Facebook Ads Explanation: 8 tips I wish I knew before starting to create advertising campaigns in 2024

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 If you work in the field of e-commerce or drop shipping, this article will benefit you greatly, as this article is a mixture of mistakes that we have made as marketers, and we do not want you to repeat the same mistake.

Today we will focus somewhat on Facebook Ads and what are the things that you must do in order to achieve good profits and avoid the mistakes that we made and which were costly.

Fb ads mosawi9

 When I learned a lot of things about Facebook Ads... How can I make the ad successful, how can I lower the price, how can I get conversions at a low price? I was always repeating the same mistakes that made me get the same results.

But during this period I also learned what successful advertising looks like and how a person can achieve amazing sales in his Shopify or WooCommerce store ...

Therefore, I will share with you 8 tips that I wish someone had shared with me when I was starting out, so that maybe I would not have wasted my time experimenting.

1- Test international markets.

 Have you ever heard of “Jersey”?

If your answer is no, even I never knew it existed, but its residents are very interactive, as many people from this small country were buying products from my store. Jersey was ahead of many major countries such as the United States and Canada in terms of purchases...

 When you start out in the field of e-commerce and drop shipping, you tend to target the big four: the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. But if you want to achieve big results, you need to attract a larger audience other than those countries where competition is very deadly...

 As a dropshipper, there was nothing holding me back from selling to a global audience. I don't have stock in a specific country that would keep me locked out, so I started selling internationally very early.

 In order for you to know which countries are good for your product and try everything, you must first remove the major countries and the countries that you tried and did not give you results. So imagine with me that you are making a global advertisement and you have the United States, which has a population of 325.7 million people. How will your advertisement reach a small country like “Jersey”?

fb ads country

 The first lesson: There is always a customer for your product, so make sure you find him by searching for him in the world. After that, doubling your profits will only be a matter of time. What is more beautiful than this is that you will stay away from the competition, especially if you are a beginner.

2- The product page is more important than the advertisement.

 All the ads I did and the people I worked with, our entire focus was on the ad and trying to improve it. On the other hand, we have never visited the product page or our store in general.

Let me give you a practical example of the importance of optimizing the product page: We created a Shopify store where we were selling rings. Imagine with me that we were getting traffic exceeding 10,000, but no sales. “Imagine the size of the losses.” Fortunately, one of the people who saw the ad asked in the comments. “What measurements are there?”

Shopify tshirt

Oh my God, we forgot to put “Options” for choosing measurements. As soon as we corrected this error, we compensated for all the losses and the profits were astronomical. It is true that the mistake was small, but it was costly.

The same goes for T-shirts and anything that needs to have measurements, so try to focus on these things because if you neglect them, the losses will be severe.

 There are many things that should be improved in your store, starting with pictures, description, “Reviews,” as well as the countdown timer. All of these things make a difference between one product and another.  

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Did you know that when we added a countdown timer, our sales increased by 68%? The reason is very simple. Using this counter, you force the visitor to buy quickly because you instill in him the fear of missing a certain deal...

 Lesson two: Pay attention to the product page before advertising, otherwise the results will be disastrous.

3- Send traffic to the product page

Unfortunately, when I started the field of e-commerce, I always sent the customer to the home page, and I thought that through this method, the customer would see many products and buy most of them...

Unfortunately, he did not buy anything because he entered the advertisement he saw for the purpose of purchasing one specific product and he did not have time to search for it inside the store, so he tried to send the customer the product directly.

You must also make sure that your store appears well and that there are no unemployed pictures, as you can see in this picture.

Shopify Store

 Lesson Three: When you advertise on Facebook Ads or Google AdWords, send the customer directly to the product page. Firstly, because this method works well, and it will also help you learn which product works well in your store.

 If the customer wants to buy another product, he will browse your store.

4- Focus on the comments in your ad.

 There are many people who ignore comments in their ads, with disastrous results. You must know that the customer reads the opinions and comments of others before he makes a purchase. Therefore, according to my humble experience, it is recommended to make a “PPE” advertisement or an advertisement whose purpose is to obtain the interaction and opinions of potential customers. After that, convert the advertisement to “Conversion” or what is called enhanced advertising. In order to get transfers. In this way, you will get sales at a cheaper price compared to an advertisement without interaction. “Try it to be sure. I am only here to shorten the path for you...”

The best way to get a good interaction is through the famous phrase “Tag you friends”, which makes the potential customer share the ad with their friends, and they are often the customers you are looking for...

