A comprehensive guide to getting free traffic via Reddit in 2024

Created on 4 April, 2024 • 36 views • 20 minutes read

If you have a blog or website to provide a service or for affiliate marketing, have a YouTube channel , or work in the field of freelance work , you should never overlook one of the most important sources of free traffic, the secrets of which are not known to many, especially Arab marketers .

If you are a beginner in the field of e-marketing or freelancing on the Internet, or you have just started your new website or blog and are complaining or wondering about the ways to search for free traffic , then you are in the right place.

In this article, we will show you in detail how to get free traffic from the famous social networking site Reddit, as well as many other benefits from this wonderful platform.

In this article, we will learn about:

1- What is Reddit in brief (everything you need to know to start exploiting this site to your advantage)

2- What distinguishes Reddit from other social networking sites

3- How to get free traffic from Reddit

4- Warnings that you should pay attention to To it in order to get the most benefit from the Reddit website

5- Simple tricks to get a wealth of topics and visits to your site for free

6- How does the Reddit platform serve you if you work in the field of freelancing on the Internet (freelance)

7- The conclusion

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1- What is Reddit in brief (everything you need to know to start exploiting this site to your advantage)

Reddit is a very old social networking site, so much so that its title has become “the main interface of the Internet”... We can say that it is the largest online forum ever. The content published on Reddit is very diverse in various fields, with the number of monthly visits reaching 1.6 billion visits? (Indeed, you read this number correctly) And here I am talking about visits, not user accounts, and this is a very large number.

Register on the site and participate:

When you register on the site, you publish your articles and opinions in what is called the subreddit.

We will call it the group in the rest of the article

We can liken it to Facebook groups where members exchange their opinions, and instead of liking and disliking, you vote up or down (up voting or down voting) as shown in the picture, and of course you can comment on the posts if you want.

A comprehensive guide to getting free traffic via Reddit in 2024

Of course, the more interaction and votes your post receives, the more followers it will reach and the group it is published in will be at the top of the list, and this is what distinguishes Reddit from other social media platforms.

Your profile:

Your personal profile here is completely different from any other platform, as all the posts and comments you make in various groups (subreddits) are recorded in your personal profile...and remember this information well because we will return to it later.

Of course, you can publish videos, photos, and written posts like other platforms.


Another very important and useful thing for you in your Reddit profile is Karma. Karma is points that you get whenever you post useful content that site users respond to. The more karma points you have, the more trust the site and its users have in you and your content, which increases the chances of your content spreading quickly once it is published.

A comprehensive guide to getting free traffic via Reddit in 2024

2- What distinguishes Reddit from various social networking sites?

 Organic reach

The most important thing that makes Reddit distinct from other platforms is that no matter how many links you place or refer to different sites, Reddit publishes the content you provide, unlike other sites such as YouTube and Facebook. These platforms want the user to stay as long as possible and do not automatically promote what prevents them from doing so. that.

For example, when you place links to sites outside of Facebook in your post, the Facebook Algorithm blocks this post from a larger number of your followers than your regular posts so that Facebook users remain on the site and do not leave it, so the chances of them seeing the ads increase, and thus Facebook’s profit increases.

All you have to do is adhere to the rules of Reddit - the most important of which we will explain later - and have users interact with your content and you will get the most benefit from the site.

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Very targeted traffic and a very high conversion rate

If you are a beginner in the world of SEO or an expert, you know that the more targeted and specific the traffic you want in the niche you are targeting, this means that the conversion rate will be higher and therefore your profits will increase.

You will find many different groups in every niche you can imagine, and you can even use this source to bring free and targeted traffic to your website or YouTube channel in Arabic as well. If you complete the article to the end, I will tell you some tricks and methods that will enable you to take advantage of this tremendous advantage of Reddit...

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A comprehensive guide to getting free traffic via Reddit in 2024

This free traffic source is ideal for Amazon affiliate sites or other sites and services that want targeted traffic.

The Reddit community is very interactive

What distinguishes Reddit most from other social networking sites is the intense interaction of its members with everything that is published in each mini-group or as we mentioned previously (Subreddit), for example this post.

