

Registration on the Merch Amazon website is very simple, but it requires experience and following the steps correctly. The first step is to follow this link and then click on Request Invitation.

Merch By Amazon

After that, it will take you to the login page. If you do not have an account to log in yet, you will click on Create your Amazon account.

After that, you will move to a step consisting of 3 stages:

Your company contact information.

Your bank account details.

Tax identification number.

When you have all the previous information, click on Begin application and follow up with us so that we can tell you how to fill out this information.

Then after that, it will take you to the next page so you can start filling out the information for the first stage, which is the contact information for your company, but do not worry, you will not actually need a company. If you do not have a company, you can put your personal name in place of the company name, but put it completely correctly.

Then fill in the rest of the information correctly, including address, city, phone number, mail, and others, as they will be verified later.

Then you will fill in your bank account details and taxes, but if you are not an American citizen, taxes will be deducted from you in the amount of 30%, and they will be deducted from you when the money is sent to you.

The final stage of registration:

Once all the previous data is filled out correctly, we come to the actual and most important form to fill out the application form for an Amazon Merch account.

In the first point, you will be asked about the type of business, which is a drop-down list with a group of options. Choose novelty t-shirt business. In the second point, you will be asked for the name of the organization. Enter your full name or the name of your company.

The most important point is the additional information, which is like your CV, and it has the most important role in being accepted into Merch Amazon. When you search the Internet for a way to fill out this field, you will find hundreds of sample letters, but stay away from them, as they are all preserved by the company and you will be rejected directly!

Some important tips for writing an application are:

First, be honest in writing, do not exaggerate without proof. If you say that you have been working for 10 years in this field, then send landing pages of yours, previous websites, or a previous design of yours, but be sure that you do not have to be a professional in order to be accepted, but it is enough to be on the same page. Sufficient knowledge of design and the following can be done

Explain how you will promote and sell on Merch Amazon?

Create 5-10 designs, upload them and attach them to the form. Some sites can be used for designing such as Redbubble, Teespring, Zazzle, and TeePublic.

If you have certificates in design in various programs such as Photoshop, attach them to the form.

After that, put a link to your website and upload the designs that you designed to it. Although this field is optional, it is very important.

After completing filling out the data, click on Send Request and this image will appear:

This means that you have completed the registration and now your application is being reviewed by Amazon Marshal Support. All you have to do is wait until it is accepted and an email will be sent to you informing you of this.

The account review period is usually delayed, as it is about 3 months, but it can be much less, depending on the click on the site.

Also, if you have no experience in the English language or are still a beginner and do not know how to convince Amazon, all you have to do is purchase this service from FiveR , as it will cost you only $5, and its owner will create a professional message that will increase your acceptance rate by 90%!

I hope that this service will be the solution to the problem of creating a Merch Bay Amazon account!

What are the basics you need to know before starting to design Amazon T-shirts and the most important courses:

During the waiting period until you are accepted into Merch Amazon, you can learn some of the basic programs you need to start working, which are design programs.

When we talk about design programs, you will find hundreds of programs, but there is no better program than Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

But these programs require experience in dealing with them, and you can try programs for beginners such as Free TSHIRT Maker, but I advise you to take the difficult path, which is the professional path, and follow the learning of these programs: Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, or only one of them is sufficient for you.

I will provide you with a comprehensive course explaining T-shirt design using Adobe Illustrator. It is completely free and suitable for the intermediate category in design. You can download it through this link, which is provided by the Filmmakers website.

As well as a course on learning Adobe Illustrator for beginners from Mustafa Makram’s YouTube channel, from this link , as well as a course on learning Photoshop from the same channel, from this link .

Also, here is a link to a video by Aziz Pasha on YouTube that shows you how to design a simple T-shirt on Photoshop from this link. You can certainly download advanced and more specialized courses, but it will be through the Udemy website and that will cost you some money because the courses on Udemy are not free, but they are available in most cases. Times and offers, from the list in this following link, click here .

Some ready-made templates that you can use that will greatly facilitate your design:

Adobe Illustrator

 Adobe Photoshop 

In order for the image to be accepted in the Amazon Merch, the image specifications must be:

The image dimensions must be 15*18 inches.

The background is transparent.

The file size must be less than 25 MB.

How to upload your first design to Merch By Amazon:

When your account is accepted on Merch Amazon, you must browse the site well and understand the site’s operating policy. The front interface for you will be as follows:

The first thing you should know about is the account levels in Amazon Merch, which are as follows:

Level 1 = 10 designs

Level 2 = 25 designs

Level 3 = 100 designs

Level 4 = 500 designs

Level 5 = 1000 designs

Level 6 = 2000 designs

Level 7 = 4000 designs

Level 8 = 8000 designs

The account will be at level 1 at first, meaning you will only have 10 designs.