Lesson Four: Do not neglect the comments and the interaction of your followers and always try to remove negative comments because they affect your product...

5- A simple ad is better than a complex ad.

 I would agree with you if you told me that the video in the advertisement is better than the pictures, but the problem with successful videos is that they are often copyrighted, which leads to the closure of your account. If you are a beginner, you do not have the ability to create a good video that convinces the customer to buy.


 Therefore, I advise you to create an advertisement with a picture of the product with a discount coupon for the rate you want and 5 lines explaining the product. This is more than enough in order to achieve more than 150 sales per day, but after you achieve some profits, create a video because it is always better and brings conversions at a cheaper price.

6- Targeting a very broad audience.

 When I was a beginner, I always made a general advertisement by targeting one or more in one advertisement in this form:

Facebook targeting

 As you can see, the audience I target is very large and exceeds one and a half million people. Let’s say I got 10 sales. How will I know which audience they came from? Perhaps there is a specific group that only buys.

 Therefore, it is preferable that each targeting be in “Adset” alone, and better than that, it is preferable to do “ Flex Targeting ” in order for the targeting to be accurate for your audience.

For example : I want to sell shoes to basketball fans . If I target basketball fans, my percentage of getting sales is 0.5%, but if I target people who are interested in “Nike” shoes and also interested in a specific basketball team, then my percentage of getting sales is 20%. This is called “ Flex Targeting ” in Facebook Ads .

Facebook Flex targeting

As explained, I target fans of the “Chicago Bulls” team and I sell shoes for this band with a little “copywriting” and a good picture, so your sales will be...!!

Lesson Six: Precise targeting is more important than a large number. I would rather have an audience of only 120,00 people targeted than 1,500,000 people who are not targeted.

7- Do not make sales your only concern.

 When I make an advertisement on Facebook Ads , it is true that my first concern is to obtain sales, but I always fail to achieve the goal of the first advertisement and try a new product in a new field, and this was one of my biggest mistakes.

 Today, sales are no longer something of value to me. What I focus on today in my store (I did not say stores because I work in one field) is to enlarge my audience base by building a mailing list in a specific field. In this way, I can market to them many, many products in the same field, and this is what makes me get fantastic sales without losing a lot of money on Facebook Ads.

 What I advise you to do today is to create a store in one field but with many products in the same field. After that, create a “PDF” book or give a discount coupon in exchange for getting the customer’s email. There are many Shopify applications that perform this task, the most important of which is “ Coupon Pop “There are some free Shopify apps that perform the same role. Search for them...

Coupon pop shopify

 As you can see, even if we do not get sales, we can get the customer’s email so that we can write to him again and again, and this is what we call “Lead Magnets” in the field of electronic marketing.

 One of the best programs in the field of email marketing is “ Getresponse. ” You can try it and apply “Lead Magnets” for 30 days for free .

Lesson Seven: If you do not get sales, make sure you get emails from your potential customers. This is what makes the difference between one store and another in the long run.

8- Retargeting.

 Did you know that the percentage of customers purchasing from your store based on the first advertisement is 5%?

 Yes, this is true, so you must master “ Retargeting ” or what is called retargeting on Facebook, because you are wasting a lot of money.

Once the customer sees your store for the second time, he becomes accustomed to your store and his percentage of buying from you increases by 46%. Therefore, you always see that conversions in “ Retargeting ” ads are not very cheap because they are very convincing and make the “ CTR ” rise well.

Fb ads retargeting

 But what beginners do is repeat the same ad over and over again, which makes the customer “Hide” your ad, and this makes the conversion price become expensive. What I advise you to do is the sequence of retargeting .

If you are interested in professional “Retargeting”, I advise you to read this article, as it may change your profits insanely: The comprehensive guide to professional Retargeting on Facebook

The final lesson: Do not leave money on the table, as simple retargeting achieves fantastic results.

I hope that this article has been helpful to you, and I am sure that if you avoid the mistakes we made, your results will be much better.

If there is something specific that you do not understand or you want us to do a specific topic, do not hesitate to write it in the comments and we will answer all your questions.

Also, don't forget to share the article with interested people.

E-commerce and drop shipping is a large field full of experiences and information, and it has also helped many beginners obtain money and huge amounts of profits.

Therefore, do not miss the opportunity, and do not miss the opportunity for us to also answer any question you wish in the comments, I will wait for you there.