As you can see in the picture, a simple post received so many comments and votes only because it is useful content for the group and they want to participate in it. This will certainly be very useful for anyone who wants to get visits to any landing page or even a video on YouTube, as we mentioned previously. .

If you do not understand well the extent of the interaction of Reddit users, take a close look at this post

This post is from Supercell, one of the most famous mobile game development companies in the world, as it is responsible for games such as Clash Royale and Clash of Clans.

A comprehensive guide to getting free traffic via Reddit in 2024

This company not only publishes news on Reddit, but rather it takes advantage of the intense interaction of users to take their opinions on new updates and other important topics for games, and it often even seeks the opinion of followers if they object to a policy or a specific update, and even holds competitions. Especially exclusively for users of this site. It also allows them to publish their ideas and clips of their experiences from the game with the rest of the group. Do you see this happening on any other social networking site?!

This is just an example, as all the giant companies and brands follow and interact with the Reddit community to a large extent, and they also have their own mini-groups (Subreddits).

The Reddit community always analyzes and criticizes everything that occurs in all different fields, which makes it a very interactive community that follows up on everything new. Remember that the nature of the site is very similar to forums. We know very well the extent to which forum visitors interact and analyze all types of content, and Reddit is the largest forum ever.

Reddit is a source of viral content

If you are interested in marketing and working online, or even follow social media constantly, you are fully aware of what is called the trend or viral content. This is the content that spreads very quickly on all social media and news sites, and in many cases this even reaches television programs.

This viral content has a special relationship with Reddit, because members interact and share topics and news quickly. Reddit itself is a source of these news and trends, and even journalists themselves rely on it as their source of news.

If you work in the field of AdSense or make money by bringing traffic to your site to view ads, then Reddit is a gold mine for you.

You can find out everything that is new and popular among followers and discover trends with ease through the main page of Reddit (which is similar to the Explore or Explore page of Instagram) and you can also filter the news according to the topics that you want to follow.

Therefore, Reddit will not only be an important source of viral or viral content for you , but you can also be the owner of this viral content if you are able to reach the main page or your post ranks first in the results of a large group.

Archiving speed (Fast Indexing)

Because of the popularity and importance of this site and because it is an important source of news and a measure of the interaction of Internet users in general, Google spiders or any other search engine (crawlers) constantly scan the site and discover everything new, which makes archiving your content in search engines (Search Engine Indexing) Extremely fast.

Because of this distinctive feature of Reddit, this will help you get green backlinks quickly, which will increase the strength of your site with search engines and thus increase the ranking of your content on search results pages, so you will get more traffic other than the direct visits that you will get from the site itself.

If you want to know everything about backlinks and their importance to your site, you can click here

Cheap ads

All marketers want to get traffic in various ways, and paid traffic is a very important source because of the ease of controlling it and the speed of obtaining it. Of course, the more targeted the traffic is and the lower its cost, the more profit you will make as a marketer from it, and this is what distinguishes paid ads on Reddit, as they are modern and still Reddit is testing several updates to make ads more successful. If you are a fan of paid traffic, you can test this type of traffic.

One of the most important features of advertising on Reddit is that you can display the ad on the home page of the site or display it to any group you want, which makes targeting very high.

A comprehensive guide to getting free traffic via Reddit

Before you start advertising on Reddit, you should know that although the cost per click (CPC) is cheap, the Reddit community does not prefer a lot of advertisements, especially advertisements directed to landing pages to purchase products or services, and that the most successful advertisements on this site are advertisements. Which is directed to cognitive content and blogs.

If you have a small budget that enables you to test this platform and its effectiveness with the content it provides, you can do so with ease.

What I also like about Reddit Ads is that they are similar to regular articles, meaning that if you promote viral articles in order to profit from AdSense Arbitrage, you will be able to get a click at a very cheap price, not to mention that you will get an “Upvote” for your ad, and this will lead to getting a “CPC” cheaper and cheaper than Can you imagine (the same thing in Facebook ads ) .

