Affiliate marketing: The best 5 affiliate sites in 2024

Created on 4 April, 2024 • 32 views • 8 minutes read

Every marketer always seeks to increase his profits, but at the same time he seeks to ensure that he takes his profits after achieving them, so in this article we will share with you the best affiliate sites that you can deal with as an affiliate marketer.

 There is no doubt that affiliate marketing  (CPA or CPS) is considered one of the easiest ways to profit from the Internet, as you can make hundreds to thousands of dollars daily once you create your successful campaign, where you can launch it and profit while you sleep, by dealing with the best affiliate marketing companies in the world and Which I will share with you in this post.

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 Now let us get to know the best international affiliate marketing companies in general and Arab affiliate marketing in particular that you can deal with as an affiliate marketer!

1- Clickbank​  


Clickbank is a global company and the quality of its services is at a high level, without talking about its credibility, there is no doubt about that, as its reputation precedes it and it has products in all fields and all types, for example, dog training, child raising, skin care, etc. In addition to that, its commission reaches up to 75%. This is because the products are digital and the product owner will only copy and paste the product to sell it again. This is a great feature. You can achieve an amount of more than $100 by selling one product only once. What do you think?? 

 We will not go into the intuitive steps here, such as registering and verifying your email, as they are all simple and normal.

 By the way, we have written a guide on how to profit from Clickbank from scratch to professionalism. You can read the guide from here: The comprehensive guide to profit from Clickbank.  

Register here: Clickbank

2 - Amazon Affiliate

Amazon Affiliate

 Certainly, this site does not need introduction, as Amazon is one of the largest American e-commerce sites in the world, and its fame has increased in the Arab world, especially after Amazon’s acquisition of for $650 million.

 The Amazon website provides marketers and online workers with the opportunity to earn money from home, by selling Amazon products for a rate between 4 and 15%. The website has a global reputation and high credibility in paying profits, and delivering products to homes around the clock, and to any place in the continents of the world. all of which.

Sign up here: Amazon Affiliate

 ← If you want to become a professional in the field of affiliate marketing through Souq and Amazon, I advise you to read this: The comprehensive guide to profit from Souq and Amazon Affiliate

3 – Commission Junction Affiliate 

Commission Junction

Commission Junction, or CJ in short, is considered one of the oldest and best commission marketing companies in the world, as it is distinguished by the trust it has gained through the quality of services it provides to customers, the length of experience and fulfillment of obligations. It also contains many products for various companies in the world, and It enables you to choose the appropriate product for you to market with ease and get a lot of commissions as a reward for the work you have done. This company also has many competitors, and one of the most famous of these competitors is Click Bank .

 You can work with it freely, in order to obtain a monthly income. The more experience you have in marketing, the more money you will be able to obtain. All you have to do is do the marketing and promotion of the company’s products through emails or other appropriate methods and plans that will qualify you for... Marketing the product via the Internet.

 With the adoption of methods that will enable you to attract visitors and customers to the product that you will market, in order to earn a lot of money and achieve tremendous success in a short time, and regardless of all of this, the profit rates differ from one company to another. As for CJ Company, the value of the profit in it It ranges between $1 and $100 per sale, and of course depends on the product you want to market.

Register here: Commission Junction

4 –  ShareASale Affiliate

Affiliate marketing: The best 5 affiliate sites in 2024

The ShareASale network is a network that combines CPC offers and CPA offers , meaning that it allows you to market and profit from the Internet through purchases and free registration together. The network includes more than 3,150 online stores and more than 10 thousand products and services in almost all fields...

This site is also one of the leaders in affiliate marketing, as it has been specializing in affiliate marketing programs for 15 years now.

Register here: ShareASale Affiliate

5 – Ebay Affiliate 


 The eBay affiliate marketing program is considered the first competitor to Amazon. eBay is one of the largest well-known sites on the Internet, but a large number of marketers in the Arab world do not know it. All you have to do is subscribe to the eBay program and start marketing its products through your own methods. Register here: Ebay Partner

6- ArabClicks

 Perhaps you wanted to deal with some of the leading affiliate marketing website companies in Egypt or Saudi Arabia in the Arab world, such as Noon Affiliate , Shein Affiliate, Jumia, and Souq... but unfortunately, you did not find affiliate programs of their own!

The best example of this is the giant company Noon , which does not have its own affiliate if you want to promote these companies directly, it is not possible!

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But, do not worry, there is a new leading Arab company in this field that has made the marketing process for these companies easy, as it has collected all the companies for you in one company, which is ArabClicks. So, if you register with Noon Affiliate, Jumia Affiliate, and Souq Affiliate, you can only register with ArabClicks and promote all of these companies!

But what I love most about ArabClicks is that it enables you to promote using your own coupon code, so that once you use that coupon of your own, you will receive your commission!

There are many advantages in this company, and therefore I advise you to subscribe to it for free from here: ArabClicks .

At the time of writing this article, ArabClicks has added several major companies to its platform, including:

Affiliate Noon

Shein affiliate

Jumia Affiliate

Affiliate market

Alibaba affiliate

Ali Express Affiliate

Affiliate with and Amazon

iHerb Afleet

 Well, everything you saw above is a list of the best companies in the field of affiliate marketing, but all of these companies work through “CPS” or payment per sale, so if you are one of the people interested in the field of affiliate marketing, especially “CPA” or payment per transaction, whether Whether it is filling out a form, downloading an application, or perhaps even entering an email, these companies are considered among the best in this field:

1- MaxBounty – Max Bounty

Max Bounty  is considered one of the oldest companies in the field of affiliate marketing, as it is a company that includes many, many offers in various fields. The only drawback of Max Bounty is that it does not accept beginners and is very strict in the way it brings you traffic. It tries to provide its customers with the best conversions, but in return it pays advertisers well. Also, if you have high-quality conversions, you can write to your “Manager” and he will upload The commission you get... 

You can join Max Bounty from here: MaxBounty

2- PeerFly

“ PeerFly ” is considered one of the best companies in the field of affiliate marketing. It is the No. 1 competitor to Max Bounty in terms of the quality of offers. It is also a treasure trove of offers in various fields. The company is very strict as it wants to maintain its position, so it does not accept beginners in the field. What I love about this company is the “Affiliate Manager” of “ Peerfly ” company. They are very responsive to your problems and they also provide you with the best offers if you have a good relationship with them.

You can join “PeerFly” here: PeerFly

3- Clickbooth

 Clickbooth is also one of the oldest and oldest companies in the field of affiliate marketing, and you will also find it in all offers in various fields. In fact, it seems that the “ Clickbooth ” company does not accept beginners, but through a convincing phone call you will be able to join the company.

You can join Clickbooth here: Clickbooth  

4- CPABuild – Spy Build

 The company “CpaLead” is also one of the famous companies in the field of affiliate marketing . The nice thing about “ CPABUILD ” and “CpaGrip” is that they are companies that accept beginners and give them the opportunity to go on an adventure and discover the field of affiliate marketing...

You can join “CPABUILD” from here: CPABuild