Now you want to upload your first design, you will click on create located at the top (icon number 2). After that, it will take you to the following design page:

You will choose the type of product, then click on Front or Back, depending on where the desired design is placed. After that, you click on Upload to upload the design, then click save selection and continue, then it will take you to the next page:

In which you will choose the target group “male, female, youth” and choose 5 colors, then you will determine the selling price and you will find that it shows you the cost of the product to the company “in the previous picture $14.75” and your net profit “in the previous picture $8.24” then Click save selection and continue, then it will take you to the next page:

It is the product details page and it is the most important page of all because you will put the keywords that will make a product appear in front of the appropriate category and we will talk about it in detail below. You will fill in the rest of the information such as the name of the product and its precise description.

By the way, there is a comprehensive guide that we have created about  keyword research tools and how to spy on competitors . You can read it here, it will benefit you a lot!

Then after that, the product will be uploaded for review, but there is a law that controls the display of the product, which is if you do not make a single sale within 90 days, the product will be automatically deleted, and this is a good thing because it will provide you with a new box to upload a new design, because in the beginning you will only have 10 designs.

Understand copyright and trademarks to protect your account from getting banned:

First we must understand the difference between copyright as well as trademark:

Copyright is used to protect a specific idea, work, or another member’s design, such as a design for an image of a distinctive watch on a T-shirt. When you quote this watch, it will expose you to danger.

But trademarks are used to protect the logo or name of a large company or commercial institution, such as Nike or Startup Bros. When you quote those marks, it will also expose you to the risk of being banned.

Both copyrights and trademarks are used to protect intellectual assets, and any violation of these rights will result in your account being directly blocked.

But do not worry, the matter is very simple. When you are careful and do not quote identical ideas from other clients, you will not face any problems.

But certainly the brands are widely spread, different and numerous, and it is difficult for you to differentiate. For example, the famous phrase “Aged to Perfection”. How do you know whether that phrase falls under a specific brand or not?

The matter is simple: you have to search on one of the sites that register all trademarks, such as:

USPTO website.

And the Trademarkia website.

The USPTO website is the best because it represents the government database.

Always remember that you must pay attention to copyrights and trademarks so as not to expose your account to the risk of being banned and losing all profits that have not been withdrawn. Your access to the site will also be permanently blocked until you change all of your data and your device.

Now we will explain how you can search for a trademark in a simple way on the USPTO website, so follow along with us.

USPTO website:

As we mentioned in the previous point, the USPTO website is considered one of the best sites used to detect trademarks before placing the design in your Amazon Merch account because it represents the government database.

The way to search the site is as simple as possible. You will enter this link and the main interface will appear in front of you. You will click on Trademarks and then on Searching trademarks as in the following image:

Then after that, a new interface will appear for you, from which you click on search our trademark database, as in the following image:

Then after that, you will be transferred to a new interface, from which you can choose Basic Word Mark Search New User

Then it will take you to a new interface in which you will write the sentence you want to search for, as in the following image:

So you put in the first field the sentence you want to search for, then click on Submit Query. It will show you whether this sentence is registered for a trademark or not. It will also show you all the trademarks associated with it in alphabetical order. For example, we will search for NIKE and you will find the results in the following image:

Merch by Amazon: The comprehensive guide to making a profit from Merch by Amazon in 2024

It will show you all the sentences related to the word NIKE, as well as its commercial registration number. It will also show you the status of trademarks. LIVE means a current trademark, but DEAD means a trademark but not current.

What does BSR mean on the Amazon Merch website:

 The BSR code is an abbreviation for Amazon Best Sellers Rank, and it shows you the amount of competition for each product on the site, as it shows you the number of sales of each product you search for.

This number changes when the percentage of sales of a product over other products changes, but they must be from the same category.

Also, 100 BSR for a product in one category is completely different from 100 BSR for a product in another category, because as we mentioned, this depends on the other products in each category.

To get the BSR for the product, click on it to take you to the details page and you will find the Amazon Best Sellers Rank as in the following image:

After you specify the BSR, preferably less than 100,000, let us assume that you have found a good T-shirt for less than 100,000 BSR. When you enter the product page, you will find a list of up to 300 products. If your design is great, you will have another obstacle, which is competing with sellers. 300 products.

Therefore, you should look for a product with low competition and then start your first design.

How to start and make your first sale on Merch Amazon:

After you have completed registration, uploaded the first design, and understood how the site works, now you must start making profits from the site, but you must search for a suitable idea that you can work on and present to the site.

At the beginning of your work, try to look for designs that are used by the general public. For example, do not use a design dedicated to a specific name, but you can choose a design such as a birthday or Mother’s Day design, a design for a famous series such as Game of Thrones, or a design for a famous football player such as Messi.