These were just some of the features of Reddit, and there are more that you will discover for yourself when you use this wonderful platform.

3- How to get free traffic from Reddit

I think that the importance of this traffic to you has become very clear now. All you have to do is register an account on the site and start searching through Reddit’s special engine for groups for the niche you want and then start participating in them.

Choose the most effective Reddit spam

As shown in the picture, Reddit tells you the number of subscribers in each group and also how many subscribers are currently online in it. The higher the percentage of presence, the more active the group is. Later, when I present some methods and tricks to use on Reddit, this task will be much easier.

A comprehensive guide to getting free traffic via Reddit in 2024

Choose the content you provide carefully

The best type of content that leads to free traffic from Reddit is interactive content. What I mean is content that helps start a discussion and that raises questions in everyone who views it, as well as new information, methods, and secrets that many do not know in every field.

You must choose your best content to promote on this platform. For example, if you are promoting your blog, choose the best blog in terms of conversion rate, or if you are promoting your YouTube channel, choose the video that brings you the highest percentage of subscribers (Subscribers), so the traffic you get will be He has constant traffic and follows you constantly.

Before you start publishing your content or putting links to your website or YouTube channel, you must first wait for a period of no less than a week during which you participate and comment in any Reddit group in order to gain some fame and trust from the managers of each group and the Reddit moderators, and I will explain this matter to you. Later when we discuss the important rules of Reddit.

I remember at the beginning of the article when I told you about your personal profile on the site, and that everything you do is recorded on it. This alone is also a huge source of traffic. Let me give you an example

Let's say that you and I are members of the same group, and I posted content that I liked and interacted with (and let's say that this content does not contain any links to your site) and I wanted to know more about what you offer, so I went to your profile and found some of your posts in Other groups have links to your website or a video of your YouTube channel, so I went to follow them. Not only that, I can follow you so that Reddit will send me a notification when you make any new post, as we explained in the profile picture above.

In this way, you get more visits and traffic with fewer posts, and you also avoid some of Reddit’s penalties, the most important of which we will now learn about.

4- Warnings that you should pay attention to in order to get the most benefit from Reddit

You should pay close attention to these warnings and Reddit rules so that you can get the most benefit and also avoid having your account banned or turning it into a ghost. (Indeed, a ghost. I did not make a mistake in writing. This is the maximum punishment on Reddit. They do not block your account, but rather they allow you to post, comment, vote, and everything, but that interaction is not shown to any user except you, so you become like a ghost... a harsh punishment, isn’t it? )

The most important general rules of Reddit

Reddit knows very well that it is the largest forum on the Internet, and it also knows that many of its users want to exploit it to promote their content, and he does not mind that, but as the image below shows, one of the most important rules of use for promoting your content on Reddit is “be a regular Reddit account holder and “Own a website, and do not be a website owner who has an account on Reddit.” What is meant here is that you should not create an account on Reddit just to promote your own content. Therefore, you must follow the rules for using this giant website .

As we mentioned before, everything you do on Reddit is recorded on your profile page, and we explained that this is a useful thing, but it may harm you greatly if you misuse it. It is not the site moderators (Moderators) and the managers of the groups you participate in who can ban your account. Indeed, if the members themselves find that most of your content is aimed only at promoting yourself or a specific site, they can file a complaint with the site administrators to ban you.

Stick to the 10% rule

After reviewing the site’s rules, following its users, and my personal experience with it, I found that 10% is a completely safe percentage for promoting your content. For every 10 of your posts and topics, you can promote one of them to your website or YouTube channel. Of course, the more useful and interesting what you provide, the less chances you will be subjected to any punishment.

As for the rest of your content, you can ask a question about any topic in your niche, or promote useful content in your niche.

Try not to make most of your posts links to different sites, so that you are not banned on the grounds that you are only using your account for promotion and advertising.

Adhere to the rules of each group (Subreddit)

Each group has some laws and rules of its own. For example, some scientific groups do not allow the publication of any research or information that is more than 6 months old, some do not allow the publication of nude photos, and some do not allow the publication of political videos or newspaper articles.

Therefore, you must read these laws and know them well before you start publishing.

After knowing the rules for using Reddit, you can exploit it in the optimal way to achieve the greatest benefit. Wait until you read the next item so that the wonderfulness of this platform and the quality of its free traffic become clear to you.

5- Simple tricks to get a wealth of topics and visits to your site for free

In this important part of the article, we will learn together how to learn some simple electronic marketing and research skills in order to get tremendous benefit from Reddit.

How to find the best mini groups

There are many new users who do not know that there is a dedicated search for Subreddits. Through this link, you can search precisely for any mini-group interested in any field or niche you want.

You can also use Redditlist to search for any mini-groups you want, as it arranges all the groups according to the number of participants in most fields and topics.

Using Search Operators to Explore Gold Mines Predit (Search Operators)

We previously explained the importance of Reddit in bringing free traffic to your website or YouTube channel, and we learned how to do it correctly and also how to discover trends and viral content to your advantage, but to be honest with you, that is not the best use of Reddit.

The best thing that distinguishes Reddit and makes it superior to your competitors is discovering topics and understanding what the audience for each niche wants. We all know the famous principle that we have always mentioned here in the marketer, “Content is king,” and the most important type of content is the one that provides solutions to the problems of the target audience and followers. Here the question arises: “How do you understand the audience you are targeting well and know their problems in order to provide them with the appropriate content?”

Reddit gives us the perfect answer to this question. You have a mine of followers and fans who constantly share their problems and opinions...but you may be asking yourself, “How do I search and discover this content?”

The simple answer is search engines... Let's say, for example, that you want to provide content related to the field of entrepreneurship and that you found this Entrepreneur mini-group related to entrepreneurship - you can also find it at the link shown below.

As you can see, each group has an easy and distinct link on Reddit, and this makes using search engines very easy and useful.

Suppose you want to write a topic about time management. By using the search operators shown, you can search for all posts and comments in the entrepreneurship group that include this topic “time management” with ease.

A comprehensive guide to getting free traffic via Reddit in 2024

Therefore, you can find the problems and opinions of your audience very simply regarding this topic, which makes it easier for you to discover different ideas and angles, which helps you provide the appropriate content to your audience. And this is not the only benefit, but in this way you get a good number of long tail keywords that many competitors do not know about, and thus it becomes easy for you to rank high in search results for these words, and thus you get Traffic and more visits. You can use this method with more than one search engine and also with various groups until you find the gold you want.

6- How does the Reddit platform serve you in the field of freelancing on the Internet (Freelance)?

As we explained previously, the Reddit community is very interactive and diverse, and therefore you can find large groups of your ideal customers, showcase your experience and skills, and collaborate and communicate with them with ease.

Be honest from the beginning

In order to get the most benefit as a freelancer on Reddit, you must be honest with your followers from the beginning, and do not try to deceive or deceive them to earn a handful of dollars. Let us say, for example, that you work in the field of website design, and you find a group specializing in entrepreneurs or designers that you can communicate and work with. You can submit a post with the following meaning:

“I work in the field of website design and I am always looking to satisfy my clients. The most important thing that distinguishes my work is choosing the appropriate colors and speed of design. This is a link to my latest work (and you put your own link) and I would like to know your opinions and suggestions regarding this design.”

By doing this, you are not violating the rules, and other users will also greatly appreciate you, which will help you gain their trust and ease working and cooperating with them. You can use this method in various fields and types of freelance work, even if you offer courses and educational content on any website.

7- Conclusion

Reddit can be a tremendous source of free traffic and traffic, so all you have to do is follow its rules of use and provide useful content. Every social networking site has a special nature, and understanding it helps you achieve the maximum possible benefit, and with regard to Reddit, you must understand the nature of its followers, the intensity of their interaction, and the intensity of their criticism of everything that is published so that you can succeed and obtain thousands of free visits and targeted traffic to Your website or your own YouTube channel.

And remember that everything becomes easy and enjoyable with practice, experimentation and testing... I hope you enjoyed this information - and also your hot drink?

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