Ideas can be obtained by searching on Pinterest, Google search, and Amazon. All you have to do is write a sentence that you want to display the image of, such as “Basketball shirts.” You will be presented with many T-shirts with basketball designs, so you can choose one of them and create a new idea from it. 


You can choose a specific sentence, such as it's in my DNA, and then search for it again until it gives you other ideas related to this idea.

Now you like the idea of ​​It's In My DNA and a picture of a basketball, you now start going to the Amazon Merch website and put this word and choose it in the prime category as well as Novelty & More in order to improve the search results.

You will find at the top that he showed you 57 results, and this indicates the amount of competition for that sentence, which is considered weak competition. Then you will notice the average prices until you put your price and profit margin in the average of these prices.

Since you are just starting out, it may be appropriate for you to have the lowest price.

But as we mentioned in the previous point, you must make sure that the sentence is free of commercial rights. When you search for it on the Trademarkia website, you will actually find that it is appropriate and does not contain any commercial property rights.

Thus, you can create your first design, upload it to Amazon Merch, and wait for your first sale, but you can certainly promote your product through advertising campaigns on social media sites or publishing on sites or groups that are interested in the type of product you offer.

But the main point in selling products quickly on Amazon Merch is to choose keywords accurately, have high search rates, and monitor competitors to know the best words, and this is what we will explain in the next point, so follow along with us.

How to know the best keywords and spy on competitors:

There are many tools and sites that show you the best keywords for a specific product and also spy on your competitors. So I have collected for you the best 4 tools, which are:


Merch Informer.

unicorn smasher.

Keyword Tool for Amazon.

SpyAMZ Tool:

The SpyAMZ tool is considered one of the most powerful analysis tools on the Amazon Merch website, as it contains more than 10 million data for products on the Merch website, and this data is updated on a daily basis and new data is added.


 This tool contains different filters that show you the best-selling products on the Amazon Merch website and also determines the BOD for each product.

It also has sub-tool filters to analyze product keywords and easily identify the most searched words for you in order to increase the visibility of your product.

All you have to do is click on Keywords, then choose either the highest keywords in a specific field that you specify, or choose a specific competitor’s product, and it will show you all of its keywords with a high search rate.

To purchase the tool: click here

 Merch Informer tool:

The Merch Informer tool is considered one of the best tools that helps pull keywords from the discount, as well as helps in obtaining the strongest keywords for the product you are targeting, but it is not free, but it is definitely worth purchasing.

The tool provides you with a very large collection of free designs that you can add directly to your account without any violations.

Merch Informer

It provides you with a search tool for the product you are targeting and gives you a complete analysis of this product. All you have to do is click on Search Marchant and then type the word you want to target, and it will provide you with competitors, BOD, price, as well as monthly sales of the product.

Merch Informer

To purchase the tool: click here

Unicorn smasher tool:

The Jungle Scout tool is considered an intermediate tool for spying on opponents, as it helps increase the number of product sales, BOD, and monthly sales.

After collecting and analyzing the data, you will choose the products that have a high sales rate and design an idea similar to them.

It is considered a browser add-on that analyzes the page once you click on it, and it is completely free.

Unicorn smasher

To download the tool: click here

Keyword Tool for Amazon:

This tool is a bit expensive, but it offers you a simple, free analysis of only 10 products per keyword, but if you want more, you must purchase a membership on the site.

But it is indeed one of the most powerful tools you can find in analyzing keywords on the Amazon Merch website.

Keyword Tool for Amazon

When you typed a keyword such as Brands t-shirts, you found 36 keywords with a huge average search rate of 41,590 searches. An analysis of search rates throughout the year also showed you that you will find that this keyword is effective throughout the year.

When you scroll down, you will see the rest of the results related to this keyword and the search rate for each word. In this way, you can create a complete file of keywords.

What countries does Merch Amazon operate in?

Merch Amazon operates all over the world. Wherever you are, you can become a seller on Merch by Amazon if your request is accepted. 

10 important tips to increase the rate of sales per month:

getting help from external sources:

At the beginning of your work on Merch Amazon, you can seek help from some outside help. This can be done through many sites that provide you with ready-made T-shirt designs, such as clients of Free Lancer sites such as Khamsat , Independent , Free Lancer, Upwork, and many more.

When you buy these designs from them, you will sell them until you return the amount paid, but the most important point is that you will learn the designs from them, and it will increase your awareness of the design and the extent of your imagination in the design industry market.

For example, you want an image of a phone on a T-shirt, so you will ask the client to prepare this image for you, then enter and compare it with what you imagined and try to improve the design gradually.

But always ask clients with a high rating and good reputation on the Free Lancer sites to guarantee the result.

Controlling the price is one of the most important selling points in Merch Amazon:

Always put yourself in the shoes of the buyer. When there is a T-shirt of high quality and an impressive design at an average price, he will not hesitate to buy, but if the price is high, he will start comparing it with lower products. Therefore, always set an average price with high-end designs, and you will find a very high percentage of sales at the end of the month. When you calculate the difference, you will find that large sales with an average price are better than small sales with a high price.

Unify your products with a brand:

If you want to make your name strong in the Amazon Merch, try to have a fixed brand. Such as attaching a specific mark to all designs, as well as attaching a word such as your name, the name of your company, or a trade name of yours, along with the description and title. This will also benefit you when someone likes a design of yours. He will search for your brand, find all other products, and increase your sales.

The title is one of the most important factors in ranking on Amazon Merch:

Using a title that contains the descriptive keyword for the image or design is one of the most important factors that helps you appear on the initial search pages of Amazon Merch, and makes it easier for the customer to reach you.

You must also choose a title that describes the product accurately, because when the title is long, the search will be more accurate and the competition will be much less.

For example, for the word cat, you will find more than 10,000 searches and huge competition, but for the word black cat, you will find that the competition has decreased, but when you use a longer and more precise title, such as small black cat, you will find that the competition has fallen to a quarter or less.

Product Description:

The product description must be very accurate to the buyer, but you will find that almost all T-shirts and products are of the same material and quality and will have the same description.

But you can take advantage of the description by writing keywords in it, but in sentences and not individual words. This will increase the appearance of your product in the search engines Google, Bing, and others.

Write 4 or 5 sentences in a product description and add the keyword or a synonym to it in each sentence.

Increasing the number of designs will increase the number of sales on Merch Amazon: 

The number of designs is one of the main factors that work to increase the number of sales of your account on Merch Amazon. It can be imagined that a real store has 10 types of clothes and another has only two types. Certainly, the first store will sell multiples of the second store.

Always review your account and see the reports so that you can decide which designs should be canceled and replaced and which ones should be continued.

Be fashionable:

You must take into account the market, time and fashion when you publish pictures of your own designs, as everyone is looking for designs that live up to the world of market and fashion.

The comprehensive guide to making a profit from Amazon Merch in 2020

The designs do not have to be full of colors, but they can be very simple, and achieve very large sales, like the previous picture. You will find that the design is very simple, but it has actually achieved very large sales. You must also choose colors that suit your design and suit both men and women. .

Track events:

You must follow the occasions in order to achieve the highest percentage of sales in the Amazon Merch. For example, when Valentine’s Day comes, you can upload designs related to love and in colors that match Valentine’s Day.

Of course, you are targeting the Western audience, so you also follow their holidays, such as Father’s Day and Halloween, so you can make huge profits from them because the search rate during that period is high for the forest.

Create and promote your own store:

Not only do you have to wait for sales from Amazon, but you can create your own store or a landing page for your product, then work on improving the SEO for this store and publish the store on different websites and different social media groups that are interested in the field of your product.

You can also target your audience precisely through sponsored ads on social media. Of course, the ads will cost you money, but the profit you will earn will be a small percentage.

Be patient and never get bored:

In the beginning, it may be difficult for you to achieve large profits from Amazon Merch, and it may take long periods of time to sell your first design.

But you must be extremely patient, especially if you are a beginner, because you will need a period of time to learn the market well and be able to target products and keywords accurately.

You can watch the experiences of many people in making thousands of dollars from Amazon Merch on YouTube, and this will be a very strong motivation until you become as successful as them.

Steps to achieving your first 100 sales on Merch Amazon:

You can follow some basic steps until you start making sales and get your first 100 sales, and they are in order:

Search for the best exclusive designs, such as a celebration for a specific player, for example, Mohamed Salah, or an important event, and design more than one elegant design on it, without commercial rights.

Research your competitors in this design and spy on them until you know the keywords they use, as well as the amount of their sales and the prices of their products so that you can compete with them.

Analyze the keywords you collected, compare the results, and make a list of the best keywords you will use.

Upload the design, include keywords in the title and description sentences, select trendy colors, and set a competitive price with competitors.

Do not stop at one design, follow the same previous steps for 10 different designs and upload them to your store on Amazon Merch.

Create your own landing page or sub-store and improve its SEO .

Publish your site on social media pages and various promotional sites.

After following these steps, you will find yourself achieving sales that you could not have imagined, but the most important factor is time, so do not rush for profit, as it will come, but with time.

Also, if you want us to create another comprehensive guide in which we explain to you some advanced techniques to sell on Amazon Merch in huge quantities +10,000, especially since New Year and Christmas are about to begin, which means amazing sales. If you are interested, all you have to do is write a comment. It says, “I want the second part of the Merch by Amazon course.”

Good luck to you!